Which actor would play your character?

I saw this thread in the 26th Forums and thought it was an interesting idea. It got me thinking.

Who would be perfect to play the character of Areyis if Task Force Argo were a movie?

Ideally, if I could. It would be

A Young Anthony Hopkins.

It would be so amazing to watch what he would do with my character's personality and
cold emotionless method. While finding a way to act out the inner-conflict he has with
emotion and friendship.



Gideon. 'Nuff said. :)

Low-hanging fruit maybe, but I just want to do stuff to at with Zachary Quinto. Plus we know he can play an emotionally unstable green blooded space elf!
The primary source of inspiration for Captain Buchanan is Stacker Pentecost, because I have a severe mancrush on Idris Elba.

Russel Crowe. Possibly because I've enjoyed him in alot of things. I think Gladiator being one of my fall time favorites. I like his ability to mix jovial, and ded srs.
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Ralph Fiennes is my choice for my S'Hauen.

Particularly in Equilibrium, with the addition of a VISOR of course. Bale would be Seafort.
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Mr T would play Susan.

The perfect balance of serious and jovial. Also, I spent way too much time thinking about this!
That is the best thing I have ever seen!
Ok... and for Rex ..


The Great Khali... mainly because he's 7ft 4inches tall and talks weird already... And that jaw.. yeesh..

or Varo'Then I'd go with ... JAMES-MCAVOY-001.jpgJames Mcavoy.
He can play odd but intense characters and has the facial structure for Varo.

Chris Pratt
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Chow Yun-Fat was already an inspiration for Tsang, in the first place, and if you imagine everything Tsang says in his voice, you wouldn't be far off.

I'm pretty sure that K'Tia would be CGI-ed up a bit, I'd want her to be voiced by Grey DeLisle if she didn't need to have a proper Hollywood actress behind some kind of cat-mask.

Edit: Fixed picture and clarified.
Here's whom I think would best fit Lunius. Deceitful. Ambitious. Two Sided. Knows how to play 'the game'.

Kevin Spacey a la House of Cards


An update for Seafort, after his premature aging.
Coby :d
Spoiler: Martin Freeman - Nice brown hair and a mug of teaShow

Soa' :|
Spoiler: Eliza Coupe - Just add in some lovely red hairShow
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Well, I have put a joke post in here, but here's a real one for anyone who was still curious!

To play Wimble I'd have Sigourney Weaver!


Because she was cool in the Alien movies, and she's good at playing those cool strong characters!
Ha! There's a thread for this!

I don't know about my other characters yet, but after seeing her in a number of projects, I can tell you that Aurelia is most certainly Katrina Law.
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As this is a thread about what actor, I would say none. The magic of Rix is that he is a bit different for me than he is for you. I don't see him as anything else but the profile art I used, I guess no actor would play him. Perhaps myself, I have some acting experience, but minor. Nice choice above here though.
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