House Yomot Investigation

To: @38th.Command
From: CAPT Holmes, A. E.
Subj: House Yomot Investigation


During our recent supply mission to Cestus, we encountered an unknown minor house, House Yomot, which appears to have somewhat taken the slack of suspended Federation supply routes. So far, the resources that they’ve supplied to both the Ba’aja and Cestus system appear to be legitimate.

The supplies have been scanned and there’s no immediate threat of previous vulnerabilities exploited by House Mo’kai, and software systems have been retrofitted to Federation standard control, integrating with other defences and systems. All this to say, I do not believe there is an immediate threat from the supplies delivered.

That being said, House Yomot is an unknown quantity, as are their allegiances. Whilst in the mission of mercy commanded by Captain Barid Linore, a House Yomot freighter was seemingly attacked and ultimately destroyed by a B’Rel class of another house, where the loyalties of this Klingon vessel lies are unknown. A M’Chla class vessel warded off the attack, and assumptions are that since this class of vessel are almost exclusively used by House Mo’kai, the B’Rel is loyal to the forces of J’mpok. These are of course all assumptions and conjecture.

I am bringing this to your attention as I believe we may already inadvertently be in a situation where we are at risk of outer colonies and worlds being swayed into influence of a Klingon house one way or another, which may result in the Federation being accused by one side of favouring the other.

Presently I believe there are three main possibilities here;

  1. House Yomot are a genuine benevolent force, simply offering their supplies to colonies along the border which we are no longer able to readily supply (please see my recommendations on the attached AARs regarding this). They may be doing this for Federation acclaim or not.

  2. House Yomot are either being used or are a fabrication of another Great House with some sway on either the former or desire to become a key member of a new Klingon High Council, seeking to curry favour with the Federation and the attack on their freighter was a genuine event by elements loyal to J’mpok.

  3. House Yomot are either being used or are a fabrication of House Mo’kai, seeking to attack Federation colonies, using the chaos of the KCW and banking on Federation neutrality to allow them to expand further areas of space, and the attack on their freighter was staged by elements loyal to J’ula.

Personally I believe the third possibility to be least likely. While Mo’kai attacks such as theorised here are deceitful and covert, there is typically an air of “theatrics” and a direct hostility with their attacks, which has not been the case here.

It is worth noting that the Dallas is currently hosting 5 crew members of the Yomot freighter, and I can have my interim security chief avail them for questioning should that be required. If not, it is my intention to release them with a decommissioned Type 6 shuttlecraft close to the border to make their way back home within the week.

I standby for your orders.

Captain Alexandria Holmes
Commanding Officer,
U.S.S. Dallas

//ATTACHMENT// AAR: Supply run to Cestus: Pickup at Ba'aja // AAR: Supply run to Cestus: Mission of Mercy


To: @38th.Command
From: LCDR Valore
Subj: Re: House Yomot Investigation


This information bodes ill. I suspect this may be an attempt to draw Starfleet further into the KCW. If nothing else, we must assert neutrality and disavow any claimants to the contrary.

Furthermore, we have to do something to prevent the border worlds from becoming a thumb on the scale. Additional patrol ships may assist, but we may wish to restrict them entirely to captains whom we can rely upon to retain situational awareness and remain neutral.

A better solution may be twofold. Advisors and material could be dispatched to these border worlds to bolster their defenses (along with other state services). This will harden the shell should anyone come knocking.

Secondly, if these hostile efforts continue, DS13 Intelligence could likely draw up their supply routes. A small team could cut them off and make it significantly harder carry out offensive operations against our worlds.

If nothing more sirs, I do not suggest any public escalation. Furthermore, we require additional information. Interrogating the acquired crew members of the Yomot vessel and tapping into our information webs would allow us to make more educated decisions.

Lieutenant Commander Valore
Office of the Admiralty


To: CAPT Holmes, A.
CC: @38th.Command
From: RDML Bishop, S
Subj: RE: House Yomot Investigation


Thank you for your insight. I designed these patrols and allocated Taurus to protect our border colonies, which they will continue to do so. Should the Captains follow orders, our colonies will remain safe from attack.

Intelligence will no doubt be looking into the players around our area of operations. Should you have any information that you can provide them, please let them know, as I am sure they will be grateful for your help.


Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Samuel Bishop, PhD
Executive Officer, 38th Fleet ‘Argo’