(MU) Zelvan-Tiyanki Declaration of Friendship!

Today is an auspicious day for the denizens of the Doza Sector. Despite the encroachment and rampant expansionism of superpowers in the region, such as the Terran Empire - a state notorious for its crimes against sentient life - there is reason to rejoice in good news.

The Zelvan People’s Republic and Tiyanki Democratic Polity, two local powers that have opposed each other in violent conflicts for generations, have finally set aside their differences. In a joint-press conference between both heads of state, the seeds of harmony and cooperation have been sewn. General-Secretary Litrin Falaldrin of the Zelvan Communist Party and Speaker Pilolas of the Grand Tiyanki Assembly came together during the forty-eighth anniversary of the end of the Zelvan-Tiyanki War. Together, they announced the further closeness of the relationship between the two states.

“Generations ago, the Zelvan state attacked the Tiyanki people in a gruesome and callous crusade of subjugation.” spoke the General-Secretary. “These horrors of the old regime, these horrors of imperialism, must never be forgotten. But simultaneously, our revolution is about looking to the future and not the past. We must move to heal old wounds and simultaneously work to create new opportunities.”

The Zelvan People’s Republic has formally promised to pay extensive reparations for the old conflict, to create a free trade zone between the two peoples, and a military alliance.

“Democracy is under attack.” spoke Speaker Pilolas on behalf of the Grand Tiyanki Assembly. “Surrounding us are powerful forces of fascism. Alone, we would be doomed to their lust for power. Only together can we withstand and fight back against the torrents of hatred and evil.”

The Speaker continued, elaborating on the new foreign policy. “We are entering a new age. An age of growing authoritarianism. An age of xenophobia and where one’s species dictates one’s right to exist. Yet, for all of their power, they are blind to a singular irrefutable truth. The ability to love one-another is the greatest power of any sentient being in our galaxy. The Tiyanki Democratic Polity and Zelvan People’s Republic call upon all peoples of Doza and beyond to resist these want-to-be oppressors! We call on our neighbors to join us in tearing down the walls that separate us! Be a part of change, a part of the future!”

Some foreign policy experts suggest that the Speaker was making direct overtures towards the Republic of Parin and Xedi Empire, hoping to put cracks on the neutral foreign policies of those worlds. Furthermore, a corollary added only in the last few days of negotiations now exists in the agreement between the two powers. The Declaration of Friendship calls for joint organization of the Interstellar Brigades, a volunteer force jointly formed by both the Zelvans and Tiyanki to support revolutionary and democratic forces throughout the region.

To conclude the ceremony, the Zelvan General-Secretary read a poem he had written in the Tiyanki language as a gesture of comradery and understanding.

“There is a dawn every morning. There is a destiny above destiny. Do not fear the night, we rise towards the stars!”

Democracy dies in darkness. Today, a new flame has been lit that the ages themselves shall not extinguish. We at the Doza Tribune celebrate this turn of events as a break from the recent tsunami of bad news involving the Terran Empire.

OOCOOC: The mirror universe version of a coming event chain. AAR: Mediation Between Local Powers