Escort colony survey team to New Circini

Briefing: The New Circini colony has asked to be listed in Starfleet-certified colony recruitment rosters. Despite their independent status, Starfleet has agreed, pending approval by the local colonial command office. A small investigation team is gearing up to survey the colony's quality of life and other sundry details in order to determine final eligibility. They will need an escort and maybe some additional assistance.


GM / OOC Contact: @evenrue

IC Location: New Circini

OOC Requirements: None

OOC Notes: If you're not interested in detail-oriented and somewhat mundane RP, do not apply here.


References: AAR: New Circini, Governor's Conference, AAR - New Circini II
detail-oriented and somewhat mundane

They're playing my song!

If I'm around when this takes place, I'd be happy to participate.
Oh, oh!

I want to go!
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Chose to assign this out as a batch of RPable data instead of holding a mission, so closing this here.
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