AAR: Supply run to Cestus: Pickup at Ba'aja

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CAPT Holmes, A. E.

After Action Report

LOCATION Ba’aja Outpost, Ba’aja System, Ba’aja Sector


OUTCOME Supplies for Cestus obtained. Some supplies had been replaced by items obtained from manufacturers in the Klingon Empire.


  • CAPT Barid, L.
  • CAPT Holmes, A. E.
  • CPT Valencia, G.
  • ENS Riker, M.

NARRATIVE Dallas departed from Deep Space 13 at GAMMA+0:30 heading to the Ba’aja Outpost, taking on Captain Barid of the Wellesley and MACO Captain Valencia of the Endeavour as temporary crew. The Dallas was to pick up medical supplies, basic provisions, shield generators, power cells and defensive turrets destined for the Cestus system.

I placed; Captain Barid in charge of the tactical situation, creating a suitable deployment pattern for the defensive turrets, and ensuring the functionality and security of the defensive emplacements used in the surrounding space of the colony. Captain Valencia was placed in charge of integrating with the Dallas security teams and ensuring the highest level of protection for the colony on the ground, including the defensive emplacements intended for the colony itself. Ensign Riker was temporarily placed in charge of Operations to oversee the storage and management of the defensive systems and other cargo destined for Cestus.

On route to Ba’aja, we received notification that the colony had taken on supplies from a Klingon House, House Yomot, accounting for 20% of the supplies destined for Cestus rather than from Federation sources. The defensive turrets made up the majority of this 20%. Searching our databases did not reveal much information for House Yomot, but we did not change our plans to obtain the supplies from Ba’aja, our intention instead to verify the supplies on the way due to the urgency of the support at Cestus.

Dallas arrived at Ba’aja at GAMMA+1:10, entering a standard orbit. Captain Barid suggested a high level tachyon sweep for any cloaked vessels, however I declined as we were still within Federation space, and our intention was to not carry any actions outside our mission objectives that may be construed as hostile.

We hailed Ba’aja Outpost and conversed with the Governor who confirmed that Klingon vessels had indeed given technology to protect the colony. We muted audio and conversed on the bridge regarding the possibility of a Mo’kai infiltration. I decided that based on previous interactions with Mo’kai forces being very direct and overt, as well as tightened security protocols following the destruction of Seeda base, the risk to the Dallas would be minimal. I requested Captain Barid relieve my tactical officer to ensure security while the transport was underway in case we had any uninvited guests.

I confirmed with the Governor that nothing else was needed, and attempted to alleviate some of his concerns raised by our communications that Mokai forces may have been involved, in some manor, with the supplies received from House Yomot. Dallas departed Ba’aja at GAMMA+2:05.

While on route to Cestus, Dallas crew will investigate the supplies to ensure without doubt that there are no indications of interference from House Mo’kai or other houses supporting them. We are expected to arrive by Gamma shift, on the 6th.

RECOMMENDATION Investigate House Yomot for their potential connections with other great houses as to which side of the war they are on, or even if they are acting of their own volition to establish a greater name for themselves within the Federation should things take a turn for the worse.

Reinforce supply lines with additional vessels and redirect some vessels as needed, Ba’aja should be in prime location to be serviced from efforts in the Alpha Quadrant while Beta Quadrant supply lines are interrupted by the civil war.

RECOGNITION Captain Barid offered sound tactical advice and suggestions, I look forward to seeing his tactical deployment plan once we arrive at Cestus.
Captain Valencia was also a credit to the bridge, offering a unique perspective we may miss as Starfleet. I also look forward to seeing her ground deployment plan once we arrive at Cestus.
Ensign Riker carried his duties efficiently and was vital in ensuring the best placement of supplies, in particular his idea of storing the spaceborne defences in a separate, directly externally facing, cargo bay, allowing for quick deployment without the necessity to lower shields should a situation arise at Cestus. Whilst he is one of the newest members of the Dallas crew, I feel he is fitting in nicely and will be a great credit to our Engineering team, or the Operations department if he should so wish.

OOC Many thanks to all who attended, in particular Sam who acted as GM for the overall event. I believe the format works well and am looking forward to further events in the future!

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CPT Valencia, G

ADDENDUM After working with members of intelligence, we have found the following;

  • House Yomot fell into disgrace in 2384, after members of the House were discovered working with the Romulan Star Empire to assassinate the then Chancellor General Martok.

  • The House disappeared from records until 2415, when they pledged themselves to House Mar’voga.

  • The House faced a split in 2419, when the younger brother of the House’s leader decided to pledge themselves to House D’Ewos, as they wished to build better ties with the Federation. This new House was named Yomot-Gizla.

  • The House began operating in defence network trading, buying supplies from the Orion Syndicate and selling them to border colonies. This included Federation colonies, but following the rise in tension in the Empire from the start of the year, Federation colonies opted to stick to Federation built defensive technology.

  • The start of the war has prompted several colonies to buy arms to defend themselves. This is not due to a lack of faith in Starfleet, but instead, a means to not needing to overly rely on Starfleet should an attack happen.