USS Endeavour (NCC 98500)

U.S.S. Endeavour

Endeavour Class
United Federation of Planets
Starfleet 38th Fleet

The U.S.S. Endeavour (NCC-98500) is a Federation Endeavour-class starship operated by Starfleet. The Endeavour is the lead vessel of its class and is almost entirely new construction built on top of an Odyssey space-frame that was in very early stages of assembly. Her speciality is tactical readiness, and her design was heavily informed by the success of the much smaller Avenger and Arbiter-class battlecruisers.

Service History

Built on the Laikan Starfleet Shipyards on Andor and launched on Stardate 92084.9 (31st January 2415), the Endeavour completed her shakedown cruise under the command of Admiral Sebastian Bishop but was forced to return to drydock soon after due to an overwhelming suite of technical errors. When she was finally released from drydock, she was given to Captain Samuel Bishop in 2417.

After initial growing pains, the Endeavour participated in the Battle of DS13, and though she survived intact, she did require significant repair. With a tentative ceasefire between the Azedi and the Federation, the Endeavour transitioned from an offensive duty to an exploratory one. In 2420, after the promotion of Captain Bishop, she was entrusted to Captain Mirazuni Ayesha. Under Captain Mirazuni, the ship has continued to focus on her defensive capabilities, as well as pushing towards more automation and focus on medical and first response duties.

Technical Data

1,046.38 metres
414.22 metres
150.58 metres
7,410,500 metric tons
Habitable Decks:
Crew Complement:
Average Enlisted:
Average Officers:
Emergency Cap.:
Avg. Cruising Spd:
Max. Cruising Spd:
Maximum Spd:
Warp 8
Warp 9.99+
Transwarp and Slipsteam
- 22 Mark XIV Phaser Beam Arrays (11 Fore, 11 Aft)

- 8 Variable Payload Torpedo Launchers (4 Fore, 4 Aft)

- Rapid Replicating Symmetrical Subspace Graviton Field (Regenerative Shield Technology) (20 grids (40). Power Output: 10 Gigawatts (20 gigawatts))

- Duranium-Tritanium Composite Double Micro-Fiber Reinforced Hull with Ablative Armour

Craft Manifest:
5x Type 9 Shuttles (Marton, Roseberry, St Cuthbert, Staithes, Whitby)

5x Type 10 Shuttles (Freelove, Friendship, Cruizer, Solebay, Pembroke)

5x Type 11 Shuttles (Cape Horn, Brush Island, Kurnell, Possession, Batavia)

1x Type Valencia Shuttle (La Ha Furiosa)

1x ARGO (USS Cook - NCC 98831)

8x Workbees

Captain's Yacht (USS Lancaster - NCC 98808)

Aquarius Class Light Escort (USS Bark - NCC 99872)

Compared to the other Block-II variants, the Endeavour specializes in firepower, with a robust electro-plasma conduit network. Starfleet planners anticipate many engineers on the Endeavour and her sister ships will make full use of this power system to install modifications that will enhance their weapon power throughput even further than "stock"

ASDB engineers designed the Endeavour’s saucer section so that her auxiliary impulse engines can be utilized while the saucer is docked, slightly improving speed and manoeuvrability compared to other Star Cruiser variants.

Her saucer section also features a pair of extra torpedo launchers in the bow and two dedicated space superiority targeting arrays, one ventral fore and one dorsal aft.

Besides her considerable combat prowess, Starfleet engineers have not forgotten Endeavour’s role as a fleet flagship. She comes equipped with state-of-the-art communications systems and a brand-new JYNZ Systems Flagship Tactical Computer Core, which greatly facilitates the coordination of squadrons and fleets, improving the whole element's combat performance through precise threat assessment and fire control. Coupled with this, the Endeavour has the most modern user interface system, with all the consoles being holographic.

As with the other Block II designs, the Endeavour is capable of launching an Aquarius-class destroyer from an external docking slip in her aft hull. Additionally, (and also like her sister ships and many other Starfleet cruisers), the Endeavour may separate her saucer section should the need arise.

This level of flexibility yields a powerful addition to Starfleet's order of battle, though like any Federation ship of the line the Endeavour is host to dozens of scientific laboratories and a variety of specialized instrumentation. It's the hope of many in Starfleet that these scientific tools will be more useful to the Endeavour’s crew in the near future than all of her tactical systems, advanced as they may be.

Internal Layouts

Bridge Layout

U.S.S. Endeavour Bridge Layout

  1. Captain
  2. First Officer
  3. Head Counselor
  4. Helm
  5. Medical
  6. Science
  1. Tactical
  2. Operations
  3. Engineering
  4. Communications
  5. Intelligence Liaison
U.S.S. Bark Bridge Layout

  1. Captain
  2. Tactical
  3. Tactical 2
  4. Medical
  5. Communications
  6. Engineering
  1. Engineering 2
  2. Science
  3. Intelligence Liaison
  4. Operations
  5. Operations 2
  6. Helm

Deck Layout

Deck Layout 1- 20
Deck 1:
Deck 2:
Captain's Quarters, Main Briefing Room
Deck 3:
Crew Quarters, Holodecks 1-3, Viewing Lounges, Meeting Rooms, First and Second Officer's Quarters
Deck 4:
Crew Quarters, Holodecks 4-5, Viewing Lounges, Meeting Rooms, Bridge Crew's Quarters
Deck 5:
Crew Quarters, Holodecks 6-7, Viewing Lounges, Meeting Rooms, Main Medical Bay
Deck 6:
Crew Quarters, Holodecks 8-9, Medical Bays 2 and 3, Steward's Office
Deck 7:
Crew Quarters, Holodecks 10-12 (reserved for academic and research use), Viewing Lounges, Meeting Rooms,
Deck 8:
Crew Quarters, Faith Rooms, Off Duty Bar, Holodecks 13-14, Counselling Rooms and Head Counsellor's office
Deck 9:
Crew Quarters, Faith Rooms, Cinema Screens, Bowling Alley, Main Conference Room, Mess Hall and Kitchens
Deck 10:
Shuttle Bay, Special Guest Quarters, Luxury Guest Lounge, Main Transporter Pad, Holodeck 15 (reserved for guest use only), Various Guest Amenities
Deck 11:
Crew Quarters, Education Rooms, Libraries, Gyms, Main Lounge
Deck 12:
Science Labs, Air and Hydrophonic bays, Transporters
Deck 13:
Science Labs, Aquarium, Astrometrics, Cartography, Transporters
Deck 14:
Engineering Labs, Transporters, Security Offices
Deck 15:
Research and Development Labs, Battle Bridge
Deck 16:
Cargo Bays 1-4, Phaser Banks, Various Computer Systems
Deck 17:
Computer Core, Sensors and Deflector Controls
Deck 18:
Armoury, Tactical Briefing Room
Deck 19:
Secondary Command Centre, Tactical Training Rooms, Command Modules
Deck 20:
Brig, Intelligence Room, Aquarius Docking Port "The Dog House"
Deck Layout 21-35
Deck 21:
Warp Core, Main Engineering, Support Labs, Engineering Computer Core
Deck 22:
Warp Core, central M/ARC, Support Labs, EPS power taps
Deck 23:
Warp Core, Secondary Computer Core,
Deck 24:
Warp Core, Secondary Computer Core,
Deck 25:
Warp Core, Environmental Controls
Deck 26:
Warp Core, Deuterium Fuel Tanks,
Deck 27:
Deuterium Fuel Tanks, Impulse Reactors
Deck 28:
Deuterium Fuel Tanks, Impulse Reactors
Deck 29:
Deuterium Fuel Tanks, Shield Systems
Deck 30:
Deuterium Fuel Tanks, Communications Arrays
Deck 31:
Support Labs, Deflector Systems
Deck 32:
Support Labs, Tractor Systems
Deck 33:
Weapon Controls, Main Armoury
Deck 34:
Cargo Bay
Deck 35:
Main Shuttle Bay

Roleplaying Information

Ship Capabilities

The U.S.S. Endeavour is designed to be a flagship, co-ordinating entire fleets and task forces. To ensure a balanced RP setting, and assist GM’s who need to deal with the ship for events, the ship’s capabilities are listed here.

  • High defences ~ in order to protect the inhabitants of the vessel, the ship has prioritised defence above all else. The ship’s shields and hull strength are one of, if not the, best in the fleet. She is able to fly into the line of fire and absorb hits to protect other vessels and drawing enemy fire. If the shields are penetrated, the hull is well reinforced, and the ship’s damage control team are expertly drilled to repair damage as quickly as possible.

  • Good Firepower ~ whilst the ship has prioritised defence over offence, the offensive power of the ship is not to be underestimated. Although she is outgunned by dedicated offensive ships such as the U.S.S. Pegasus, she is able to deliver high firepower with the latest weaponry. Once again, this enables the Endeavour to act in a capacity where she can draw fire away from true offensive ships allowing for other ships to finish the enemy off.

  • High Warp Speeds ~ to play to her defensive strengths, the Endeavour is able to reach high speeds and hold them for a long period. Her cruising speed is Warp 8, and she is able to sustain these speeds as well as most ships handle cruising at Warp 5.

  • Cutting edge communications and coordination technology ~ as the lead ship in almost all engagements, the Endeavour is designed to rapidly communicate orders to other vessels. Her computer has the computing power to efficiently coordinate large amounts of ships, rivalling top of the line starbases.

  • Large ~ as one of the largest ships created, the Endeavour is an imposing presence, but she suffers the drawbacks of many large ships. She is also not an entirely stealthy ship, suffering in behind the lines missions.

  • Flexible Crew ~ although designed for tactical engagements, the ship is able to shift priorities depending on the crew composition. She has the potential to act in a number of roles depending on the needs of the fleet, without the need for major refits.
    Currently, the ship is geared towards exploration and first response.

  • Technological Failsafes ~ in order to protect against attackers who would attempt to disable the ship by hacking or disabling her technologically, the ship employs various methods of defence. Systems are wired in small sections so that damage to one system only affects a small subsection. The ship has a dedicated Intelligence computer specialist who actively works to firewall and protect the ship from cyber attack. Finally, the crew is fully trained in procedures should systems fail, which include the use of flashing lights to communicate in morse code should communications be rendered ineffective, drills for the failure of life support systems, manual targeting and shooting, manual flying etc. In the event of systems failure, access to key systems can be done manually using select emergency consoles.

  • U.S.S. Bark ~ as the Endeavour has an Aquarius class ship to hand, Endeavour will actively utilise this ship when possible. The Bark shores up the weaknesses of the Endeavour, being smaller, stealthier, and more manoeuvrable. For its size, the Bark has an overwhelming amount of firepower. The standard Endeavour-Bark engagement will have the Endeavour draw and absorb fire, whilst the Bark seeks to finish off and catch escaping vessels. With the Endeavour’s enhanced coordination systems, the ship can operate in sync with the Bark flawlessly.

Ship Information

Crew Quarters

All enlisted officers share a room; crewmen could share a room with up to four people. Higher ranks may share a room with only one other.

Junior Officers live in shared dorms. Each officer has their own private bedroom and toilet facilities, but these all face a shared living space, which can be shared with up to five other officers.

Mockup of Officer Crew Quarters

*not to scale (all rooms are similar sizes)
1: Entry corridor
2: Shared living space
3: Individual rooms, with en-suites

Officers can request that rooms be joined together. All rooms can be modified to suit a number of environments. All modification requests must be approved by the Ship’s Steward.

All senior officers have their own rooms.


The Endeavour moved from a four shift rotation under Captain Bishop to a six shift rotation under Captain Mirazuni, in line with Deep Space 13. Each shift is four Earth hours. The so-called “night” shifts are between Gamma and Epsilon.

All crew have two shifts a day, for example, Alpha shift and Gamma Shift. All crew are expected to have a break between shifts, though double shifts are not uncommon.

Senior Officers, such as Department Heads, have a third “on-call” shift. This is where they are expected to hold office hours and complete the necessary administrative work, though how they use this time is free for them to decide.

Sports and Recreation

There are a number of sports and recreational activities that happen on the Endeavour.

Sports Leagues

Though the fierce rivalry between Team Bishop and Team Valencia has come to a close due to the former team disbanding, a number of leagues still run on the ship. The current leader in each league is listed below:

  • Football (Soccer) - Team Valencia
  • Basketball - Team Carson
  • Rugby - Team Valencia
  • Badminton - Gabriella Valencia
  • Tennis - Farhaan Patel
  • Tennis (doubles) - Valencia and Patel
  • Baseball - Team Space Dragons (Team Mitsuki)
  • 4 x 100 Swimming - Team Korea (Hyunbin, Minhyuk, Seungcheol, Soobin)

The Endeavour has a baseball team that has represented the ship in various tournaments:

  • Endeavour Cosmico Ryuu Tachi (Mitsuki, Valencia, Minhyuk, Sovum)

Racing Club

A weekly event hosted by ex-racer, Pippa Bonzi in Holodeck 9, participants go around various tracks on various racing vehicles. A race weekend consists of practice on Fridays, Qualifying on Saturdays, and Race on Sundays.

Fight Club

The Endeavour holds a regular fight club. The rank is based on the number of wins you have. A victory against someone of a higher rank is worth more than a victory against one of a lower rank. A win counts either when the opponent submits, is knocked out, or is just unable to carry on. There are no rules on the fighting style or method, but unfair or overly dangerous fighting could result in disqualification. The computer acts as the referee. The current top rankings are:

  1. MAJ Gabriella Valencia
  2. PVT Arel
  3. SGM James Farmer
  1. LT Kim Hyunbin
  2. CIV K'Jan
  1. ENS Anna White
  1. ENS Mitsuki Rumiho


Command Officers


Mirazuni Ayesha

Jung Eunbi
Broken Table - To be Fixed

Heads of Departments

|T’Lyra|Dedoz Kannys|Rohraan Th’atelar|Kuris Dix|Molly Faraday|Satzaf|Bars Boremar|Grumblinbag|

Bridge Officers

|Riomi Savur|Samir Rahir|Pippa Bonzi|Dedoz Kannys|Gabriella Valencia|Kuris Dix|~~|Grumblinbag|

USS Bark Bridge Officers

|Mari Runad (F)|Pargizob (Benzite M)|Erin Greene (F)|Mivek Tonorr (Cardassian M)|Gabriella Valencia|Isysso Sh’zeliss (Andorian F)|Krez (Saurian M)|Terik (Vulcan M)|

Crew Complement

Department Officers Enlisted Total % of crew
Tactical 15 68 83 3%
Security 18 100 118 5%
Operations 72 494 566 23%
Engineering 68 753 821 33%
Science 87 341 428 17%
Medical 143 231 374 15%
MACO 1 4 5 0.2%
Intelligence 4 0 4 0.2%
Civilians - - 101 4%

Previous Commanding Officers

FADM Sebastian Bishop

CAPT Samuel Bishop

2417 - 2420
CAPT Mirazuni Ayesha

2420 - Current


Info adapted from here. Thanks to Kermit for helping to make it more “canon” worthy (original JNI article created by Thomas Marrone), as well as providing the original template from the U.S.S. Saratoga. Template of the dedication plaque was made by FuryofaSeraph: Thanks to Coby for the amazing patchwork. Thanks to Katriel for assisting with the relevant enjin-to-discourse conversation issues. No thanks to Kermit for making me redo everything post LCARS update >:(

old record (out of date)


U.S.S Endeavour

Starfleet Registry NCC-98500


Ambition leads us to not only go farther than anyone has been before, but as far as it is possible for anyone to go,"

~James Cook



Length: 1,046.38 metres
Beam: 414.22 metres
Draft: 150.58 metres
Mass: 7,410,500 Metric Tons
Cargo Capacity: 500,000 Tons

Number of Decks: 35
Crew: 2,500
Average Enlisted: 2,110
Average Officers: 390
Evacuation Capacity: 10,000

Average Cruising Speed: Warp 8
Maximum Crusing Speed: Warp 9.99+

Maximum Speed: Transwarp and Slipsteam Capablities
21 Mark XIV Phaser Beam Arrays: 11 Fore, 10 Aft
6 Variable Payload Torpedo Launchers: 3 Fore, 3 Aft

Replicating Symmetrical Subspace Graviton Field (Regenerative Shield Technology)
(20 grids (40) - Power Output: 10 Gigawatts (20 gigawatts))
Duranium-Tritanium Composite Double Hull
Micro-Fiber Reinforced Hull with Ablative Armour
Warp Systems:
Yoyodyne 47B M/ARC Warp Core
Output - 1,000 Petawatts

Impulse Systems:
2 Vervyn X-9 Combat Impulse Engine
2 Vervyn I-7 Impulse Engines (on Saucer Section)
8 Endeavour Class Mass Driver Reactors (500 Gigawatts)

Thruster Systems:
8 Garrick Industries B12 Impulse Maneuvering Manifolds
Type: Endeavour Magneto-Hydrodynamic Gas-Fusion
Number: 50
Output: 9.7 Million Newtons

Specifications 2: Utilities
Sensor Arrays:
Number: 6
Type: DYN-90 Multi-band Linear Sensor Suites
Range: 50 Lightyears

Number: 1
Type: Omniwave Passive Sensor Matrix
Range: 30 Lightyears

Tactical Sensor Arrays:
Number: 2
Type: SENTINEL Omni-Directional Targeting Arrays
Range: 30 Lightyears

Navigational Deflector:
Type: Molybdenum & Duranium Mesh
Power: 10 Graviton Polarity Generators
Output: 700 Gigawatts
Field Strength: 800 Millicochranes

Power: 3 - 15 Gigawatt Multi-phase Graviton Polarity Sources
Field Strength: 500 Millicochranes
Minimum Range: 250 Million tons at 2 Kilometers
Maximum Range: 1 ton at 25.000 Kilometers
Object Size Range: Up to 1,000 Meters

Type: Personnel
Number: 5
Payload: 900 Kilograms
Range: 40.000 Kilometers
Operations per Hour: 100 persons per Hour

Type: Cargo
Number: 4
Payload: 800 Tons
Range: 40.000 Kilometers
Operations per Hour: 100 operations per Hour

Type: Emergency
Number: 6
Payload: 900 Kilograms
Range: 15.000 Kilometers
Operations per Hour: 200 persons per Hour
Type: JYNZ Systems Flagship Tactical Computer Core
Version: LCARS VI
Storage Capacity: 2,000 MegaQuads
Processing Speed: 1,000.000 ExaFLOPS

Communications Array:
Short Range: 3.200.000 Kilometers
Long Range: 50 Light-years for Real-Time Transmission
Transmission Capacity: 20.0 kiloquads per second
Transmission Speed: Warp 9.99+

Shuttle Bays: 2

Craft Manifest
5 Type 9 Shuttles (Marton, St Cuthbert, Staithes, Whitby, Wapping)
5 Type 10 Shuttles (Freelove, Friendship, Cruizer, Solebay, Pembroke)
5 Type 11 Shuttles (Cape Horn, Brush Island, Kurnell, Possession, Batavia)
1 ARGO (USS Cook - NCC 98831)
8 Workbees
Captain's Yacht (USS Lancaster - NCC 98808)
Aquarius Class Light Escort (USS Bark - NCC 99872)

Crew Complement


Tactical: 226 (34 officers; 192 enlisted)
Security: 249 (37 officers; 212 enlisted)
Operations:416 (62 officers; 354 enlisted)
Engineering: 1,249 (187 officers; 1,062 enlisted)
Science: 186 (43 officers; 143 enlisted)
Medical: 77 (22 officers; 55 enlisted)
MACO: 4 (1 officer; 3 enlisted)
Intelligence: 4 (4 officers; 0 enlisted)
Civilians 89


Security: 207
Operations: 496
Engineering: 986
Science: 351
Medical: 248
Intelligence: 3



Letterhead Size



List of Starships named "Endeavour"

HMS Bark Endeavour


Status: Scuttled (1764-1778)


Commanding Officers:

  • Captain James Cook

Endeavour (OV 105)

Space Shuttle

Status: Retired (1992-2011)


Commanding Officers:

  • Alexis Harriet Bishop
  • Lewis Alexis Bishop

USS Endeavour (NX 06)

Cruiser - NX Class

Status: Refitted (2156-2160)


Commanding Officers:

  • Captain Winchester (2156)
  • Commander Shea (2156)
  • Lieutenant Commander Stephen Raynard (2156 - 2157)
  • Captain Henry David Bishop (2157 - 2160)

USS Endeavour (NCC 06)

Cruiser - Colombia Class

Status: Decomissioned (2160-2240)


Commanding Officers:

  • Captain T'Pol (2160 - 2183)
  • Captain Lucia Francis Bishop (2183 - 2200)
  • Captain Domenic Macbeth (2200 - 2210)
  • Captain Luciano Torres (2210-2216)
  • Captain Zaynab Bianchi (2217 - 2224)
  • Commodore Lucia Francis Bishop (2224 - 2230)
  • Captain Benjamin Michael Bishop (2230 - 2238)
  • Admiral Michael Lucia Bishop (2238 - 2240)

USS Endeavour (NCC 1895)

Cruiser - Constitution Class

Status: Decommisoned (2245- 2332)


Commanding Officers:

  • Commodore George Stuart Bishop (2245 - 2250)
  • Captain Mary-Anne Rice (2251 - 2260)
  • Captain Zhao Sheng (2260 - 2265)
  • Captain Atish Khatami (2265 - 2270)
  • Commodore Robert George Bishop (2270 - 2289)
  • Commodore Atish Khatami (2290 - 2298)
  • Commander Layla Mirazuni (2298 - 2303)
  • Captain Layla Mirazuni (2303 - 2310)
  • Captain Sorren (2313 - 2315)
  • Captain Thomas Robert Bishop (2315 - 2320)
  • Captain Kenozila Arliwa (2320 - 2325)
  • Captain Michael Thomas Bishop (2325 - 2332)

USS Endeavour (NCC 39272)

Support Cruiser - Ambassador Class

Status: Decommisoned (2340 - 2365)


Commanding Officers:

  • Commander Alexander Michael Bishop (2340 - 2341)
  • Captain Alexander Michael Bishop (2341 - 2347)
  • Captain Bahrass Ch'toveth (2347 - 2348)
  • Commander Judru Priid (Acting 2348)
  • Captain Laarnu Tera (2348 - 2353)
  • Captain Judru Priid (2353 - 2357)
  • Commodore Alexander Michael Bishop (2357 - 2360)
  • Captain Cosmo Genovese (2360 - 2365)

USS Endeavour (NCC 71805)

Advanced Research Vessel - Nebula Class

Status: Decommisoned (2365 - 2384)


Commanding Officers:

  • Captain Joseph Amasov (2365 - 2370)
  • Captain Nikolas Kyprios (2370 - 2375)
  • Commodore Nikolas Kyprios (2375 - 2382)
  • Commander Rani Patel (2382 - 2384)

USS Endeavour (NCC 74024)

Heavy Escort - Akira Class

Status: Destroyed (2384 - 2385)


Commanding Officers:

  • Captain Rani Patel (2384 - 2385)

USS Endeavour (NCC 79343)

Exploration Cruiser - Galaxy Class

Status: Decommisoned (2386 - 2407)


Commanding Officers:

  • Captain Sebastian Alexander Bishop (2386 - 2390)
  • Captain Lusitannia Merrimack (2390 - 2392)
  • Captain Attakulla Ovesen (2392 - 2394)
  • Captain Erwin Khan (2394 - 2398)
  • Captain Muhammad Abu-Surayra Sudozai (2398 - 2400)
  • Captain Frederick Hopps (2400 - 2407)

USS Endeavour (NCC 79343 - A)

Assault Cruiser - Sovereign Class

Status: Destroyed (2407 - c. 2409)

History: The Endeavour had a short stint in service before being destroyed by the Borg. The Endeavour NCC 71805 was nearing the end of its service and was ready to be decommissioned. This, however, was wildly protested against by the then captain of the Endeavour, Frederick Hopps. Hopps was one of Starfleet's finest officers, having turned down many promotions to Admiral and had been in charge of many important starships. His favourite had been the Endeavour. Although he put up a long, hard-fought battle, the Endeavour was finally decommissioned and Hopps was offered the Endeavour. Ready to turn down the posting, he eventually accepted when he learnt that if he turned the offer down, the command would be offered to his rival, Captain Teliah Zh'ivinnan.

Throughout the first year of his command, it was no secret that Hopps loathed his command. His logs and reports back to Starfleet about the Endeavour were conflicted and unproductive and this hindered the development of the Sovereign Class. Not being able to relieve him of command; he was too good, Starfleet assigned him to a deep space mission, one that would take years to complete. Given Starfleet's fear of the Borg, and the original Endeavour having survived both the Battle of Wolf 359 and Battle of Sector 001, the Endeavour was assigned to a deep space reconnaissance mission to try and scout out the Borg, hopefully, to gain a deeper knowledge about the deadly foe.

The Endeavour remained in complete radio silence for two years. Finally, on a routine trading mission, a trade ship came across some wreckage that belonged to a starship. The print on the wreckage said "USS Endeavour (71805-A)".

Commanding Officers:

  • Captain Fredrick Hopps (2407 - 2409)

USS Endeavour (NCC 1777)

Operations Command Battlecruiser - Concorde Class

Status: Decommissioned (2412 - 2417)


Commanding Officers:

  • Captain Jennifer Cartwright (2412 - 2414)
  • Captain Samuel Alexander Bishop (acting 2414 - 2415), (2415-2417)

USS Endeavour (NCC 98500)

Flagship Star Cruiser - Endeavour Class

Status: In Service (2415 - present)


Commanding Officers:

  • Fleet Admiral Sebastian Alexander Bishop (2415)
  • Captain Samuel Alexander Bishop (2417 - 2420)
  • Captain Mirazuni Ayesha (2420 - present)

This is yet another attempt at me trying to get my head around Endeavour canon. This one is the best I could do. I have omitted and added some ships to make the list seem more realistic. Also, shout out to Nimitz for the Columbia Class ship pictures!

Sam's Characters

nWhZJZW.png Amelia Maddalena Samaras

RANK: Commander
Human - Italy

Amy is a young Italian lady who has spent her entire career working on ships, from designing them, to building them, to repairing them. She knows how to manage difficult situations and navigate the stresses of leading teams. She's an exemplary officer, in all regards. But when she transferred from the USS Humboldt to the USS Endeavour as the First Officer, her plans were thrown out of the window; instead of spending time in her preferred role as Chief Engineer, she was suddenly placed in charge of a ship she has always dreamed of working on. The pressures that comes with being the First Officer, coupled with Amy's dogged desire to always exceed expectations means that Amy is always in the spotlight. As long as she has Captain Bishop to watch over her, she's fine, but should anything incapacitate him and she has to take control of the ship, it's anyone guess what could happen.

Despite this, Amy is an excellent officer and an amazing mentor; an instant favourite of the Endeavour crew.

Traits: Think Amy Santiago
69MAZlq.png Natasha Larson

RANK: Commander
Human - Hampshire, United Kingdom

Natasha Larson is a young intelligent lady with a strong "can do" attitude. She has a strong personality and a firm counselling method, telling it how it is. Whilst for some, this method does little to help, Tasha is very good at reading people and is quick to know who she can work with and who she can't. Her surprise promotion to Head Counsellor on her previous ship worked wonders for this, and she was able to develop a softer counselling method, rounding her out as a counsellor.

Never destined for counselling, Tasha was, at first, training for command. However, in the academy, she unexplainedly switched out of the command module and her original engineering track, into sciences, taking psychology and counselling modules. Only a handful of people know why; suffering from devastating depression after her longtime best friend and love of her life, Jenny Cartwright, left her for Samuel Bishop, her life took an entirely new turn. She couldn't stand being in the same classes as her former lover and she tried to find ways to win her back, using her psychology knowledge to help her. It wasn't enough and ultimately Tasha and Jenny cut all ties.

After Jenny and Sam graduated, Tasha was left alone and became increasingly isolated. Her shining light was her appliance to her studies, graduating two years later with honours. Posting after posting, she excelled and refined her skill. But whilst she was fine on the outside, on the inside she was increasingly unstable. Finally, she broke and attempted to commit suicide, only saved because she was rescued by a Vulcan called Alfred. Comforting her, Alfred offered her a post on the Endeavour where he could keep an eye on her recovery. She accepted, Alfred being the first person since Jenny to show her any care and has never had suicidal thoughts since. She also hoped that being posted on the same ship as Jenny, she could start something new. To her shock, she learnt that Jenny had been killed during the Iconian War and that it was Sam in charge of the Endeavour.

At first, she showed Sam immense hatred but her professionalism won over as she was assigned to his case. Over time, the pair warmed up to each other and now Tasha is one of Sam's closest friends and advisors, earning her a spot as second in command.

Traits: Think Janeway, Pulaski and Crusher mixed into one.
1pzT43Z.png T'Lyra

RANK: Commander

T'Lyra is a typical Vulcan female, suppressing emotion and doing everything logically. Young in Vulcan terms, her rise to Commander has been quick and uneventful, becoming known for her extremely cool head when things get hot, especially in high-pressure situations. This makes her a fantastic candidate for Chief Engineer, especially on a ship like the Endeavour, where frequent and demanding manoeuvres place a huge strain on the engines, the electronics and the structure.

T'Lyra has a secret dark side though. Her stoney and logical exterior is perhaps too stoney and logical even for a Vulcan and she doesn't even flinch in high-pressure situations that would worry even the most stoic Vulcan.

This is because T'Lyra is a secret drug addict. Derived from a plant called Quzalia, the Zelum is a highly potent, highly volatile drug that can disappear quickly without any trace in the body. Because of this, it is very rare and due to its scarcity it's most commonly known in myths and tales and is believed to be nothing more than lies to most people. Not for T'Lyra. With a Quzalia plant in her room, she is able to synthesise doses for her own use. It keeps her calm and relaxed when on duty, but as the drug wears off, it begins to drive her crazy. Because of this, she's often isolated in her room.

Everyone believes she's just another stuck up Vulcan who needs no friendship. Little do they know that she craves for someone to find out her secret and help her out of this devastating spiral. But when her duty shift comes around, she takes another dose and carries on as normal.

Traits: Think Vulcan, more specifically Lieutenant Selar from TNG.
3MMwTVb.png Molly Faraday

RANK: Commander
Human - Dunblane, Scotland, United Kingdom

The Highlands do not breed soft ladies and Molly is no exception. This no-nonsense, strong Scot was more suited for a tactical career but that would mean the loss of a great Zoologist.

Molly has a way with people and animals alike. Her voice, laced with a thick Scottish accent can command the obedience of anyone and anything. She is, in the entirety of the animal kingdom, the alpha female.

And yet, you could not tell her fierceness when you see her work. Her devotion to the study and wellbeing of animals has won her several awards, including the prestigious Jane Goodall Award for Animal Welfare and Conservation.

After many years of research and study, she decided to take a different path and push her frontiers further by joining Starfleet and studying xeno-animals. Her work led her to accept the post of Chief Science Officer on the Endeavour, hoping to utilise the high-quality labs of the Endeavour for things other than warfare. With her fierce and commanding presence, the science labs may yet be used for such a thing.

Traits: Think David Attenborough and Jane Goodall mixed with Groundskeeper Willy, Braveheart and Boudicca.
J3y7SsN.png Skye Cius

RANK: Commander
Human - Idaho, United States

From a young age, Skye had always experienced a sense of dualism, believing that she was not one person, but two. Diagnosed with having a Dissociative Identity Disorder, Skye received treatment for this, her two halves displaying a kind side akin to her father, and a strict side, akin to her mother. Being able to harness both sides of her personality, Skye was able to live most of her life with her "superpower".

However, during an away mission, she suffered a fatal brain injury that would leave her suffering from mild short-term amnesia and completely alter her DID.

Skye's personality can now fall on a scale, from the strict, no-nonsense disciplinarian, to the wilder, accepting officer. Receiving treatment for her disorder to help reign in the effects, this sometimes means those who work for her have to be able to adapt quickly to her mood swings.

The unintended side effect is that this quick adaptability that is demanded by her helps when it comes to the tactical station. Coupled with her knack for leadership in both personalities, she is an asset to anyone who can understand and utilise her. Both personalities have the same sense of drive and passion needed and although she needs constant treatment, she is able to perform her duties without restriction.

Traits: Think Tuvok and Neelix for the no-nonsense and wild sides respectively.
v5n36bk.png Dedoz Kannys

RANK: Commander

To everyone who doesn't know him, Kannys is a man you do not want to cross. An excellent manipulator, he can read you like a book and know what you're about to do before you even know yourself. Kannys' work is highly classified and his face betrays nothing.

At least, that is him for the most part. To those who know him, he's more Johnny English than James Bond, funny and a little crazy.

Although he is perhaps the stereotypical intelligence officer, Kannys' work is fairly simple. His job is to gain knowledge about enemies and threats to the Federation and report them back to SFI and keep the Captain informed of new developments. He's also there as the leading expert in cybersecurity, posted to block any attempts to hack or mislead the Endeavour in any way, and at times, flip the table on the enemy with his own tricks.

Ethics are his byword though and Kannys knows ethical law better than anyone on the Endeavour. Kannys often keeps the Captain in check, making sure that the integrity of Starfleet and the Federation is upheld. Spying may be shrouded in mystery, but the difference between the Federation and anyone else is their adherence to freedom of privacy and universal rights.

His work, combined with his usually secretive demeanour leads many to suspect and avoid Kannys. To those with the courage to talk to him, they are rewarded with a caring and funny individual.

Traits: Think Agent Kay and Agent Jay. Yes he is both Men in Black rolled into one.
M5zC4Iz.png Kuris Dix

RANK: Lieutenant Commander

Crazy. That's often the first word that people use to describe Kuris. Outstanding. That's the next one.

Kuris is a vague, airy, chaotic mess of a lady who somehow not only excels but exceeds expectations. She is kind, sensitive and patient, making her a pleasure to work with, although at times frustrating given her lack of any sense of order and communication.

Whilst most people put this down to the way she is, in reality, Kuris suffers from a Trill version of schizophrenia, where she believes she's joined even though she isn't. Careful analysis of her mind shows extensive brain activity and those who are telepathic can sense lots and lots of overlapping voices in her head.

Though she takes regular medication to suppress her brain activity, this leaves her with strong headaches and she is often mentally fatigued. Despite this, Kuris is always happy and cheery, revealing a strong spirit and bravery that only a few people can possess. To be able to smile despite the problems that she faces means that those who know her often look up to her with immense respect.

Chaotic, she may be, but you can always expect her to deliver.

Traits: Think Lieutenant Barkley and Charles Boyle.
K4v2e61.png Sejanus Jan

RANK: Lieutenant Commander
Betazoid - Toyama, Japan

Sejanus is an enigma. Quiet, and with a mysterious past with links to unfavourable groups, most people don't trust him. Those who have worked with him know that those fears seem to evaporate as soon as they see him in action.

Physically strong, adept in countless forms of martial arts, capable of using any weapon and able to understand any form of ship armaments, Sejanus is fiercely loyal to his crew and his ship. To those who work with him, he's an asset. To his enemies, he's a feared warrior.

Sejanus doesn't have qualms about using his telepathy for invasive purposes if it means he gets the job done. This is a power he rarely abuses, but rumours still persist, adding to his frightening reputation. Sejanus cares little.

Sejanus has ever opened up, very slightly, to a few people; all have been his Commanding Officers. Though even they don't fully comprehend him, they know that they can trust him with any secret and know he is loyal to the end.

His unknown past is that of a tragedy. His father was a member of the Yakuza, and part of the wing that wanted to build it up to the feared mafia it once was. Sejanus was systemically abused and groomed as a soldier from a young age. When he was finally rescued after his father was killed attempting a coup, his mother took him away to Betazed. Though this looked like the end of his troubles, it was, in fact, a continuation. His mother was as evil a person as his father and subjected Sejanus to various tests and experiments. When he was rescued for real this time, Sejanus has become the husk of a person he is today. His adopted family took care of him as best as they could and Sejanus was finally able to enrol in the academy. Originally training as a MACO, his trouble of trust and communication led to him being reassigned to the academy in the tactical track. It was as his adoptive family were travelling to attend his graduation when they were killed in a freak shuttle accident.

Sejanus slowly climbed up through the ranks at Starfleet and eventually found his way on the Endeavour. He is one of the handful of people who stayed on following the end of tour reshuffle.

Traits: Think about a rock and Garrus Vakarian.
lu9cogP.png Gabriella Valencia

RANK: Captain
Human - Bogotá, Colombia

A carefree young lady with kick-ass potential (both literal and metaphorical), Brie is a professional with a twist. Her twist is that she able to comfortably separate her work from her social life, something which can be a challenge in a place such as a Starship.

Knowing that she wanted to be a soldier at an early age, she is confident, strong and brave everything that makes a good MACO. Her goal is to be like her mother, Sofia, who raised her up alone after her father left her when Sofia was pregnant.

It's perhaps because of this fact that she tries, sometimes too hard, to be her own woman, and lacks any form of long-term relationships. Getting her drunk could find her at the other side of your bed (or any other place they may happen to have found themselves last night), but don't expect her to stick around.

Brie does genuinely love her life and her freedom. Adjusting to a life that is not so free is perhaps something she's afraid of, but fortunately for her, that is not in her plans for a long time yet.

Traits: Think a cross between Kristin Ortega and Maj. Motoko Kusanagi.
UhEgzud.png Miriam Reyes

RANK: Lieutenant
Human - Pontedeume, Spain

A lighthearted worker, Miriam took a career in zoology instead of pursuing a budding music career. Miriam works hard, enjoying what she does. Funny, beautiful, and blessed with an angelic voice, she's easy to befriend and you can be sure she'll be in your corner. Her priorities, however, is always to work, and she will go to great lengths to make sure that her work is done, on time, and well.

Traits: Just Google Miriam RodrĂ­guez. It's literally her.
WSDiIBL.png Samir Rahir

RANK: Lieutenant
Human - Kolkata, India

Samir is a smug know it all with a very big genius complex. Though he is an able officer, his mouth often outruns his actual ability and this can land him in hot waters. This is the sole reason why he hasn't been promoted in a very long time; he is arrogant and boastful.

With that said, the man is not totally without skill. His speciality in hull strength has lead to a few of his papers to form the basis of much more substantial work. His real claim to fame is his ability to accurately program transporters which does come in handy at times.

Strip away his arrogance and you reveal a man who has much to live up to; his family being a well connected and wealthy one with some big names in medical, engineering and computing industries. For all his flaws, you cannot fault the man for trying and although he often bites more than he can chew, the work he does do is often to an acceptable standard and done with extreme pace.

Traits: Think Mr. Kosinski from TNG S01 E06.
yHr58um.png Riomi Savur

RANK: Lieutenant Junior Grade
El-Aurian - USS Malta

Young in relation to other El Aurians, Riomi still happens to be the oldest person on the Endeavour.

Due to a fatal accident when she was younger, Riomi was totally blinded. Whilst her visor helps her to see, she dreads living a long life without ever being able to see; never being able to see the love of her life, or see her beautiful children. It is perhaps because of this reason she's willing to take risks that other people would shy away from, sometimes even approaching foolhardiness.

Despite this, her listening abilities, already enhanced by the fortune of being an El-Aurian, have further developed. Being able to speak and understand almost every single language known, she is an excellent communication officer and an asset to the Endeavour.

Possible innately drawn to things she cannot do because of her lack of eyesight, Riomi enjoys the challenge of doing things that require eyesight, such as art and sport. Mostly she fails, but the times she succeeds are down to her grit and determination and is something that is well celebrated amongst those who know her.

Traits: Think Geordi LaForge and Guinan.
G2oGlp8.png Amelie Fontaine

RANK: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Human - Bordeaux, France

To some, looking at rocks and minerals can be somewhat of a bore, but to Amelie, it is her life.

From a young age, her fathers used to take her on long hikes all over the Earth, and her love for all things outdoors grew. Originally wanting to study ecology, when her friend invited her to a geology seminar, she became hooked. Her academy paper on the discovery of a new mineral was groundbreaking and was voted the most influential cadet paper for her class.

Amelie has a bright personality and generally refrains from boring people with rock facts but she has been known to accidentally get on stage and lecture at bars when she has had enough to drink.

Unless you want to sit through five hours of slides followed by another seven of a practical show and tell, it is advised you do not ask her about her very extensive and frankly, quite marvellous, rock collection.

Traits: Think Comic Book Guy, but just for rocks.
MDunurV.png Pippa "Bonzai" Bonzi

RANK: Ensign
Human - Mandakh, Mongolia

Pippa has been flying shuttles since the age of six. Since then, her track record of shuttle crashes has been commendable; 3. Before joining Starfleet, she had an exciting career as a racer. Amongst racing fanatics, she is known as "Bonzai" Bonzi, so named for her habit of often taking corners at high speeds. Not only limited to shuttles, Pippa could race anything with an engine and a steering wheel, from boats to old Earth planes and cars, to shuttles and Delta flyers, and even decommissioned Galaxy Class starships during the "one time only" event called "Galaxy Grand Prix."

Pippa has come close to death many times, but none more so than the crash in which she lost both of her legs and was forced to retire from her dream job, at the very young age of 19. During the Bi-annual "Andorian Wastes Dash", Pippa was clipped by a rival competitor, sending her speeder careering off into an Andorian cliff. Due to a blizzard, her rescue was delayed for crucial minutes, that ultimately led to irreplaceable damage on her legs, requiring them to be amputated to save her life. Though she recovered and was given new synthetic legs, her attempts to go back into racing failed, as she was never able to return to her pre-accident levels. After failing to qualify for the Mongolian Time Trials, she decided she would retire. As she stood up out of her racer to head backstage, she was met with overwhelming applause from her fans, rivals, and the wider racing community. To this day, she states that that was the most difficult, but the proudest moment of her life.

Undecided as to her future career, her mentor and manager, Bob "Blazin'" Jones, suggested that she continue with her love for flying at Starfleet Academy, having spent the early part of his own career there. Pippa accepted and graduated with honours in flight navigation, but also as a qualified fitness instructor and coach. The Endeavour is her very first posting.

Pippa retains her high octane personality, but this has matured into one of professionalism too, her accident ageing her beyond her years. Though she is still young herself, she helps to train others, and runs informal fitness classes, encouraging everyone to take part.

Traits: Think Ensigns Harry Kim and Chekov mixed with the dash and daring of Tom Paris.
owksJn0.png Bars Boremar

RANK: Master Chief Petty Officer
Bolian - Risa

Age makes people wiser, slower and, in Bars' case, grumpier. Problem is, Bars is not that old.

Born, perhaps by accident, on Risa, Bars grew up as an aide to his father, a prominent banker on Bolarus IX. Though never formally educated, Bars became an excellent administrator, being able to cope with the high-intensity demands of a secretary. His skills were further developed because of his need to constantly find ways to balance his father's books, the latter being entirely unorganised full of vices, the worst being drinking and gambling. After losing his entire business to a Ferengi named Nudac, Bars' father committed suicide and Bars was forced to take unsavoury jobs to provide for his wife and his mother. As war made jobs scarce, Bars enlisted in Starfleet, only so his wife and mother could have a roof over their heads and food to eat. Bars' skill as an administrator aided him greatly during these years and by the end of the Iconian War, he held a respectable rank. Wanting to retire, he was persuaded to stay on for one more tour which finally ended in 2417. However, due to how valuable a crewman he was, he was offered a promotion as an incentive to stay on for yet another tour. He reluctantly accepted and found himself on the Endeavour.

Bars often underestimates his skill, seeing himself as just another accountant, but his value cannot be underestimated. As Steward, his job to make sure that the Endeavour is habitable by managing all the day to day cleaning, staffing, accounting and managing supplies such as catering. Often grumpy due to his hatred of the job, he is unpleasant to work with, but there is nobody else better to manage such as crucial role on the ship.

Traits: Think Grumpy C-3PO.
SSrtc51.png Tom "Butters" Barliman

RANK: Civilian
Tellarite - SS Ustinov

A spaceman, Tom has never spent more than four months on land. Growing up moving from ship to ship, Tom quickly picked up many languages, cultures and cuisines. The last fact was his favoured area. Cooking at a young age, Tom moved from place to place as a chef, working as a waiter, dishwasher, food prep, cook, line cook, sous chef and eventually, chef. Blessed with a fantastic palate and quick intuition, Tom's claim to fame comes from the fact he can accurately reproduce any dish from just a simple taste.

Adding to his repertoire as a chef is his ability to bartend. Tom enjoys the social customs that the bar offers, as well as the many a debate and arguments that he can sink his teeth into. When not working as a chef, Tom spends his downtime working as a bartend and annoying Bars with whom he has a love-hate relationship. Bars' attempt to annoy Tom by appointing him both head chef and bartend backfired as Tom is able to handle both jobs with ease.

Loveable, funny, and able to make amazing food, Tom is a favourite of many of the Endeavour crew. His insistence that everything tastes better with butter (butter being the first ever thing Tom ever tasted) has earned him the nickname Butters, something that he seems to relish in.

Traits: Think Gimli as a bartend.


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Alisha is a Bajoran woman of diminutive stature and mousy disposition. She excelled during her academy days, particularly in computer sciences and logistics and organizational protocols. She has a knack for languages which helped her in her education and career as well, speaking 9 languages fluently and another dozen on a near conversational level.
During her academy training, she realized command was not for her. A guidance counsellor at the time suggested she would make an excellent specialist to help other command officers deal with the burdens of running a starship on a day to day basis. She saw a lot of potential in this career and has been training for it ever since.
She completed her cadet cruise without incident passing her exams and focusing on the skills she believed would enhance her abilities in her chosen field along with the scientific focus on computers and computer sciences.
She is forceful when dealing with work issues, but otherwise calm and withdrawn

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