Report: Zelvan-Tiyanki Border Conflict Imminent

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CDT/1 Aetah

After Action Report

LOCATION Zelvan-Tiyanki Demilitarized Zone

MISSION Observing Tiyanki-Zelvan border per treaty.

OUTCOME Detected SOS from civilian transport vessel. Both Zelvan and Tiyanki are quickly militarizing the DMZ.


  • CDT Aetah

NARRATIVE Was monitoring the Z-T DMZ per Starfleet obligations to the treaty. Was monitoring remotely from DS13 Intelligence Department.

Zelvan-Tiyanki tensions have increased substantially in the last month. Today, the Zelvan civilian transport vessel Z.A.T. Vidorin’s Esteem suffered a critical explosion in its engineering section. Engines are offline and life support is critical. Source of explosion currently unknown. Vessel is adrift in DMZ.

Zelvan military has declared it is sending its fleet into DMZ in violation of treaty to secure the vessel. Tiyanki protest, and are sending their own ships into DMZ to stop the Zelvans. Zelvans are declaring that they will treat it as Tiyanki invasion. Tiyanki have countered, claiming that Zelvan ships will be treated as Zelvan invasion.

Considering rhetoric, domestic propaganda campaigns, military industry production, probability of war is high.

Federation monitoring devices have detected substantially increased traffic in DMZ. Zelvan engineering vessels have been detected in nearby asteroid fields and Tiyanki vessels labeled as government-owned civilian vessels have been tailing Zelvan ships. Both military fleets are detected to be inbound.

RECOMMENDATION Immediate Starfleet intervention critical to prevent crisis from progressing to war.

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