Zelvan-Tiyanki Tensions Heat Up!

Against the hopes and dreams of so many, it appears we are going a century back in time. For several years now, it looked as though the Zelvan-Tiyanki conflict was starting to cool down and both sides willing to look each other in the eye. Now, it looks as though that hope is starting to quickly evaporate.

The Zelvan Commission has declared that last week’s explosion in the Zelvan Stock Exchange to be an act of terrorism perpetrated by the Tiyanki Holy Tribunal. The Tiyanki Tribunal has categorically denied the allegation, pointing to the sudden buildup of Zelvan military vessels as the construction of a new casus belli.

“The Tiyanki hate us,” spoke Zinnas Drin, Zelvan Commissioner for Defense and CEO of the Consolidated Armaments Corporation. “The Zelvan people are endowed with great entrepreneurship, liberty, and our individualistic ideals. The Tiyanki seek to undo that. That is what they are. That is what they do.” The Defense Commissioner followed up by announcing a new defense budget involving the creation of yet another Zelvan ‘asset protection’ fleet. Consolidated Armaments has announced that production has already begun and the fleet will be completed at the end of the fiscal year. The Undercommissioner for the Army and CEO of United Securities, the primary provider of military personnel, has already announced the hiring of tens of thousands more servicepeople and the expansion of basic training to account for the need to staff those vessels.

The Tiyanki Tribunal immediately condemned these actions. “Generations ago, the Zelvans came to our home. They sought to subjugate us behind their smiles and handshakes. Today, nothing has changed. Neither the situation, nor the Zelvan.” spoke Hierarch of Salvation Rhaxa. “To prepare for the inevitable Zelvan treachery, I am announcing general mobilization of the home defense army, and all able-bodied persons are to report to their local armory to receive their designated weapon. If the Zelvans attack, they will receive resistance from every street, every window, every Tiyanki. Should they come, we will send them directly to the hell they spawn from.” With the announcement of an All-Adults-Serve conscription law, the Tiyanki are already returning to their wartime military state that existed for more than a decade during the first Zelvan-Tiyanki war ninety years ago.

The only question now is whether the superpowers intend to intervene, and how. High Commissioner Litrin Falaldrin and Supreme Hierarch Pilolas have so far remained silent, apart from an off-mic comment by High Commissioner Falaldrin that the Zelvan Commission is taking “all important steps”. There seems to be an implication from the upper leadership that they at least do not condone the bellicose stances of their ministerial subordinates. The Kingdom of Parin and Isep Xedi Military Governate have both urged calm, with the Parin envoy insisting that a war “[W]ould be terrible for all sides.” Eyes are now turned to what the responses will be from the Vulcan Federation, Klingon Empire, and Romulan Republic.

We at the Doza Tribune condemn any attempts to lead to conflict. Peace in our time, now and forever.

OOC The hints at a coming event chain. See the attached report. AAR: Mediation Between Local Powers
Also, see the mirror universe version. (MU) Zelvan-Tiyanki Declaration of Friendship!