AAR- Traitor's Rock

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ENS Sovum, Veneela

After Action Report

LOCATION Alpha Quadrant, Doza Sector

MISSION Investigate mysterious facility in Doza Sector

OUTCOME Contact was made with occupants of the facility. It turned out to be a prison.


  • Captain Nimitz, Alistair
  • Captain Mirazuni, Ayesha
  • Captain Varerus, Emilia
  • Captain Skye, Fiona
  • Ensign Sovum, Veneela

NARRATIVE After the U.S.S MacAlpine, Endeavour, and Pegasus had a brief standoff with the facility located within a massive asteroid, hailing frequencies were finally opened. The occupants at first were quite standoffish to the idea of Starfleet personnel bringing shuttles into the facility, and in this officer’s opinion, became a red flag for things to come. The ability to Beam down was not available, as we later found out the mysterious facility was in fact a prison.

The prison was the recent victim of a riot that had left several members of faculty and inmates alike. Some mortally so, and some with superficial lacerations, those being the luckier ones. The away team was split up into teams of two with escorts of MACO personnel assisting the medical personnel as they went to the prison’s sickbay to administer aid to the severely wounded while Captain Nimitz and Skye went to one of the cell blocks that was still experiencing a lockdown because the inmates had successfully taken control of it.

The conditions inside the sick bay were deplorable at best. Dead or dying patients were lying on the floor, the Chief Medical Officer was just as cranky and hostile as the rest of the faculty often taking hostile stances and comments to Captain Mirazuni as she did her level best to ensure the walking wounded were dealt with in a swift and orderly fashion. To this end, The captain instructed this officer to assist with additional wounded who were becoming increasingly frustrated at not being tended to. Much like everyone else on the Away Team, This officer provided expedited aid towards those, sometimes having to remove paper from open intestinal wounds, and other times clearing burn injuries.

This all began to come to a head when I reported back upstairs to find Captain Nimitz having a small stand-off with prison faculty, a couple of inmates in tow. Captain Nimitz and the Warden had words, but ultimately the away team was allowed to leave, though the prison’s defenses did activate and take shots at our departing shuttle.

RECOMMENDATION I recommend an investigation begin at once into the actions of the faculty, and the prison itself. Something about the facility did not sit well and is this officer’s opinion that there may be more there to discover.
RECOGNITION Captain Mirazuni for her conduct with the Chief Medical Officer. It was very unsettling how it was running and you handled yourself with dignity. Captain Nimitz for not resorting to violence near the shuttles. This, along with most of the mission could have gone poorly. If not for your expertise and demeanor I fear more lives may have been lost.

OOC This was a fantastic event with great dming done by Valore. I had a fantastic time and I look forward to more events.

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CAPT Mirazuni, A

On Call Response

ADDENDUM This addendum serves to give some insight into the actions of this officer in medical, the events of which are outlined above.

Upon arrival to medical, it had become clear that the facility was overwhelmed. In order to save time, and therefore to save lives, this officer stated that she was now in charge of the facility, directing orders to the medical staff in order to keep things moving. Triage was done outside the facility in the corridors instead of in the medical room itself, freeing space. Those who could be treated outside were treated outside, whilst those who had to be operated on were treated inside the facility. Ensign Sovum, having no surgical experience and having little experience of high-pressure situations such as these, was directed to perform triage outside.

The Chief Medical Officer was, for good reason, not happy with this officer’s actions of taking charge, and was understandably hostile. However, this was to be anticipated and in practice ended up with both this officer and the facilities CMO being used as medical leaders, speeding up the process of decision making. Ensign Sovum’s analysis on the CMO’s behaviour, though true, is not a holistic representation of the CMO; the pair of us were able to normalise relations whilst assisting the other with surgery and aid.

When the influx of patients had been handled with, Ensign Sovum was allowed to go assist the other teams. This officer continued to help the medical staff at the prison for a while longer, but after it was clear they would be able to manage, stepped away and rejoined the away team’s departure.

RECOMMENDATION This officer would like to have it stated on the record that she believes the mission resulted in a breach of the Prime Directive and that the away team had an undue interference with the government of another nation, in this case, the Kingdom of Parin. Whilst this officer had no issue with providing aid to both parties, it had to be equal. To that end, the medical aid we gave was to both parties affected by the riot and was multilateral. The engineering aid that was given was questionable at best, with the exception of assistance to repair life support systems.

Whilst this officer commends the cessation of hostilities by the prisoners and the prison staff, this officer believes Captain Nimitz had no right to grant the prisoners asylum (despite the Captain having the authority to do so). This action, which amounts to nothing more than freeing prisoners, directly interferes with the legal system of a governmental power. This is even more so given the fact that these prisoners were political dissidents.

This officer recommends a review of the actions of the command officers during this mission (which does not exclude this officer), and recommends that each officer is placed on administrative leave until such a review has been conducted.
RECOGNITION Ensign Sovum performed well. Her inexperience in these situations is clear, but over time, she will develop into a well rounded medical officer. As always with medical staff, her actions saved lives, which is a commendation in and of itself.

OOC This is Ayesha’s addendum for the event Traitors’ Rock, DMed by Valore. Event logs available on request.

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CAPT Nimitz, A.H

On Call Response

ADDENDUM Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the facility warden that was less then pleased with our presence. She eventually introduced herself as a member of the Parin Public Safety Committee and made off hand remarks about completely venting an entire prison cellblock into space. As we organized ourselves to render aid, the reporting officer volunteered to help out with the situation in the mentioned cellblock.

Inside the cellblock, we found that prisoners were being kept in total darkness with individual cells designed for solitary confinements. Several of the cells were being used to host hostages with broken legs. During our negotiations with the prisoners they made it abundantly clear that they were political prisoners being held captive. During our discussion they requested asylum with the Federation due to fear of retaliation over organizing the riots. With help from the guards of the prison who recognized that this was the only solution without more bloodshed, we evacuated seven prisoners out of the cellblock and had them taken to Pegasus.

RECOMMENDATION Due to the situation within the Kingdom of Parin and the warden in charge of the Rock, this commanding officer feels that his course of action was not only the right decision, but also the morality correct one in the end.

This commanding officer also commends Ensign Sovum for their conduct as above and beyond their duty to help render medical aid.

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CAPT Skye, F.

After Action Report

ADDENDUM The U.S.S. MacAlpine was dispatched to investigate an asteroid that an explosion had been monitored on, which revealed the installation built inside of it.
While en route to the asteroid we were joined by the U.S.S. Endeavour and the U.S.S. Pegasus. The decision was made for the Endeavour and Pegasus to wait on the edge of local space and for the MacAlpine to approach alone to avoid the appearance that we were there to start a battle.

On our approach to the asteroid, the facility detected the MacAlpine’s approach when we tried to hail them, resulting in them raising shields and powering up their weapon systems. I then gave the order to not raise shields unless their weapons actually target us, to avoid escalating the situation while continuing to hail the facility.

The station then accepted our hail, after we had detected ongoing fighting within the station which prompted me to ready an away team and for aid teams to start getting ready.
During this communication, we offered to provide medical and other civil aid to the facility and the personnel inside. There was a brief interruption on the other side of the hail after a round of back of forth with us offering assistance and them saying they didn’t need any before our offer of aid was accepted.

The away team went over in a shuttle with basic medical aid gear for us to first find out exactly what the situation was before sending aid teams into a dangerous situation.
The Commandant of the facility identified it as being called “the Rock”, the commandant then greeted us when landed in the facilities hanger.

Upon initial questions around the situation and the facility itself, the commandant wanted us to delay our reporting of the situation through diplomatic channels back to the Kingdom of Parin. The commandant also identified the prisoners as being “killers, psychopaths, arsonists and mass murderers” as just the tip, along with the casual mention of jettisoning an entire cellblock with their staff still inside.

At this point, the away team split with myself and Captain Nimitz moving to investigate the situation in the cellblocks.
Captain Nimitz took the lead in speaking with the prisoners at this stage, so his account of the situation will be able to provide better depth to the situation.
But the prisoners identified themself as political prisoners and requested asylum after Captain Nimitz offered it to them as a way out of the situation.

It is my belief that while some of the prisoners were political prisoners, we could not spend time investigating who actually was a political prisoner and who was there for committing a crime. From what was observed and from the way the prisoners responded to their captors, it is clear there was more going on at that facility than simple incarceration.

RECOMMENDATION It is this officers recommendation that continued observation by carried out on the Kingdom of Parin, or at least of “the Rock” as there is more going on than incarcerating prisoners.