AAR: Zelvan-Tiyanki Border Conflict

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CAPT Tungsten, D.

After Action Report

LOCATION Zelvan/Tiyanki Demilitarized Zone, Doza Sector

MISSION Respond to escalating threat of hostilities in the DMZ, attempt to maintain the peace.

OUTCOME Despite the best efforts of both the Zelvans and Tiyanki, war is for now averted, and further negotiations have been agreed to. Said negotiations should occur as soon as logistical details are confirmed.


  • CAPT Tungsten, D.
  • CAPT Nimitz, A.
  • CAPT De Drowvani Nimitz, T.
  • CAPT sh’Sonora, M.
  • CAPT Holmes, A.
  • LCDR Valore, S.
  • ENS Sovum, V.

NARRATIVE As ordered by Fleet Command, this officer assembled a peacekeeping task force to enter the Zelvan/Tiyanki DMZ and attempt to salvage the rapidly deteriorating situation, and avert an armed conflict, per the terms of the armistice this officer previously negotiated slightly less than a year ago with the assistance of LT. Kelak of the Romulan Republic. The task force consisted of the USS Dragon, USS Pegasus, USS Scharnhorst, USS Baton Rouge, and USS Dallas.

Upon entering the DMZ, a briefing for all key officers was held aboard USS Dragon, and joining us by holo-communications was LCDR Valore, both to provide us with up-to-date information, and report our initial findings to Command. This officer decided to task USS Dallas with the rescue operations for the Zelvan freighter which was disabled in the DMZ, which led to the heightened state of alert, while other ships would maintain a defensive position in line with peacekeeping procedures.

At the conclusion of this briefing, and upon identifying ourselves on open frequencies, we were hailed by a representative from both factions in a conference-call. This officer requested permission from both sides to allow one of our ships (The Dallas), to handle the rescue of the Zelvan crew as a neutral party, so that neither side would need to send any ships into the DMZ. After the two sides argued with recriminations towards each other, including a very… spirited… monologue from the Tiyanki captain, and the Zelvans initially insisting that they be allowed to handle the rescue or at least assist, it was agreed to allow Dallas to proceed.

At this point, with Dallas beginning its operations, Dragon was again hailed by a different representative of the Zelvans, who declined to identify themselves. They presented a very clear invitation for Starfleet to join forces with them to “Push the DMZ all the way to the Tiyanki homeworld”, pointing out how our combined forces could easily overcome the Tiyanki fleet. This officer firmly, but politely, rejected that offer on the grounds of moral objection in addition to going against orders.

As this discussion was occurring, USS Pegaus detected an unusual movement of shuttles between Zelva, and their ships in the fleet amassed along the DMZ, particularly the larger ones. The purpose of this is still unconfirmed, but speculations abound, and include adding additional troops for a boarding action, or perhaps loading torpedoes. Maybe even emptying some for ramming.

Shortly after the transmission from the Zelvans concluded, the Tiyanki captain then hailed USS Dragon. There was apparently a misunderstanding concerning a piece of debris which impacted them harmlessly. As the captain was continuing his tirade about this, another Tiyanki broke through the transmission. She did not identify herself, but it is safe to assume she was superior in position. This officer was pleased to find her disposition much more calm. Also, she quickly signaled willingness to participate in negotiations mediated by the Federation. A neutral location was insisted upon, and this officer offered use of the appropriate facilities aboard USS Dragon, which was agreed to by the Tiyanki representative.

During that conversation, USS Dallas reported back not only that they were successful in their mission to rescue the crew, but that they found large caches of military weapons aboard, in violation of the ceasefire. As a bonus, they also found one Tiyanki aboard, and clear evidence as proof that they had sabotaged the ship, also a violation of the ceasefire agreement.

This officer then hailed the Zelvans, reaching one who by all appearances seemed to be a high-ranking member of their government, but did not identify himself. We informed them that their crew had been rescued successfully, and curiously, the Zelvan representative seemed almost disappointed by the news. It is very noteworthy that this reaction would seem completely consistent with the Zelvan captain spoken to earlier. It is this officer’s conclusion, shared by other officers present, that the Zelvans intended to use their freighter in the DMZ to start a war with a thin layer of plausible deniability. Not that the Tiyanki would have hesitated in obliging them, nor are they completely innocent in all of this.

In any case, the Zelvan representative did also agree to talks, with USS Dragon to serve as neutral ground for negotiations, pending logistical arrangements for the meeting.

At this point, the key officers in this operation gathered aboard USS Dragon again for a debriefing, once again joined by LCDR Valore via holo-communications. In the middle of our discussion, the Zelvans broadcast a message on open frequencies, which apparently also reached DS13. I will summarize here for the sake of record-keeping, even though anyone reading this close to the time of filing is no doubt aware.

The Zelvan broadcast was a message from High Commisioner Falaldrin, and while including many verbal jabs at the Tiyanki, he stressed that if there was to be a war, they were not interested in starting it. The message concluded with asking not only the Federation, but the Kingdom of Parin, and the Xedi Military Governate as their neighbors, to “step in”.

If one can allow this officer to draw a conclusion from this, it is that while the peace remains very fragile in the area, it at least did not shatter today. If neglected, it may yet do so, however.

RECOMMENDATION This officer of course recommends following through to host negotiations with the two parties, as soon as their delegations are assembled and ready to meet, which should be soon. Also, any and all assistance from the Federation Diplomatic Corps will be greatly appreciated. This officer is willing to take the lead in mediation by default, but will not object to a diplomat taking the lead role either. LTs Khet and Stern have apparently been researching the matter, and their presence at negotiations will be appreciated in either scenario.

OOC A huge thank you to @Valore for running this event! I know I’m looking forward to the next part with negotiations to see how this will play out, and want to invite folks to join in on that as well. Event Transcript | Initial Orders | Initial Intelligence report | Preceeding News Article