URGENT: Terran Invasion of Itrin Sector

To: @38th.Command
From: LCDR Burov

Subj: URGENT: Terran Invasion of Itrin Sector


At 18:00 local time, Talos Junction long range sensors monitored battle taking place in Itrin System. We feared Azedi incursion and implemented low-emissions protocols per standing orders.

We returned to normal operations following the arrival of survivors from USS Sun-Tzu, destroyed by massive Terran Empire invasion fleet. Survivors report force of over 60 starships appeared without warning and opened fire on civilians. Itrin Station destroyed. Itrin I planet surface destroyed. Survivors unlikely.

Surveillance sensors show the Terran fleet has occupied the Itrin System and proceeded into Azedi territory, objectives unknown. Azedi fleet mobilizing in response.

Lieutenant Commander Kolya Burov
Commanding Officer, Talos Junction


To: @38th.ShipCOs
CC: @38th.All
From: VADM Aluk
Subj: Fleet Deployment

Officers of the fleet,

Reports of an incursion from the mirror universe into our region have been confirmed. The Terran Empire has launched an attack upon the Itrin and are currently engaged in open warfare with the Confederacy of Azed. Regardless of our relations with the powers of the region, the Federation will not allow the Terrans to wage war in our universe.

The entirety of the 38th Fleet will be mobilized for defensive operations. The following starships are ordered to immediately abandon current operations and proceed without delay to Talos Junction in the Yuhop System:

  • USS Artemis
  • USS Atlantis
  • USS Dallas
  • USS Dragon
  • USS Endeavour
  • USS MacAlpine
  • USS Moytura
  • USS October
  • USS Pegasus
  • USS Scharnhorst
  • USS Sunrise
  • USS Wellesley
  • RRW D’Ishae
  • IKS Daramar, with Starfleet’s gratitude.

Upon arrival, you will fortify the system and prepare for the arrival of reinforcements. The remainder of the fleet will be deployed strategically in separate orders.

Before departing Deep Space 13, Atlantis is to take aboard Admiral Bishop and a full contingent of starbase officers and crew, to be stationed on Talos Junction. Once properly staffed, Talos Junction will serve as operational headquarters for the war effort.

Starfleet must draw a line and halt the Terran advance. The Diplomatic Corps will be reaching out to local powers, but all officers should be prepared to impress upon those powers the importance of cooperation against the invaders.

Additional orders to follow.

Vice Admiral Aluk
Commanding Officer,
38th Fleet ‘Argo’

OOC The ships listed are simply those who signed up for the Terran Gambit: Invasion story arc. Any other players who want their ships involved are welcome to assume that they received separate orders to head into the warzone.

The Fleet Colony World will serve as the main prime-universe location for casual RP during this story arc. Starbase characters who want to be involved are welcome to assume that they were selected to be stationed at Talos Junction.