War of Emerald Lake (2395)


War of Emerald Lake (2395)

In 2395 two colonial settlement on the Federation Member world of Beta VI were in contention for a shared freshwater source and its represented open body of water, Emerald Lake. The settlement of Serene, primarily made up of human colonist was upset with what it called "excessive water use" from the neighboring Andorian colony, Mangel. The human colonial mayor, Rey Malhoon, contested that the Andorian colony was not entitled to a larger share of the water supply because the Andorian colony had being established after the human colony. A small standoff ensued. It culminated when eight settlers from Serene attacked a Mangel construction crew building a water induction system along the shore of the lake.

The Beta VI government became involved, sending a small security force and a judicatory team to settle the dispute. The Andorian mayor, Jax Delgark, was able to bring evidence of a colonial claim to the land and water source made several years prior to the establishment of the Cerene Settlement. The Beta VI government ruled in favor of the Andorians.

The majority of the Cerene settlement abandoned it and resettled elsewhere or returned to Beta VI City. A small group of humans, led by Rey Malhoon decided to take matters into their own hands. For several weeks they waged a small guerrilla war against Mangel settlement, sabotaging key infrastructure and building projects. Again, Beta VI security teams were sent to the area, but this time they were caught in an unexpected ambush by the rebels who imprisoned them along with a good majority of the Andorian colonist.

The rebels sieved the entire area, including both colonies driving out or imprisoning the Mangel colonist. The prisoners were taken to a small compound in the Cerene settlement. Rey Malhoon sent demands to the Beta VI government to have the Mangel settlement relocated and the rights to the water source and the local area given to the remainder of the Cerene settlement who intended to establish a new local government independent of Beta VI. For over a week, the rebels held the prisoners and Beta VI government forces stayed clear of the area, appealing to Starfleet for assistance.

The standoff ended when a Starfleet team arrived to settle the dispute. In a successful night time raid, a Srarfleet Tactical team was able to free the prisoners and defeat the rebel forces. Several of the rebels and a few Starfleet officers were injured or killed. Rey Malhoon himself was killed during the fight, mitigating any ability to understand how the rebellion was fostered. The Andorian colony was restored and the Serene settlement was demolished. the captured rebels were sentenced in Federation courts in what was locally know as the Malhoon Raider Trials. Most were sentenced time to be served at various penal systems throughout Federation space.

A picture taken by Starfleet photographer Ensign Jasper Grans during the night assault on Serene Colony.

Confirmed deaths during the Starfleet assault on the Serene Settlement:
Ensign Riley, Johanathan B.
Lieutenant Benning, Andrews F.
Chief Petty Officer Schofield, Jacob A.

Rebel Colonist:
Malhoon, Rey J.
Gigs, Nathan B.
Kessup, Marcus V.
Fek, Darius J.
Fek, Celeste L.

Garner, Jason V.
Brenter, Timothy O.
Hans, Karren E..
Varilius, Patrick L.
Orthus, Titus P.

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