AAR: Blood on the Beach

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LCDR Mah'ren, Daelis Aelinn

After Action Report

LOCATION Ba’aja Sector, Wit’yen system

MISSION Investigate anomalous readings in the Wit’yen system.

OUTCOME Retrieval of local law enforcement database, a single survivor.


  • CAPT A. Mirazuni
  • LCDR Mah’ren
  • LT T. Shinwa
  • ENS V. Sovum
  • LTJG R. Mitsuki
  • ENS Thyzee
  • CPO T. Ashodi

NARRATIVE The Endeavour was dispatched to the Wit’yen system to investigate anomalous detections from the same. Immediately upon our arrival, it was clear that the the system was in a state of chaos, likely such even prior to the planetary stripping event. The system had been a battlefield prior to such, and at the point of our arrival was sufficiently littered with debris from previous combat.

Upon our arrival, we were almost immediately confronted with a vessel identified as the DTS Car’tan, a 23rd century-era vessel with limited shields and weapons; this vessel attempted to menace the Endeavour, however scans indicated that weapons of any modern variety would be more than sufficient to cause its destruction, and Captain Mirazuni ordered avoidance maneuvers, rather than opening fire.

The state of the planet was such that it had no remaining nucleogenic particles, and had been harvested of all minerals close to the surface, in addition to several transuranic substances; in short, the planet was dead, stripped in a manner apparently similar to the Gzoya colony.

Using an auxiliary craft to distract the scavenger vessel, CAPT Mirazuni formed an away team consisting of herself, LTJG Rumiho, ENS Sovum, ENS Thyzee, CPO Ashodi, and myself, and transported to the surface.

Once on the surface, CAPT Mirazuni ordered myself to take command of CPO Ashodi and ENS Thyzee to investigate nearby structures for potential survivors or technologies which might be able to shed some light on what had happened, whilst she took command of LTJG Rumiho and ENS Sovum on a separate team to attempt to locate survivors. I took command as ordered, and led my team into the nearest building.

(NOTE: From this point on, until our return to the vessel, I cannot comment upon the actions taken by CAPT Mirazuni and team, as I was not present for them, and I invite those involved to submit their addendums to this report)

Little of note was identified in the first building we investigated; I ordered weapons set for stun, however there was little necessity for this, as the building was apparently abandoned. We did identify a firefight, speculatively between scavengers as encountered in orbit, however neither side became aware of our presence during our investigation of the first building. Communications were maintained between my team and CAPT Mirazuni’s, per orders.

The second, and last, building we investigated was that of the local law enforcement, which we found to be similarly deserted. ENS Thyzee identified a potentially active terminal within, however; we cleared the building, and identified an armored structure within. Whilst I was prepared to open the door by destructive means, ENS Thyzee was able to make use of her telekinetic abilities to open the door from the inside. Once within, we gained access to the computer systems ENS Thyzee had identified, and downloaded the full database before withdrawing, resecuring the safe on the way out.

Upon checkin, CAPT Mirazuni ordered all involved to return to the ship. No one was injured during the course of this landing party.

Upon return, CAPT Mirazuni called for an open forum to discuss findings, and all of the data gathered was uploaded to the Endeavour for processing and analysis. Speculation was shared, but nothing concrete granted, until Intel identified a video feed stored within the data gathered from the law enforcement computer, which showed a number of tentacled creatures descending from above prior to the termination of the video feed. None present were aware of such creatures, and any identification at this stage would be speculation at best.

RECOMMENDATION Sharing of the video feed in which the creatures attacking the planet can be seen with all available allies for potential identification. Additionally, positioning of a probe, class 5 or better, over the planet to further study potential aftereffects of the planetary stripping. Stealth capabilities are recommended due to the heavy scavenger activity in the area.


  • ENS Thyzee - For creative methods in thwarting the safe lock in a non-destructive manner.
  • CPO Ashodi - Providing adequate forward guard during the ground phase of the mission.
  • LTJG M. Rumiho - Avoiding the would-be scavenger vessel such that its destruction was unnecessary.

OOC AAR for the Blood on the Beach event from July 31st. Logs available from @Sam

Filed By:
CAPT Mirazuni, A

BACKGROUND The U.S.S. Endeavour moved to investigate the Wit’Yen system, after long-range probes detected unusual readings from the region. The planet had been harvested by unknown entities in a manner similar to the harvestings on Gzoya Colony.

ADDENDUM After the team split up, this officer, accompanied by Lieutenant Mitsuki and Ensign Sovum in order to locate some survivors in an attempt to see if we could receive a first-hand account of what had transpired. We came across a survivor, who looked to be a scavenger. He had suffered serious injuries from what was assumed to be after falling from a height. A metal object had impaled his left thigh, cutting through the patient’s deep and superficial femoral arteries. Immediate medical aid was required, and the patient had already lost a lot of blood, causing hypotension and low SpO2 levels. Death was imminent.

As this officer needed to remain free to coordinate wider movements, Ensign Sovum provided basic first aid, assisted by Lieutenant Mitsuki. The Ensign administered neurozine for pain and then administered a tourniquet to reduce bleeding. Lieutenant Mitsuki, under the instruction of this officer, carefully cut around the metal object so that the patient could be beamed to medical.

After first aid was rendered, the patient was given priority medical beam out for treatment on the U.S.S. Endeavour. With the other team completing their investigations, and without the firepower to pursue further leads such as speaking with the scavenger groups in the area, both teams returned to the ship to debrief.

RECOMMENDATION The patient succumbed to his wounds on the U.S.S. Endeavour. There is evidence that the patient had experienced an anaphylactic shock due to the hypo administered, however, a post mortem autopsy revealed that the shock was not the cause of death and that the patient had suffered cerebral hypoxia; irreversible brain damage following a lack of oxygen in the brain prior to shock appearing.

RECOGNITION All officers performed exceptionally. I echo the recognition provided in the above report and add that Ensign Sovum performed well to save the patient, even though the patient ultimately expired. I would also like to add that Lieutenant Commander Mah’ren performed well, taking care of her away team and leading them with skill. Her constant updates to this officer were of great help in decision making.

OOC Addendum to the AAR for the event Blood on the Beach.

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