22 Apr: Facade [SFK All Day]

The Klingon High Council has tasked Strike Force Kargas with hunting down and eliminating the honorless traitors to the Empire that call themselves the House of Telok. Since launching an unprovoked attack on the Federation, Telok forces have conducted periodic raids on shipping lanes and border outposts, but they always manage to withdraw and cloak before they can be tracked back to their staging ground.

Over the past month, SFK has responded to almost a dozen separate Telok attacks and launched several assaults on shipyards and stations suspected of supplying Telok with ships and equipment. While the battles have mostly gone well and some leads initially seemed promising, thus far the location of Telok's main base of operations has not been uncovered. As a result, those engagements have been mostly limited to small-scale skirmishes.

Now, even as new reinforcements are arriving from Qo'noS fresh and ready for battle, SFK forces have been instructed to return to base. Amid rampant speculation about the sudden change in tactics, the officers of the strike force gather on FOB: Kargas to receive an explanation for their new orders.


When: Saturday, 22 April @ all day
individual event times TBA

Where: Forward Operating Base: Kargas (Klingon Fleet Starbase)

What: Ongoing KDF RP

OOC point of contact: any admin/moderator


This is part of an ongoing series of KDF-focused RP events for Strike Force Kargas. SFK hosts one full day of RP each month, consisting of opportunities for Argo members to introduce new KDF alts to the fleet, at least two organized events, and plenty of murder, mayhem, and bloodwine to go around.

Specifics of what'll be happening at what times throughout the day will be added to this post as the date approaches.

Click here for IC and OOC information about Strike Force Kargas.
I have a KDF Cardassian "courier" who needs a home.
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Drat. Gonna miss this because work.
Aonala should be around earlier in the day.
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I'll be going on a road trip that weekend but I might try to get out of it.