98829.3 Federation News Service

While previous incursions from the Mirror Universe have been relatively limited, this weekend has seen a series of new attacks by the Terran Empire.

Many were shocked by the sudden appearance of hostile starships at Jupiter Station, Sol. It is unclear at this time exactly what the Terrans’ goals were with this attack, but Federation officials have confirmed that several Starfleet and system defense vessels were lost before the invaders were beaten back. The research station itself suffered damage and casualties as well.

Indications are that this is part of a larger, coordinated offensive from the Mirror Universe. At almost the exact same time as the ships appeared in Sol, Starfleet officials reported incursions in the Itrin Sector, just beyond Federation space, and at two undisclosed locations in the Alpha Quadrant. Sources outside the Federation suggest Terran forces may also have attacked the Metron Consortium in the Beta Quadrant, and the Kyana System in the Delta Quadrant.

Multiple Starfleet agencies are cooperating to investigate and repel the Terran threat. Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway is leading a multi-fleet task force out of Sol, while the 38th Fleet has mobilized to defend the Federation’s borders beyond the Aldebaran Sector.

FNS will update this breaking story as more information becomes available.

((Events of Firewall and Red Shift are now fleet canon.))


98905.2 Federation News Service

In the four weeks since the Terran Empire renewed hostilities with our universe, Starfleet and allied forces have fought valiantly to stave off this grave threat.

Reports continue to pour in from the 38th Fleet’s defense against a full-scale Terran invasion at the edge of the Federation, beyond the Aldebaran Sector. FNS correspondents have learned that the Terrans’ goal was the elimination of particular unique technologies native to the region. Closer to home, Vice Admiral Janeway has continued to lead anti-Terran operations from Jupiter Station. Several incursions into the Mirror Universe have been completed successfully, and Alliance task forces have reportedly engaged the Terrans on their home turf.

FNS sources have confirmed that the recent Terran activity is connected to the attempted acquisition of a superweapon by the Terran Emperor. Starfleet Command believes that the Terrans have been attempting to systematically wipe out entities and technologies that could post a particular type of threat to their new weapon.

USS Enterprise encounters V'ger in 2273.

The weapon itself, which has been referred to as “the Other”, has been identified as the mirror universe counterpart of V’ger - is an entity of great power that originated as the Earth space probe Voyager 6. The probe was launched in the 20th-century, but was somehow transported across the galaxy and reprogramed by an advanced civilization.

On its way back to Earth it gained sentience and grew to immense size. It posed an extreme hazard to any ships, stations, and planets it came across, and was only through the legendary actions of the crew of the USS Enterprise that V’ger was prevented from destroying Earth in the 2270s. The Terran version of V’ger reportedly originated as Conqueror 6, and appears to have undergone a similar journey with more malicious intent.

Though President Okeg has urged calm in his public addresses, a staffer speaking on condition of anonymity told FNS that the Federation government considers the potential weaponization of the Other to be an existential threat of a magnitude not seen since the end of the Iconian War. As Starfleet continues to battle the Terran incursions throughout the quadrant, Admiral Janeway’s transuniversal operations are said to be working on preventing the Terran Emperor from taking control of the Other, before it’s too late.

FNS will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

((Events of Blue Shift and The Calling are now fleet canon.))


98926.2 Federation News Service

Breaking news today: Starfleet’s 38th Fleet is reporting that the Terran invasion of the Itrin Sector block has been repelled. In the last 48 hours, the remaining Terran forces have been forced to retreat back to their own universe, marking the end of the bloody 5-week conflict on the Federation’s border.

The invasion began with the Terran conquest of the neighboring Confederacy of Azed. Using prepared countermeasures to the Confederacy’s advanced weaponry, the Terrans fully occupied the Itrin Sector within a week, while Starfleet mobilized in Doza. Though a full accounting of Confederacy losses is presently difficult to quantify, FNS has confirmed that their governing body was executed, their capital planet destroyed, and at least one other heavily populated world was rendered lifeless by orbital bombardment. The death toll is expected to measure in the trillions.

Rear Admiral Samuel Bishop was assigned to organize the Federation’s defense from a command post at Talos Junction Outpost in the Yuhop System. Allied forces from the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Republic arrived to fight alongside Starfleet. In response to this unprecedented threat, the majority of the local powers in the area agreed to temporarily put aside their differences and allow Starfleet and allied vessels safe passage and, in some cases, basing rights, in order to mount an effective defense against the invaders.

Though Itrin itself and the Confederacy systems hosted the early battlegrounds, fighting soon spilled out into the Doza Sector and beyond, with the Terrans pushing as far as Ba’aja, Tau Zeta, and Legia – committing atrocities everywhere they went. Even Deep Space 13, in the Aldebaran Sector, suffered a series of raids.

The decisive turning point was the Battle of I-7815. Starfleet managed to lure the bulk of the Terran fleet to the otherwise insignificant I-7815 System, where local conditions and pre-placed defenses contributed to an overwhelming allied victory. Unable to maintain supply lines, the diminished Terran battlefleet was forced to abandon many of its fortified positions, allowing for the liberation of the Confederacy. The front lines in Doza quickly collapsed, spelling the eventual end of the invasion.

Declassified timeline of Terran Invasion, Itrin Sector Block, Oct-Dec 2421.

Noteworthy exceptions to the cohesive front of local civilizations are the Junayd and the Korlackress. Both minor empires directly or indirectly supported the Terran invasion and, despite the Terran withdrawal, both they have remained overtly hostile to the Federation. These smaller-scale conflicts are expected to take a priority in Federation military and diplomatic efforts in the region, now that the larger Terran threat has abated.

The collapse of the Confederacy of Azed and the destruction of entire worlds and the busy trade port at Itrin has left not only a regional power vacuum, but also a major refugee crisis. Starfleet’s extended deployment into neutral space was necessary to defend our very universe, but it remains to be seen what will become of the affected territories now that the crisis has ended. FNS sources inside the Federation Diplomatic Corps have confirmed that a number of local powers have already revoked their permission for Starfleet to operate within their sovereign territory, and reports of opportunistic piracy and other criminal activity are expected to skyrocket in the coming weeks and months.

Though the end of active fighting is cause for celebration for many in the affected region, the larger threat of the Terran Empire still looms over the Federation. Analysts suspect that Azedi technology may have posed some sort of threat to the Terran superweapon “the Other”, and the unfortunate fact is that the Terrans did seem to accomplish what they set out to do, in with the destruction of their technology.

FNS will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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