AAR: Survival Mode

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SCDR tr'Nai, Jalme

On Call Response

LOCATION Uncharted world BN01-A


OUTCOME Transit to Betazed disrupted by unprovoked attack. Crash landed on uncharted world. Repurposed mission-critical equipment to effect rescue. Recovered by Starfleet vessel U.S.S. Valkyrie. Mission scrubbed.


  • CAPT Konieczko, Dmitri
  • CAPT Nimitz, Alistair
  • CMDR Jarnefelt, Charlotte
  • CMDR Kermit, James
  • SCDR tr’Nai, Jalme
  • LCDR Sedai, Katriel
  • CPT Valencia, Gabriela
  • LT Shinwa, Tsurugi
  • ENS Sovum, Veneela
  • CPO Ashodi, Thylan

NARRATIVE On or about SD 97698, I boarded the Type 11 shuttlecraft U.S.S. Kincardine bound for Betazed, in accordance with my orders to REDACTED. En route to our destination, the Kincardine was attacked by hostile ships which would later be identified to me as Nausicaan destroyers. From my position in the passenger cabin, I was unaware of the purpose of the attack or precise sequence of events; other reports will surely provide more pertinent details on this matter. For myself, I can only say with certainty that the shuttle crash landed on planet BN01-A and that I was seriously injured in that same crash, sustaining a femur fracture just above the knee.

Fortunately for me, the shuttle’s other passengers included two Starfleet doctors and a medic in training, who collectively tended to my immediate wounds and kept me alive for the first few days. However, before these officers could operate on me to repair my damaged leg, the group was forced to evacuate the Kincardine’s crash site as it was overrun by local fauna. Starfleet’s defensive measures proved completely insufficient to the beasts’ attack, leading to further injuries and forcing a hasty withdrawal from the camp. Much potentially valuable equipment and salvage was left behind, although fortunately I was able to take my mission gear with me.

I was forced by the circumstances to move on crutches, an extremely painful and exhausting ordeal. Eventually the group stopped to take note of a massive explosion behind us, originating from the crash site. It seemed that the Starfleet engineers, for unclear reasons, had removed the matter/antimatter reactor from the shuttle and left it undefended in the middle of the camp. When the predators that had driven us from the camp disturbed the reactor, it overloaded, most likely destroying the Kincardine and all the gear we did not carry with us.

At this point, it was the intention of the acting senior officer, Captain Konieczko, to continue to march onward to a structure his scouts believed might provide shelter. Given my condition and the gross negligence of Starfleet leadership displayed thus far, I refused to continue and granted Konieczko permission to proceed without me. Whereupon Konieczko attacked me unprovoked, firing his phaser at me and stunning me into unconsciousness.

When I awoke, Starfleet had constructed a crude sled on which to drag me like so much inconvenient cargo. They were soon forced to stop again to attend to the wounds of one Commander Kermit, who had been injured by the local wildlife. Lt. Commander Sedai, to her credit, managed to persuade Konieczko to leave Kermit and myself in her care while the rest of the party continued onward, and return for us when able.

While under the supervision of Sedai, I was given more latitude to move freely. I used the resulting privacy to REDACTED. My intention was to improve our chances of detection and rescue, even if by hostile elements such as the Nausicaans that attacked us in the first place. Our chances of survival as hostages or slaves, I estimated, were better than as castaways. However, a discussion with Kermit clarified my understanding of the original attack, specifically revealing that the aggressors had towed us into the Betreka nebula by force but then been themselves attacked by some unknown third party.

Our problems were further compounded by the arrival of a storm, which began to dump scalding rain and lightning down upon us. Knowing that our best chance of rescue lay with REDACTED, now that the shuttle’s communications equipment was no more, I urgently recovered my gear. In so doing, however, I further agitated my injury and exposed the existence of the REDACTED to my two companions. In my judgment, this was the correct call: Sedai and Kermit are good officers whom I’ve come to respect and trust, and the calculated risk I took was instrumental to the eventual rescue of the party.

As expected, Kermit immediately confiscated the REDACTED and set about tampering with it. I was in no condition to fight him for it at that point. Although the storm continued for some time, we were eventually collected by Captain Nimitz and delivered to a facility of alien fabrication. There I was able to undergo surgery to properly fix and immobilize my leg. Kermit, meanwhile, discreetly concealed the origin of the device in his possession from his fellow officers and set about integrating it into the communications equipment there.

Once sufficiently recovered from my operation, I took it upon myself to decode the language of the people who built the structure we were now squatting within. While this effort revealed much information of scholarly interest, which I will publish separately, the most pertinent detail proved to be that the facility was enclosed by a communications-disrupting field. I coordinated the efforts of the Starfleet personnel to locate and disable the field relays, allowing us at long last to broadcast a clear, powerful SOS into surrounding space.

The following day, Starfleet vessels arrived in orbit and came under fire by a network of defensive satellites. These proved easy to dispatch, and we on the surface were instructed to ready ourselves for transport. I disposed of my mission-critical gear in the appropriate manner and rejoined the others for rescue.

RECOMMENDATION Open a formal complaint concerning the conduct of Captain Konieczko, whose thuggish conduct, lax security, and evident unfitness for command very nearly cost the lives of all involved. Schedule any and all future missions taking place off-station to be serviced by a Republic runabout vessel with a functioning cloaking device.

RECOGNITION Commander Jarnefelt’s bedside manner leaves much to be desired, but with the benefit of hindsight, I believe she did everything that could be done to save my leg. Commander Kermit, himself seriously injured, demonstrated grit and determination in pursuing a rescue solution for all. Lt. Commander Sedai did more to keep the group functioning as a cohesive unit throughout the crisis than any other, and furthermore demonstrated a concern for my personal well-being that went above and beyond the requirements of duty. Finally, Ens. Sovum has a promising future as a medic and may represent a recruitment opportunity for the Republic if approached thoughtfully.

OOC Thanks again to Katriel for running this event and to my fellow players for the fun cooperation and conflict alike.

Feel free to reuse this topic for all your Survival Mode AARs. I made mine security level 2 due to some sensitive details particular to Jalme’s experience, but my assumption is that most of the rest of you could safely use a lower clearance.

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LCDR Sedai, Katriel

LOCATION Uncharted star system / planet BN01-A

MISSION n/a: no formal mission. Shuttle passengers were organized to attend annual Starfleet Concept Development & Experimentation Conference on Betazed.

OUTCOME Shuttle Kincardine was attacked en route to Betazed, resulting in a crash landing on uncharted M-Class planet in the Betreka Nebula. Survival of passenger crew was hugely assisted by the discovery of an abandoned facility, until rescue arrived.


  • CAPT Konieczko, Dmitri
  • CAPT Nimitz, Alistair
  • CMDR Jarnefelt, Charlotte
  • CMDR Kermit, James
  • SCDR tr’Nai, Jalme (RR)
  • LCDR Sedai, Katriel
  • CPT Valencia, Gabriela (MACO)
  • LT Shinwa, Tsurugi
  • ENS Sovum, Veneela
  • CPO Ashodi, Thylan

NARRATIVE As I was a passenger in the rear compartment at the time the Kincardine was attacked, I unfortunately do not have a firsthand account of what occurred. However the various impressions I received led me to understand that we had come under fire by Nausicaan destroyer vessels and were vastly outmatched. They proceeded to tow the Kincardine into the Betreka Nebula, where we had fallen out of warp, but then appeared to become the targets of a third party’s attacks, resulting in our tractor tow becoming disengaged and our eventual plummet to BN01-A’s surface.

In the immediate wake of the crash, the crew worked productively to assess the damage to the shuttle and to determine what salvageable inventory we had. When it became obvious that we would be on the planet indefinitely, I was able to assist by setting up the two available emergency shelters, which were just enough to hold the entire crew and became our primary residence for the next several days. During this time, two scouting expeditions were sent to recon the surrounding area. The first had ENS Sovum along, who critically catalogued native flora FL003, a succulent which became instrumental in keeping the crew adequately hydrated for a not insignificant part of our stay.

I have to register some discomfort with the way things proceeded from the third day onwards. It is probable that due to the extreme stress of the situation (we were down to almost nothing in water reserves and SCDR Jalme’s deteriorating state was another major concern) was a significant factor in the crew’s increasingly poor communication capacities. I made a point to ask for clarification on formally deciding on the chain of command, hoping that this would cut down on the amount of verbal disagreement that was preventing us from being truly productive. When CAPT Konieczko assumed command as a result, he authorized the second, longer scouting expedition (CAPT Nimitz, CPT Valencia) to recon the nearby mountain region, estimated a day’s walk away.

With the discovery of FL003 and with a lack of other methods for being productive, CAPT Konieczko authorized a small expedition for myself and ENS Sovum to harvest FL003 for crew consumption later. We were able to significantly improve our effective water reserves as a result, though it was not as good as having actual water access. On this same expedition, we were able to observe and catalogue some large native fauna, one of which was an FA04 ‘reptile’ pack. This discovery was distressing and urgent enough that we reported back to camp immediately to update the others. CAPT Konieczko and CMDR Kermit’s priorities shifted significantly with this information and I attempted to make sure our supplies would be ready and easy to move if evacuation of the base camp became necessary. The scouting party had also communicated to let us know of a discovery: next to the mountain was a crater with a lake and what appeared to be an abandoned facility. CAPT Konieczko gave authorization to investigate.

Unfortunately, evacuation of the camp did eventually become necessary. We had some advanced warning that a reptile pack was nearby, but due to the complete lack of visibility at the time of their attack (dead of night, perhaps some six hours before sunrise), it genuinely felt like we had little to no real chance of defense against five fully grown apex predators. CMDR Kermit sustained a serious injury from one reptile which we managed to defeat, around the same time that CAPT Konieczko gave the order to abandon camp. The rest of the pack seemed to lose interest in us as we retreated as far from the camp as possible. We were safely away when the reptiles most likely ran afoul of the shuttle’s warp core, which had been previously extricated from the shuttle housing to utilize as a power source, and caused a visible explosion from our location. With the basecamp most likely totally decimated, we had no alternative options other than to continue towards the mountain crater to join the scouting party.

This gave rise to the most contentious part of this mission as SCDR Jalme who, I must admit, had demonstrated almost supernatural tenacity thus far with his injuries and had been maneuvering with crutches during our retreat, claimed to be too exhausted to continue onward. In the ensuing argument between himself and CAPT Konieczko, I believe the stress and adrenaline from recent events had caught up with everyone and CAPT Konieczko made the decision to phaser stun SCDR Jalme, if only to affect his cooperation. This turn of events was not well received by everyone present, but we continued onward with CAPT Konieczko carrying the SCDR over his shoulder until CMDR Kermit’s injuries caused him to faint.

At this point, I volunteered to stay behind with the injured members in the interests of no longer impeding the progress and productivity of the whole crew. CAPT Konieczko was resistant at first, but I persuaded him that the sooner the majority of the crew could reach the facility, the sooner they would be able to put together the resources to return and retrieve us in a more efficient/effective manner, and I had sufficient medical training to take care of two invalids in the meantime. CAPT Konieczko ultimately agreed.

I prioritized finding a nearby rock formation that would allow myself, CMDR Kermit, and SCDR Jalme to at least get out of the sun, and was able to craft a sunshade to further assist. The next couple of days passed relatively uneventfully. Though we made the unfortunate discovery that the temperature of the rainfall was blisteringly hot, we were sufficiently under cover that no harm came to any of us and we had more than sufficient resources to tide us over until we were retrieved via a restored alien vehicle by the crew members who had reached the facility.

With all crew members safe and alive at the facility, things seemed to progress much more smoothly after that. CMDR Jarnefelt and ENS Sovum were able to complete SCDR Jalme’s surgery and our consumable supplies were further bolstered by the facility’s overgrown greenhouse and a new edible flora found by the lakeside (FL008), as well as the lake water which proved to be safe to drink. I primarily assisted with keeping our food stocks high, as well as cleaning the facility’s solar panels, which allowed for utilizing more of the facility’s capabilities simultaneously. CMDR Kermit committed considerable effort to examining the facility’s communications tower and ultimately determined how to commandeer it and successfully broadcast a distress signal via subspace.

There were two additional major incidents during this time, up until our rescue. ENS Sovum was severely injured in a reptile attack when she ventured to the lake to gather food stocks and it had started to rain; CAPT Konieczko, CAPT Nimitz and I all went with makeshift rain covers to retrieve her safely, though she had sustained third degree burns by then. SCDR Jalme had also made significant progress in building a UT matrix for the facility inhabitants’ language and in doing so, we discovered the existence of a communications and sensors-blocking field enclosing the whole facility, including CMDR Kermit’s distress call. CPO Ashodi, LT Shinwa and I went to locate three separate ‘relays’ on the rim of the crater and managed to shut them down, confirming afterwards that the distress beacon could now be heard ‘outside’ the crater as a result.

Gratefully, the signal seemed to be strong enough to be heard by the task force that came and rescued us the next day. For those of us on the planet, the task force did seem to encounter some sort of orbital resistance, but it was ultimately dispatched and the USS Valkyrie kindly gave us several minutes to prepare gather any of our items that we wanted before beaming us aboard.

RECOMMENDATION I cannot claim to have been in very many disaster scenarios, but this most recent experience has demonstrated the devastating impact that crisis stress, profound uncertainty, and intragroup conflict can have on survival chances. I regret to say that I feel luck and fortune have too large a share in the credit of how our crew came to return home safely and feel that future survival training curriculum should increase focus on defining more clear rules for officers to follow and fall back on when their regular skill sets seem to not be readily useful.

I also humbly suggest that BN01 and the planet within be named KOIYA, after the last facility’s permanent resident, accordingly to SCDR Jalme’s research. I have uploaded what scientific records we have compiled to the primary Federation databank for consolidation. (Betreka Nebula-01)

RECOGNITION Though CPT Valencia’s verbal attitude throughout most of the early portion of the crash was mostly abhorrent and, in my opinion, fairly detrimental to unit cohesion and morale, she consistently acted towards the betterment of the crew’s survival, even when her ideas were unpopular. ENS Sovum likewise deserves recognition for her generally level head and openly cooperative attitude, and she often did her best to proactively contribute to the crew’s supplies without explicit direction. Lastly CMDR Kermit’s laser focus on getting a functional distress signal and SCDR Jalme’s research on the facility’s alien language both proved to be instrumental and necessary for our eventual rescue.

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CMDR Kermit, J.

LOCATION Betreka Nebula, BN01-A.

MISSION Attend Starfleet Concept Development & Experimentation Conference on Betazed.

OUTCOME Shuttle Kincardine assaulted by pirates en route; Personnel listed below stranded on BN01-A until rescue by 38th Fleet.


  • CAPT Konieczko, D.
  • CAPT Nimitz, A.
  • CMDR Kermit, J.
  • CMDR Jarnefelt, C.
  • LCDR Sedai, K.
  • LT Shinwa, T.
  • ENS Sovum, V.
  • CPO Ashodi, T.
  • CPT Valencia, G., MACO
  • SCDR Jalme, RRF

NARRATIVE This report covers a period of fifteen days from the attack on the Kincardine to the rescue of the survivors by the 38th Fleet. As we were stranded on an uncharted world with no central computer to connect to, and as the Kincardine was destroyed, objective records of this time are largely unavailable. There were times when the group was separated, and times at which I was personally incapacitated. I have done my best summarize my recollection of these events, but this narrative should be read in the context of reports submitted by the other survivors.

Day 1. Pirate Encounter and Crash Landing

The Kincardine, a DS13 Type-11 shuttlecraft, departed the starbase with the above listed officers aboard. I was at the helm and piloted the craft along our filed flight path. We traveled at Warp 4 and our course was plotted to avoid the Betreka Nebula by standard safety margins.

At coordinates: (attached) , Kincardine’s sensors detected the approach of four unidentified vessels of Nausicaan make. They approached on an intercept course, matched speed, and armed weapons. Evasive maneuvers were attempted, but Kincardine was heavily damaged by the first volley of photon torpedoes, resulting in our deceleration to sublight speeds. The assault continued and warp drive, weapons, shields, and communications were all rapidly damaged or disabled. Evasive maneuvers at impulse were thwarted by the pirates’ activation of tractor beams. Kincardine was towed into the nebula. The pirates refused hails throughout the engagement.

We were dragged through the nebula until the tractor beams were suddenly released. Though we were unaware of the cause at the time, the most likely explanation is that the pirates suffered damage at the hands of the planet’s defense satellites. We were able to engage impulse engines only in the last few moments before impacting the surface. A crash-landing was performed with no fatalities. Subcommander Jalme was the only passenger to suffer serious crash-related injuries.

We quickly determined that the planet’s atmosphere was breathable and within temperature margins, if only barely. Kincardine suffered numerous structural failures, but remained largely intact. The warp core was shut down to prevent a possible overload scenario and in anticipation of possible repairs. It was determined that the shuttle would not be capable of flight without extensive repairs and further damage assessment, so we ventured out onto the surface and set up a temporary campsite.

Reconstructed Navigation Log at Time of Pirate Encounter

Days 2-4. Basic Needs, Chain of Command, Scouting

In the first few days following the crash, we focused on immediate and basic survival needs. We established a perimeter, inventoried our supplies and rations, and assessed the damage to the shuttle. Initially everyone fell into roles befitting their strengths. Many of us acted on instinct to accomplish tasks and set ourselves up for survival. Soon, however, the issues of scouting the nearby area and handling Captain Valencia’s blatant unprofessionalism became divisive. I deferred to Captain Konieczko’s rank and seniority and from this point he took command of the group.

Captain Nimitz and Captain Valencia embarked on a mission to scout the nearby area. They discovered an indigenous facility that appeared abandoned, so they proceeded to investigate further.

Doctor Jarnefelt tended to the injured Subcommander, while Counselor Sedai and Ensign Sovum set out to catalogue nearby plants in the area of the crash site. When they discovered that one plant in particular could be used a source of water, they transitioned to gathering them. In addition to plants, the scouting teams noted the presence of animal life - including at least one species of predator.

Based on our assessment of the shuttle damage, I recommended that repairs be effected to the warp plasma conduits leading to the starboard nacelle to enable the largely undamaged warp core to be reactivated without risk of overload. The intention was to reactivate the core in-place to allow us to make use of the shuttle’s undamaged secondary systems. Lieutenant Shinwa and Chief Ashodi got to work on this task during the days while I rested. At night, I kept watch and secured the perimeter while the others slept, in addition to various miscellaneous tasks.

For some inexplicable reason, the engineers elected to remove the intact warp core from the shuttle, and place it in the middle of our campsite. I cannot imagine what sort of complications they could have run into during conduit repairs that would have led to such a course of action, so I can only assume that there was some monumentally unfortunate misunderstanding as to the purpose of the repairs, or that they were attempting to implement some other overengineered solution to our power-generation problems. However, the work was done and so I offered no objection to its use.

On our fourth day planetside, we observed a herd of FA03 creatures approximately 1 km from the crash site. By evening, they had scattered and we became concerned that predators were nearby. We made preparations in case we had to move in a hurry - crutches were created for Subcommander Jalme, and we tripled the guard overnight. Myself, Captain Konieczko, and Counselor Sedai all stood watch while the others rested.


On the night from the fourth to the fifth day, our camp was attacked by a group of FA04 predators. I suffered a bite injury and we were forced to withdraw from our camp. We fled quite some distance, which was fortuitous as shortly after our departure, a large explosion signaled the breach of the exposed warp core. The shuttle, camp site, and the predators that attacked us were all vaporized in the blast. It is frankly something of a small miracle that the blast was as contained as it was, otherwise we would surely have perished.

Captain Konieczko insisted that we push on to reach the abandoned structure reported by Captain Nimitz, but Subcommander Jalme reported that he was unable to continue without rest due to his injuries. Captain Konieczko ordered him to continue regardless and when the Subcommander refused to comply, the Captain discharged a phaser, rendering him unconscious. Though I’m certain most of our party found this action objectionable, it was so unexpected that there was no possibility of preventing it.

Shortly after this incident, I succumbed to my injuries and lost consciousness. Based on later events, it is clear that the incapacitation of two members of the party forced Captain Konieczko to admit that splitting up would be the better course of action. Counselor Sedai remained with the Subcommander and myself, along with the bulk of our supplies, while the rest continued on to regroup with the scouting party.

Days 5-8. Separation, Recovery of Subspace Transceiver

The next few days were relatively uneventful for the group that remained behind, fortunately allowing me significant time to rest and recover strength. When I was able to walk, I took a trip to the remains of the crash site. Though it was mostly devastated, I did manage to locate a handful of intact or partially intact components. In another bit of miraculous luck, the surviving pieces were enough to build a rudimentary subspace transceiver. It was useless without an amplifier and power source, but I hoped that those elements could be constructed from materials found at the abandoned facility.

The end of our first week marooned brought our first encounter with the planet’s boiling rain, which forced us under the cover of rock formations to avoid burns. Thankfully, Captain Nimitz arrived in a wheeled vehicle to retrieve us only a day later, which he and the others had discovered at the alien facility and reactivated.

Days 8-14. Reunited at Alien Facility, Distress Call, Dampening Field

Once at the facility, we were finally in a stable and defensible position. We had sufficient food for a prolonged stay and a source of fresh water. Recovered medical supplies enabled Jalme to undergo a badly needed surgical operation, and for my wound to be treated more definitively. We also had access to a number of vehicles for transportation.

As soon as I was well enough to do so, I restored power to the facility’s control room and discovered that it possessed an old-style radio tower. I was able to integrate my subspace transceiver into the tower and supply it power, allowing for a distress call to be broadcast on the Federation emergency frequency. I was also able to tune our combadges in to the facility’s intercom system, reestablishing local communications.

During this time Ensign Sovum was attacked by predators while gathering plants. In addition to injuries sustained from the creatures, she also suffered severe burns from a poorly timed period of rainfall. She was returned to the facility by Captains Konieczko and Nimitz, and Counselor Sedai.

Unfortunately, we soon discovered that there was some sort of shield preventing communications beyond the confines of the ridge surrounding the facility. Once the Subcommander was well enough, he managed to create a translation matrix for the language used on the facility’s terminals. This allowed us to discover the existence of a series of relays that were projecting the shield.

Lieutenant Shinwa, Chief Ashodi, and Counselor Sedai managed to locate and disable enough of these relays to bring down the shield, enabling our distress call to broadcast properly.

Visual Record: Abandoned Indigenous Facility

Days 15. Rescue

On the fifteenth day, we received a message from the USS Valkyrie. The search and rescue task force had arrived in orbit and engaged the planet’s defense grid. With this added information, we were able to surmise that the defense grid was the cause of the Nausicaans losing their tractor lock on us in the first place. The facility originally had the ability to communicate with the defense satellites, but since we had commandeered the transmitter for our distress beacon, we were unable to assist.

Thankfully, the task force managed to deal with the satellites on their own, and we were successfully transported aboard the Valkyrie. There, we received medical attention and return transport to Deep Space 13.

RECOMMENDATION The Betreka Nebula pirates have been a nuisance for a long time, but have generally been held at bay by standard patrol routes. Rarely have they been so bold as to directly attack a Starfleet vessel, of any size. While this could be a one-off incident, it’s also possible that it was motivated by something more noteworthy. A change in leadership or strategy towards more aggressive actions would be problematic for civilian and other lightly defended traffic passing through the region. Starfleet Intelligence and Fleet Command should consider the regional implications of the Kincardine’s attack. The remainder of this officer’s recommendations concern the performance of specific individuals during our exile:

  • Captain Konieczko’s use of force on an allied officer was inexcusable, even considering the stress placed upon all of us. Our responsibility for the man’s safety really did not extend to stunning him ‘for his own good’. This officer recommends Captain Konieczko reexamine and reflect on the thought process that led to such an extreme action.

  • Lieutenant Shinwa, while obviously a talented engineer, oftentimes seemed more concerned with the technical novelty of certain courses of action without considering the actual practical benefits. I can’t say for certain whether it was the stress of the situation or a genuine tendency, but in my view the man needs to take a breath and use some common sense before jumping to the most theoretically interesting choice available.

  • Despite Captain Valencia’s obvious work ethic, her behavior was rash, often unintelligent, laughably insubordinate, and thoroughly unbecoming an officer. This officer recommends her superiors reconsider her rank and good standing.

RECOGNITION The medical officers present, along with Counselor Sedai, did an incredible job with extremely limited resources. They never panicked or despaired and, even when things were at their worst, at least we weren't afraid we were going to die from our injuries, specifically.

OOC The bit about Kermit building the subspace transceiver out of spare parts that survived the shuttle explosion is an IC falsification! :smiling_imp:

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CPT Valencia, G

NARRATIVE After we had crashed, our priority was clear; survive. The actions of this officer were towards this aim, having been extensively trained in these scenarios.

Survival meant the access to a supply of the following; water, food, and shelter. Though we had small amounts of each, this was not sustainable and we had to make provisions to get more. Equally important was the fact that those who had shot us down were still there, and could come across the wreckage of the shuttle easily; finding a defensible location was another consideration.

From the outset, our survival was hindered by a lack of experienced command. Despite this officer’s suggestions, those who were in command opted to wait and hold all people back near the shuttle, in an attempt to ascertain damage to the shuttle; it was clear that the shuttle could not be repaired the moment we crashed. Salvaging the shuttle itself was not a poor idea, but the fact that those in command opted keep all members of the crew back was a waste of time and resources. In the end, my idea to scout ahead was given approval.

Captain Nimitz and this officer, as scouts, managed to discover an alien facility. This was relayed back to Command, so that they could move the rest of the party here. Captain Nimitz and this officer began to ready the area for the eventual arrival of the rest of the party, who managed to join us a day later. During this time, this officer explored the rooms of the facility, which included some sort of greenhouse, a garage with planetary vehicles in various stages of disrepair, and a control room, though there was no power. As this officer did not have the necessary experience to fix the vehicles, the next priority was to generate power; a field of solar panels was discovered outside the facility, and this officer spent the next few days until our rescue cleaning these panels and generating power to the facility.

RECOMMENDATION Our survival on this mission was despite, not because of, command. At every stage, those in command (and indeed, for the first few days, it was not known who was even in charge), hampered survival efforts with misguided orders, rejecting ideas given by those with more experience for their own, unexperienced judgements. This was seen throughout the days we were stranded, but it was perhaps most deadly at the start, when water, food, and shelter was limited. After we were all safely camped in the alien facility we were out of immediate danger, but this did not solve the lack of direction by command; in the facility, everyone just went out doing their own thing, without any direction from command, which led to multiple people repeating jobs that had been done before, once again, wasting time.

This officer recommends an investigation into the command of this mission; had luck not been on our side, we would not have survived. Those who were in leadership positions did more to hamper our survival than increase it.

RECOGNITION Lieutenant Shinwa and Chief Ashodi must be recognised for their contributions in engineering, both on the shuttle and in the facility. It is a shame their efforts were misguided due to poor leadership.

Equally so, Commander Jarnfelt and Ensign Sovum played an important role in medical. Some of the injuries that were sustained by members of the crew, both due to the crash and due to failure of leadership on the planet, would have been fatal, if not for the experience of the medical team.

Lieutenant Commander Sedai showed some evidence of elbow grease when she helped clean the solar panels; without this help, it would have taken longer to generate the necessary power needed to the facility.

OOC This is Brie’s AAR for Survival Mode. Sorry it’s so late, I honestly had no time to do anything the past few weeks.

Logs can be found here. Shout out to Kat for running this. Good fun!

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ENS Sovum, Veneela

After Action Report


MISSION Attend the Starfleet Concept Development & Experimentation Conference on Betazed.

OUTCOME Attacked while en route by pirates, crash-landed on uncharted world with those listed below

*CAPT Konieczko, D.
CAPT Nimitz, A.
CMDR Kermit, J.
CMDR Jarnefelt, C.
LCDR Sedai, K.
LT Shinwa, T.
ENS Sovum, V.
CPO Ashodi, T.
CPT Valencia, G., MACO

NARRATIVE With this report being so late, I don’t wish to cover all the basics that other reports have put in far greater detail, I do wish to shed some light on what is not being said or reviewed. That is mostly the behavior of the senior officers present. This brief review, will of course take place during our unplanned exit on BN01-A on stardate 97698.8 through 97731.6. I have read the other reports and I am humbled that so many found the medical staff’s efforts to be invaluable. But I do believe our efforts woud have never been needed at the rate in which we were called upon.
Starting from the crash and the ensuing chaos, it was clear to this Officer that many of the Senior Officers onboard simply did not know how to react, or even who was in charge, this one simple task of figuring out who was to be at the top of the chain of command took several days. By that time, a captain within MACO had already negligently disembarked from the shuttle, risked not only her life but everyone else’s on board, and was in fact grossly out of line and repeatedly insubordinate even when the chain of command had been established.

To complicate matters further an Ally of the Romulan Republic named SCDR Jalme had been in fact gravely injured during the crash, sustaining a very bad break in his right leg. Though coherent and able to communicate, for the first several days all that we could do was keep the Subcommander comfortable. On the eve of the fifth or sixth day, Captain’s Valencia and Nimitz left to scout ahead, though we knew their mission would take a good length of time, it, unfortunately, gave hostile fauna the window it needed and we were beset that night by a herd of massive lizard-like creatures. One poor choice that was made was setting the warp core outside in the elements. It had been used to power the damaged Kinkardine so that we may use replicators and basic computer systems. This choice led to the animals breaching the warp core which detonated thankfully once we were all well on our way away from the shuttle.

It was during this time I witnessed something I truly did not believe I would see from another member of starfleet. Subcommander Jalme’s injuries were degrading thus further impariing the Romulan with increased risk to his health as the days came and went. It was through this that a pair of crutches were replicated for the RRF Officer. Stating he was in far too much pain and protesting moving further away from the newly formed crater that was our beloved shuttle, Jalme had been in possession of a phaser for personal defense during our escape from the attack. But as he continued to protest and ask for rest, CAPT Konieczko persuaded him to relieve himself of his phaser using words and charm. Once the Subcommander had done so the Captain quickly turned it on the Subcommander and shot him, rending him unconcious. No opinions of us Medical was asked of us. Nor was his health taken into consideration. For wanting rest, the Captain nearly sentenced the Subcommander to death.

Much of the remaining time on the planet is a haze for me following my own unfortunate closer encounter with the lizards, ending in myself on an infirmary bed for my own emergency surgery. But I do remember filling the days with foraging for food for the crew, cleaning and labeling medical supplies in the sickbay within the facility we evacuated to, and mostly keeping to myself.

RECOMMENDATION This officer recommends a serious inquiry be started into the actions of Captains Valencia, G., MACO and Konieczko, D. Though not a member of Starfleet, Captain Valencia’s repeated insubordination and hostility endangered herself and everyone around her. And Captain Konieczko’s behavior does not reflect on anything this Officer was taught during her time at Starfleet Academy. He risked souring relations with Romulans and risked killing someone without care for their health or well-being simply for wanting to rest. I will add this Officer thinks of that night to this day, and it makes my stomach turn.

RECOGNITION Everybody else with the exception of the two mentioned above performed their duties to the best of their abilities, but I especially want to recognize Commander Jarnefelt for letting this officer be a participant in emergency surgery on the Subcommander. Your passion for helping others and medicine is without equal and you are a credit to Starfleet, your species and yourself.

OOC Just want to repeat my thanks to Kat for this amazing RP event. While Ven may be angry, the writer isn’t and I love you all.