AAR: Return to Poltoforr II


96775.4 CAPT S. Bishop

SECURITY: Level 3 - Restricted

LOCATION Poltofor II, Poltofor System, Doza Sector

MISSION Investigate source of attack on Poltorfor II.

OUTCOME Suspects narrowed down to either the Klingons or the Dominion.


  • CAPT S. Bishop
  • LCDR S. Jan ((NPC))
  • CIV H. Hawkins

BACKGROUND A previous visit to Poltofor II uncovered an unsanctioned archaeological dig by one Loric Qotar. This was shut down by both myself and Captain Nimitz. At that time, there was no evidence of a Xedi rebel base on the planet.

Following this, an intelligence report stated that the rebel base on Poltofor had been attacked and that the perpetrators were Starfleet. This officer departed on an investigation with the chief of security on the U.S.S. Endeavour and civilian Henry Hawkins, with whom we were in talks with.

NARRATIVE Upon beaming in, there was clear evidence that fighting had taken place on the surface. LCDR Jan scan the area and could not find any signs of life. However, taking precautions, the team had phasers at the ready and split up.

Starfleet weapons and Deltas were found amongst the wreckage of the buildings. It was clear from the way these were positioned that they had been placed deliberately in order to incriminate Starfleet. The weapons themselves were old, dating to around the 2380s. The Deltas were mass replicated outside of Starfleet production, with no identification numbers.

Observing the wreckage of a watchtower that had crumbled onto a dead Xedi (whose weapon was Klingon and whose personal effects all had Klingon additions), it was clear that this attack was carried out by a well trained force, beyond the training of Starfleet personnel.

Blood found at the area was almost untraceable. It had been surgically wiped in order to hide the DNA of the owner. This deep clean could not have been done without considerable scientific knowledge and technology.

This officer, entering the ancient undercity, found the remnants of a camp, along with a Klingon jamming device. Upon deactivation of said device, scans picked up a lone Xedi in the city. So as not to alarm them, Mister Hawkins was allowed to speak to them, with this officer and LCDR Jan nearby, listening.

Mister Hawkins attempted to explain that the Starfleet items were fake, which the Xedi began to believe, but as Mister Hawkins had limited intel, he began to blame the Klingons, to which the Xedi knew to be false (especially since the Xedi themselves had Klingon weaponry). It was clear from overhearing this conversation that the Xedi were still convinced that Starfleet attacked them.

Mister Hawkins then passed on his business card to the Xedi, stating that he was able to supply the Xedi with weapons, if they so wanted. Whether or not the Xedi reach out to Mister Hawkins in the future will be something that Starfleet Intelligence must keep their eyes on.

Following the conversation (the Xedi allowed to leave unharmed), LCDR Jan and this officer continued to search the planet for clues, though we could not find anything else of note.

RECOMMENDATION It is clear, if there was any doubt, that this attack was not undertaken by Starfleet forces. The overcompensation of Starfleet “evidence” left at the scene, the fact that Starfleet keep their armouries stocked with the latest and safest technological gear, and the manufactured Deltas, are all evidence against Starfleet involvement. Include the fact that the attack was undertaken with precision and training that is only afforded to MACO forces, shows that the typical Starfleet member could not have pulled off such an attack.

In addition, research from the U.S.S. Endeavour showed narrowed down who could have altered and cleaned the blood to such a viable extent. This intel showed that either one of the galactic superpowers; the Federation, the Romulan Republic, the Klingon Empire, or the Dominion, could have the technology, resources, and scientific power to conduct such an operation. Other contenders were various Ferengi cartels, but none had the military power to back up such an attack. Out of the large superpowers, the Federation could be ruled out, as could the Romulan Republic as they had no known prior investment to the Xedi crisis. This left the Klingon Empire and the Dominion. The Empire itself had little to do with the crisis, with most of the intervention taking place from a minor house within the Empire. It is unlikely that a minor house could have the resources available for such an attack. Furthermore, it is unlikely that the Klingons would go to such lengths to attack a group that they have armed and given extensive supplies to.

Inductive reasoning, then, points to the Dominion to be behind the attack. The Dominion have previously assisted in Xedi operations, but it is not unlikely that they have an ulterior motive to intervene. Certainly, the attack corroborates with those undertaken by Jem’Hadar forces.

However, neither a Klingon nor a Dominion attack can be ruled out, as there is not hard evidence either way that they were a part of the attack. It is clear, if there was any doubt, that this was not a Starfleet operation.

RECOGNITION All involved personnel performed satisfactorily.

This is the AAR for the private event “Return to Poltofor II”. Thank you to @Valore for DMing. Event Logs available on request. This report has also been backdated slightly, as the report ICly would have been published whilst the events of “White Army, Purple Baroness” took place.

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