SUBJ: New Orders | TO: Drake

To: CAPT Tungsten, D. (@DrakeTungsten)
CC: RADM Quint, E. (@Quint)
From: RDML Bishop, S
Subj: New Orders.


Please see the report attached. You are to take a team to the Zelvan-Tiyanki Demilitarized Zone and attempt to deescalate the issue. We do not want a war breaking out.

Please keep me informed with regular reports.


Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Samuel Bishop, PhD
Executive Officer, 38th Fleet ‘Argo’

//ATTACHMENT// ztborderconflict.aar

OOC @Valore is the GM. @S.J.Brex, @Master_Dex , and @Veneela have all expressed interest. I can be available to attend on a mission on mission basis!


To: RDML Bishop, S. (@Sam )
CC: RADM Quint, E. (@Quint )
From: CAPT Tungsten, D.
Subj: RE: New Orders.

Acknowledged, Admiral.

I will begin gathering a team at once to head out there, and hopefully hold this thing together. With duct-tape, if we have to.

I will welcome any assistance the diplomatic corps is offering.

Captain Drake Tungsten
Commanding Officer,
USS Dragon

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