Xedi-Dominion Relations

Security Level 2 - Confidential
TO @38th.Command
SUBJ Xedi-Dominion Relations


I am certain that by now you’ve all read the reports involving the R.R.W. D’Ishae and their extraction of Starfleet personnel over Iesp Xedi. The situation on the surface has seriously degenerated. While I would usually classify this as local politics, our respective officers independently provided conclusive evidence of a Dominion connection in their reports.

This connection worries me greatly. I’ve reviewed the situation extensively and have yet to ascertain any kind of motive driving the Dominion’s actions. What is clear, however, is the threat that Dominion technology in the hands of an unstable military coup pose not only to their own citizens but to other regional powers.

By firing on a Republic vessel they have exhibited a willingness to use this technology. Ideally we would have intervened before this point. Since that is no longer an option, I am drafting plans for a Republic taskforce to travel to the Xedi system and seize or destroy any and all Xedi naval assets. While their modifications may give pause to single warbird operating without support, there is simply no way a local power can stand against the full weight of a Republic fleet.

I believe the time for diplomatic overtures has passed, but I am not ordering any action until 38th admiralty has deemed this is the last and final course available to us. This is no time for anything but full cooperation on both of our parts, and you will have it from the JSI.

Please advise,

Wing Commander Miral
Joint Squadron Commander - Aldebaran

Security Level 2 - Confidential
TO 38th.Command
CC -
FROM CAPT Varley, L.
SUBJ Re: Xedi-Dominion Relations


Allow me to suggest a more temperate response. My proposal is twostage and as follows:

Stage One

Relief and aid. The people of Isep Xedi have just had their world tuned around. Martial Law has been declared after a bloody coup in their own streets with backing from a vast and powerful external organization. If independant news outlets are to be believed, public executions via stake and fire have been carried out. The people are definitely terrified. The least we can do is offer basic help.

First, we’ll open our doors to civillian refugees from both Isep Xedi and the remaining rebel forces by granting anyone and everyone who asks immediate refugee status. Deep Space 13 can accomodate them while they are processed for Federation asylum. Secondly we will reach out to the current ruling government of Isep Xedi to offer basic medical and provisional supplies to aid their recovering populace. We don’t have to like the people who are in charge to help the ones under their boot, with any luck the military government will permit us to help in this way.

Stage Two

Preventative measures. The Dominion can not be permitted to further damage the stability of the Xedi civilization. To achieve this we will prohibit all Dominion vessels from entering the Xedi system. If our Republic allies would be so kind as to loan us a few cloaking sensor buoys, we can keep an eye on the traffic of the system. The Xedi certainly aren’t capable of penetrating a Romulan cloaking device, so if any of the bouys are destroyed we’ll have a pretty good idea of who did it.

This precaution won’t inhibit whatever channels the Dominion are using to communicate with the Xedi military government, but it will make it harder for them to deliver equipment or soldiers.


Ultimately this isn’t much, but I believe it’s a far better starting point than obliterating their naval forces as per Wing Commander Miral’s suggestion. I do appreciate your restraint in talking to us first, sir. I’m not saying we should put away the cavalry just yet, but for now at least I recommend that our focus lies with what’s best for the Xedi people before we start making things worse for them again.

Captain Lauren Varley
Commanding Officer, Deep Space 13
38th Fleet ‘Argo’

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| | Security Level 2 - Confidential

| TO | CAPT Varley, L. ; WCDR Miral |
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| FROM | RADM Quint |
| SUBJ | Re: Re: Xedi-Dominion Relations |

After some consideration on the logistics of the matter, I am inclined to agree with your plan. It serves us the best chance of resolving the overall issues now. I have also been advised that the pressure is being applied at the source to cease Dominion involvement. So, Stage two will have some additional help, far away from Xedi territory. That will allow our energies to be put towards diplomacy, first between the Rebels and Official Government. Then, eventually, between the Official Government and the current one.

That’s not to say that the Wing Commander’s course may not have merit. Under the original guidelines, military force could be used to enforce what ever treaty comes forth. If in the final stages the Xedi decide to disarm all Dominion influenced craft, it does then become a possibility. For now let us simply hope for peace and the best for those caught in the middle.

Emery Quint
Rear Admiral, Lower Half
38’th Fleet Executive Officer