AAR: Mediation Between Local Powers

Filed By:
Lieutenant Seroh, Kelak

After Action Report

LOCATION Deep Space 13

MISSION Mediating trade negotiations between the Zelvans and Tiyanki.

OUTCOME The Zelvans and Tiyanki, through successful council given by this officer and Captain Drake Tungsten, were able to reach an agreeable accord and are moving forward with their trade deals.


  • Starfleet Captain Drake Tungsten
  • Republic Lieutenant Kelak Seroh
  • Tiyanki Diplomat
  • Zelvan Diplomat

NARRATIVE The Zelvan and Tiyanki were initially quite opposed to each other, the Tiyanki emissary demonstrating a religiously-charged hatred for the Zelvan diplomat, while the Zelvan seemed already exhausted and withdrawn from the negotiations-- no doubt from the heated exchange that had taken place prior to our mediation. Negotiations proceeded with a brief recap of the two people’s animosity-filled history, and then a lay-out of their initial terms.

The Tiyanki’s initial terms consisted of, at that time, unspecified reparations, subjecting every Zelvan citizen to the ‘Trial of Fire’ which involved branding a religious seal on the subject’s forehead, and the demilitarization of the Zelvan military-- where thereafter Tiyanki garrisons would be installed throughout Zelvan space.

The Zelvan’s terms consisted of demands for the Tiyanki assymetrical warfare to be put to a halt, a demilitarization of the Tiyanki-Zelvan border, and an investigation on a Tiyanki general responsible for the death of many Zelvans to be opened.

After these terms were laid out, it was clear to this officer and the Captain that we would have to assist in creating new terms. Seeing as how it would be pertinent to keep the two diplomats focused on one voice, this officer opted to step away from the negotiating table and allow the Captain to handle the negotiations from thereon, convincing both parties to agree to a set of terms that would be beneficial a growing trade partnership.

Both parties will thereon create a demilitarized buffer along their borders, committing an equal number of vessels to patrol said border, and an equal numbers of ships stationed at the inner edges of the local territories. Assymetrical warfare between both parties will immediately stop. Starfleet will commit sensor drones within the demilitarized zone to monitor for any potential incursions or conflict, with any potentially hostile or indeed hostile parties being responded to by peacekeeping efforts. The Zelvans will not resume direct investments into the Tiyanki homeworld, and have also agreed to pay for lost Tiyanki tariffs at a declining rate for ten years. With this said, bilateral trade with equal tariffs will resume on both sides.

RECOMMENDATION Following up on Captain Drake Tungsten’s offer of deploying sensor drones along the Zelvan-Tiyanki demilitarized zone would be prudent, but otherwise Starfleet involvement should be kept limited unless peacekeeping action is deemed necessary. Otherwise, with a final note from this officer, as the Tiyanki are quite religiously charged, and the Zelvans being shrewd and underhanded corporatists, these two peoples should only be observed, or even ‘assisted,’ from a distance and with great caution.

RECOGNITION Captain Drake Tungsten demonstrated not only a commendable level of patience and reason within these talks, but a degree of resourcefulness that is exemplary of a Starfleet Officer.

OOC Many thanks to Valore for hosting an interesting event! It was fun to be in the middle of a heated in-depth interaction between religious zealots and an intergalactic corporation!