AAR: Telephone

CC Federation Diplomatic Corps
SUBJ Terix II Situation


As I write this report, I am on a Romulan shuttle en route back to Federation Space. I have just departed the Terix Defense Force flagship after approximately five hours in their custody.

I originally departed Deep Space 13 on the USS Asimov, on a mission to the Nolis System, where we were to investigate the intermittent failure of several subnet communications relay satellites. When we arrived, we determined that the cause of the failure was most likely related to the inadvertent reception of stray wide-band comm signals. It was upon closer examination of one of these signals that we heard the following:

To all ships within range, please be notified that the Terix government is committing crimes against Rihannsu kind. I repeat, the Terix government is committing crimes against-

It was at this time that I choose to classify this transmission as a distress call, and ordered Asimov to proceed directly to the source of the signal, Terix II. Upon arrival in the Terix System, Asimov was immediately greeted by two TDF Warbirds (D'deridex Class), commanded by Terix Admiral T'maekh Tal'Aura. The Admiral demanded to know the reason for our intrusion into their space, and when we explained that we were responding to a distress call, claimed to have no knowledge of such a signal originating within her system.

It was at this time that we received another audio message from the source of the original distress call. In a brief exchange of messages, we received clarification that the people responsible for the transmission feared for their lives and were requesting immediate assistance. Pursuant to Starfleet General Order Six, I ordered the crew of the Asimov to prepare a plan to rescue the Terix civilians, in such a way that knowledge of our involvement by the TDF would be minimal.

A voluntary away team consisting of myself, Lieutenant Commanders Kozath and Anne, Lieutenant Callahan, and Ensign Brecken proceeded to the transporter room. Commander T'irin was left in command of the Asimov, with orders to return to Federation space in the event that contact with the away team was lost. Our intention was to transport to the surface during an interval in which the planet's polar magnetic fields would mask our signature, set up pattern enhancers for those Terix inhabitants that wished to return with us, and transport back during the next window.

Unfortunately, the TDF Warbirds detected our initial transport and diverted the matter stream. We materialized onboard the flagship, at gunpoint. We were informed that we had violated the laws of Terix II and were under arrest. After we had been disarmed, Admiral T'maekh agreed to return the other members of my away team to the Asimov, while I remained aboard for questioning.

My questioning by the TDF consisted of approximately five hours of interrogation in a darkened room with negative feedback responses to failure to provide useful answers. The questions were mostly aimed at determining the Federation's knowledge of certain high-ranking Terix officials, and the details of their current political situation. My knowledge of such things was somewhat limited, and I was therefore unable to provide any useful information.

However, in the course of the interrogation, I was able to gather several pieces of significant intelligence from Admiral T'maekh. First, the overt Terix civil war appears to have been partially orchestrated by the government as an effort to expose those members of the populace that were prone to rebellion. Second, the Terix government has enlisted the military assistance of the independent world of Mirhassa, which has already carried out attacks against civilian targets. And finally, I believe the Terix Defense Force (with the aid of the Mirhassan Defense Ministry) plans to end the civil war through the massacre of the rebelling population.

I realize that the Prime Directive prohibits the Federation from intervening in a foreign civil war in which assistance has not been requested, however, I believe Mirhassa's involvement opens avenues previously unavailable. There is precedent for Federation action to prevent the interference of a third party in the civil war of another culture.

At this time, I recommend the cessation of all Federation aid to Terix. I further recommend Starfleet continue to urge all sides of the conflict to allow Federation mediation. Finally, I recommend an immediate mobilization of Starfleet forces at the border of the Terix System, to enforce a blockade and embargo, to include a tachyon detection grid.

Fleet Captain Neema Perim
Commanding, Deep Space 13

FCAPT Perim, Neema
CMDR T'irin
LCDR Kozath
LCDR Caspius
LT Callahan, Elizabeth
ENS Brecken, Harris
LT Nalah t'Feiahn, RRF