AAR: Supply run to Cestus: Mission of Mercy

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CAPT Barid, Linore

After Action Report

LOCATION Kinkuthanza system, Otha sector

MISSION USS Dallas received a general distress call from the Klingon freighter Urzva in neutral space. CAPT Barid Linore aboard a Delta flyer was ordered to rendezvous with the Urzva and render aid.

OUTCOME Mission successful. All hands aboard the Urzva were recovered before it was destroyed by Klingon forces. Crew were then returned to USS Dallas pending treatment for their wounds.


  • CAPT Barid, L.
  • LTJG Naderi
  • ENS. Riker, M.
  • ENS. Thyzee

NARRATIVE After a week in transit, the Dallas arrived in the Cestus system. After directing this officer to conduct a preliminary sweep of the surrounding space for any unusual activity, CAPT Holmes requested a status update on the engines following the lengthy travel time at warp. ENS Riker suggested running a diagnostic, reporting it would take no longer than an hour. CAPT Holmes agreed, then ordering the engines to be shut down for diagnostic.

This officer informed CAPT Holmes that there was no unusual activity in the system. This officer then relayed the dispersal pattern for the colony space defenses to the helm to immediately begin deployment when in range of Cestus III. Following the transfer of the dispersal pattern to helm, ENS Riker informed CAPT Holmes that the warp nacelles had suffered plasma damage during their transit. They would be unable to make it back to Deep Space 13 at warp, though the Dallas still maintained minimum warp capability.

ENS Thyzee then informed CAPT Holmes of a distress call from the Klingon freighter Urzva near the Kinkuthanza system. This officer was given permission to go to yellow alert following the announcement. After receiving the general distress message, this officer recommended continuing on the mission as to not risk the security of Cestus III. CAPT Holmes felt an obligation to assist, and ordered this officer to take a Delta flyer to render aid to the Urvza. This officer requested a team of security and medical personnel join him, along with two engineers to render assistance to the Urzva if needed. LTJG Naderi, ENS Riker, and ENS Thyzee were also ordered to join in the mission of mercy.

Upon arriving at the Urzva’s coordinates 30 minutes later, this officer ordered a tachyon sweep of the surrounding area and opened a channel to the Klingon vessel. Klingon engineer D’kel answered, alerting this officer to the severity of the Urzva’s condition. This officer readied security and engineering teams to assist the Urzva, while ordering LTJG Naderi to prepare to receive wounded aboard the Delta flyer.

A few moments after alerting this officer to the potentiality of a cloaked vessel lying in wait, ENS Riker reported a B’rel-class bird of prey decloaking behind the Delta flyer. This officer ordered shields up and full power to weapons, taking position at tactical and belaying the transport of the wounded Klingons. A M’Chla-class bird of prey decloaked shortly afterward and began engaging with the B’rel.

The M’Chla engaged the B’rel immediately upon decloaking. This officer made note of their disinterest in the Delta flyer and decided to use it to our advantage. This officer noticed that the B’rel seemed more interested in grabbing the attention of the M’Chla than it did engaging with it. This officer ordered ENS Michael to prepare to drop shields. He then ordered ENS Tryzee to lock onto the surviving Klingons aboard the Urzva. All the while, LTJG Naderi was ordered to prepare to receive more patients in her makeshift triage center.

At the earleist opportunity, shields were dropped and the Urzva crew, now patients of LTJG Naderi, were beamed aboard. ENS Riker brought shields up and CMDR Juulla, conn officer at the time, diverted weapons power to engines and turned about to the edge of the system. B’rel broke off engagement with the M’Chla upon the retrieval of the Urzva crew. Not desiring to find out why, this officer ordered the Delta flyer to return to the Dallas at maximum warp.

The M’Chla bird of prey pursued the Delta flyer. This officer received a hail from CAPT Jural, who identified the M’Chla-class bird of prey in pursuit as the Ichu. CAPT Jural requested to know whether the Delta flyer had beamed aboard any of the Urzva’s crew, demanding they be returned to her vessel. This officer knew that the M’Chla class was a staple of the House Mo’kai fleet and did not trust the motivations of CAPT Jural, especially after the previous skirmish. This officer decided to engage in deceptive diplomacy, well-aware of the Federation’s neutrality in the Klingon Civil War and not wanting to hand over any current patients with minor to severe wounds to a potentially hostile force.

CAPT Jural insisted upon delivery of the crew members to the Ichu, asserting that their sensors had picked up on the Klingon lifeforms aboard. This officer informed the Ichu that their sensors must be mistaken, and continued to stall for time and engage in deceptive diplomacy in order to await the arrival of the Dallas. This officer warned the Ichu against engaging with the Delta flyer, reminding them they were still in neutral space, on a mission of mercy, and that the Federation Council would not take kindly to Klingon forces firing upon Starfleet vessels in neutral space. Upon the Dallas’ arrival in the system, CAPT Jural disengaged pursuit without further hostilities. This officer requested permission to return to the Dallas, alerting them to the status of the patients and ordering an emergency site-to-site transport to see to their treatment.

RECOMMENDATION Investigate House Yomot and their role in the current Klingon Civil War. Upon successful treatment of the Urzva crew, take statements and allow them to leave Federation space if necessary.

Recommend postponing all missions of mercy involving Klingon crew beyond Federation territory indefinitely. Until the possibility of cloaked vessels lying in wait to trap or destroy Starfleet responders can be mitigated, we cannot risk the lives of any Starfleet personnel while the Khitomer Alliance hangs in the balance.
RECOGNITION ENS Riker performed above and beyond the call of duty in his response to rapidly-changing situations and scenarios. His quick thinking and familiarity with his station saved the lives of all aboard the Delta flyer. His cautious dedication to Starfleet General Orders, particularly General Order 1, is of particular recognition.

LTJG Naderi was equally as adaptive to changing circumstances, preparing a makeshift triage facility in the back portion of the Delta flyer. Her actions stabilized the Klingon crew and no doubt ensured the medical personnel of the Dallas had an easier time bringing the Urzva crew to full recovery.

ENS Tryzee worked well to identify and adapt to any situation that she came across. The crew of the Delta flyer’s mission success would have been much more difficult had she not been aboard.

This officer recommends these three distinguished officers for the Starfleet Recognition Ribbon to reward their quick thinking and dedication to Starfleet’s noblest ideals and principles.

OOC Thank you so much for the wonderful event! I’m looking forward to many more! It was well written and had a real Star Trek episode feel to it. Great job to all involved!

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LTJG Rahn, Naderi

ADDENDUM This addendum serves as a medical log for the five patients taken aboard the U.S.S. Dallas after their rescue from the Urzva. Patients were triaged by myself and a small medical team after their beaming aboard onto the runabout shuttle. I determined that three of the patients were of routine treatment - they only required a single nurse each to have their cuts and minor burns looked at. The other two were both in critical condition upon their beaming into the runabout, having suffered multiple fractures, high degree burns, and toxic amounts of radiation exposure. All we could do within the shuttle was stabilize them until we returned to the Dallas.

The Dallas currently has no medical officer, so I proceeded to take over the sick bay temporarily in order to maintain charge of the patients’ care, directing the nurses as needed. With the biobeds and medical equipment in the sickbay, we were able to determine that one of the critical patients was in far more need of immediate medical assistance than the other. Thus, a team of medical personnel began to attend to the less-critical patient, focusing on treating his radiation sickness, as it was far worse than his burns and broken limbs.

I proceeded to personally take over care for the most severely injured patient. Our first priority was to treat his radiation sickness, as that would’ve killed him in minutes at the rate it was progressing. Thankfully, his Klingon physiology allowed him to withstand the poisoning long enough for our hyposprays to relieve some of the pressure off of his system. However, he then proceeded to start to go into shock, as his burns were severe. I made the decision on the spot to begin fluid resuscitation, ensuring that his body could remain healthy, and we then took him into surgery to excise the burned tissue. Most of the burn tissue along the left side of his body could not be saved. Scarring will be heavy, but overall impact to his health will be minimal as we regenerate the tissue manually.

After the patient was brought out of surgery, I proceeded to the other patient to ensure there wasn’t anything the nurses might’ve missed. I noticed discomfort in the patient, and I proceeded to do a detailed scan of his body, looking for anything we may have missed. The scan indicated increased pressure behind an eye. My immediate reaction was to check for a concussion, but no swelling of the brain was registered. I thus began to scan his blood vessels, and found a clot in a major artery in his neck. Given that his wounds had been sealed and his burn tissue regenerated, I administered a blood-thinner in the form of a hypospray, immediately clearing the clot and allowing his blood-flow to resume naturally.

Treatment plan going forward is as follows:

Patients D’Kel, Egruk, and Wehluk (non-critical patients) will be released to guest chambers. Their injuries were all minor, and they have been treated.

Patient Kropoth (urgent, non-surgical) will be kept under observation, with primary focus on circulatory and respiratory systems. Burn tissue regeneration and bone restructuring will be continued after the effects of blood-thinners has worn off.

Patient 5 (name unknown, urgent surgical) will continue to be the primary focus of our treatment. He still has multiple fractures in his torso, legs, and arms. His burns have been excised, but tissue regeneration is still in progress. He is responding well to all ongoing treatment, but still very much in a critical state.

Support needed: Burn-regenerative hyposprays and protoplasm for tissue regenerator will need to be restocked in the sick bay stat. Ongoing treatments have caused the current supply to run low.

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CAPT Holmes, A. E.

ADDENDUM At GAMMA+01:00, Dallas received a distress call from a Klingon freighter, Urzva. Captain Barid, Commander S’Vesta, Lieutenant Naderi, Ensign Riker and Ensign Thyzee departed in our Delta class Runabout as Dallas was already tasked with distribution and deployment, with warp engines offline.

Dallas continued with Captain Barid’s deployment pattern, linking all defences with the central defence system on Cestus. Two of the deployed defence systems failed to initialise and required replacement power cells. Replacement power cells were supplied from stores available at Cestus already. Software updates and enhanced security systems were put in place to mitigate known Mo’kai vulnerability exploits.

Industrial power cells and replicators were transferred by shuttlecraft, while transporters distributed medical supplies and standard provisions. Total deployment took 47 minutes.

At GAMMA+02:00, repairs to the warp nacelles were completed to a sufficient level and Dallas proceeded to the location of the distress call.

Upon our arrival, the Delta Runabout was faced with a M’Chla class Bird of Prey, the confrontation seemed tense, but both vessels were not in combat ready states. The M’Chla disengaged the area shortly after our arrival, with no communication and the Delta flyer returned to the Dallas without incident, all Dallas and guest crew accounted for with five Klingon survivors who were transferred to sickbay.

Dallas departed the area and began back to DS13 with no further incidents.