Yuhop System Outpost

Security Level 2 - Confidential

TO <38th\ALCON>
CC VADM Krvhn; LCDR Tyenne;

SUBJ Yuhop System Outpost


This memo will serve as an introduction and operational briefing for all 38th Fleet personnel. Commanders, distribute as you see fit to new arrivals and external personnel with a need-to-know.

Initial studies of the Yuhop Wormhole have found that there is a single stable terminus in the Yuhop System, which naturally connects to one of six other locations every twelve hours. Consequently, each of those six locations has access to near-instantaneous travel to Yuhop once every three days. Two of these locations are known, and near to Federation space, but the remaining four extend deep into unexplored and possibly hostile territory. The combination of the Yuhop System's central location, the presence of the wormhole, and the potential threat in the sectors beyond, make it one of the most strategically significant positions we've discovered to date in the region.

The 'nearest' terminus is just over five lightyears from DS13. Utilizing the transwarp gate and proper timing of the wormhole's opening, our outpost will be effectively within shuttle-range of DS13 for a few minutes in three day intervals.

The 38th Fleet has been authorized to construct and maintain a planetside listening post, designated Doza Outpost-1 in the Yuhop System. The primary function of this facility will be to monitor the stable wormhole terminus located in orbit, for the purposes of intelligence, surveillance, and early threat detection. Secondary functions will include subspace communications relay, starship resupply, and scientific study.

On Stardate 93846.1 the Starfleet Corps of Engineers will be delivering raw materials and prefabricated building scaffolds to the selected location for initial construction. Thereafter, the outpost will be staffed by a permanent crew of eight, under the administration of Lieutenant Commander Kit Tyenne. Deep Space 13 will provide supplemental staffing of 16-20 crewmembers at any given time, from a pool of station personnel available for detached duty on a rotating basis. Starship patrol routes in the area will be altered to include routine stops in the Yuhop System.

The indigenous Yuhop Corporatocracy has agreed to allow the presence of a Federation holding on their world. While the Prime Directive's prohibition on contact with underdeveloped species does not apply to the Yuhop, the mandate of noninterference is still in effect. Our presence is to have as little impact as possible on the natural development of the inhabitants. As the Yuhop reside almost entirely underground and do not inhabit the selected outpost location, Command believes encounters and interactions will be infrequent if not entirely nonexistent.

Rear Admiral Neema Perim
Executive Officer, 38th Fleet



This is our IC location for the new Fleet Colony World holding! Rather than a full colony, we've decided to go with a small outpost. As some of you have noticed, we've been moving very slowly with the OOC upgrades on the holding. This is because we plan to actually RP through the ongoing construction and expansion of the outpost.

The presence of the wormhole allows us to do something a bit unique, in that the outpost can be close enough for quick trips, but also far enough away to allow for all-alone-far-from-help scenarios. As was mentioned ICly above, the wormhole allows a short-cut to DS13, once every three days. We will not be regulating this cycle, so that everyone can use timeywimeyhandwaving to allow characters to be present for RP when it happens. Since flying DS13->Yuhop without the shortcut takes hours or days, there's plenty of room for plots and RP where the resources of the fleet and base are not readily available.

The 'primary' staffing of the outpost will be permanently assigned NPCs (so that there's always someone ICly there, manning the fort). The rotation from DS13 mentioned ICly will work the same way as the attached starships: If you want your character to be present for RP on the outpost, it's as simple as saying that they happen to be there doing a rotation. Ship Captains/crewmembers can also use the holding by having their ships stop at the outpost along their patrols, or for resupply, or even to use or study the wormhole.

Keep an eye out for some events and assignments related to the new holding, and if you have any questions, feel free to grab one of the staff!