GNN: Star Empire Prompts Blanket Statement from Federation

Star Empire Prompts Blanket Statement from Federation
“Annexation will not be tolerated,” says FDC, likely in response to ongoing Tri’vokil situation.

The Federation Diplomatic Corps released a public memorandum this morning broadly condemning the annexation of independent worlds by larger powers. While the statement did not mention specific empires or planets by name, the timing and context of the warning strongly indicate that it comes in response to demands made by the Romulan Star Empire on the world of Tri’vokil.

Tri’vokil is a relative newcomer to the galactic stage, with conflicting information about its official status post-2409 as either an independent world or a part of the Star Empire. Since at least earlier this year, however, the world’s government has been in contact with both the Federation and the Romulan Republic as the Tri’vokil Free-State. The Romulan Republic, as policy, automatically recognizes any world wishing to break from the “Ancient Regime”, though such a blanket recognition carries little weight, particularly with the Star Empire itself. The Federation, in contrast, has yet to make any official recognition of the Free-State, though GNN analysts believe that to be only a matter of time, given the situation.

In the weeks since Tri’vokil reached out to the Federation and Republic directly, rumors have swirled of missing starships and most recently, mysterious attacks on civilian installations. It is in this atmosphere that the Romulan Star Empire allegedly demanded that Tri’vokil submit to their authority. Republic news outlets have already reported the Free-State’s unambiguous refusal.

Barely hours later, Federation Ambassador Neema Perim provided a prepared statement concerning the rights of independent worlds. “The Federation is committed to defending the ideals of self-determination,” the ambassador said in the most direct portion of her speech. “Status as an interstellar power, of any size, does not confer the right to impose law upon a world without the consent of the people of that world. This issue is not new or novel, and the Federation’s stance has never wavered. Forced annexation will not be tolerated by the galactic community.”

Though the statement relied on generalities and made no direct reference to Tri’vokil, it is not difficult to interpret as a warning to the Star Empire, in response to its threatening posture. Whether the Federation will ultimately recognize the Tri’vokil Free-State or provide support against a potential Star Empire military action remains unclear.

President Okeg’s office referred GNN queries to the ambassador’s statement, and Starfleet Command did not respond to requests for comment.

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