October-1a System Survey

When: kicks off on APR 26 @ gamma. Goes until all (or at least most) planets have been surveyed!
Where: the October-1a system!
What: Discovery/exploration RP, NOT GM-managed!
OOC points of contact: @ompgaming1, @evenrue

Should you choose to undergo a survey, you MUST BRING AT LEAST ONE OTHER PLAYER WITH YOU. As Razor said once, solo ventures will be reprimanded!


October-1a-1: T-class, uninhabitable. AAR

October-1a-2: Y-class, uninhabitable. AAR

KRIKAYA KZZOKL (October-1a-3): Y-class gas giant, uninhabitable. Located class-M moon in orbit. Speculation that native life underwent mass extinction due to onset of ice age, leaving only limited flora and no fauna. AAR

RAVEN (October-1a-4): M-class. AAR

SERENDIP (October-1a-5): H-class, uninhabitable. AAR

SERADOS (October-1a-6): M-class, uninhabitable due to atmospheric composition. Debrief Minutes

October-1a-7: J-class gas giant. Located abandoned mining facility on an asteroid in orbit around the planet. AAR

SEUSS (October-1a-8): Y-class, uninhabitable. Located class-K moon in orbit. Limited atmosphere and low gravity. Inhabited by lifeforms that have evolved to survive in a mercury-heavy environment. AAR

NINT'A (October-1a-9): N-class, uninhabitable. AAR
Doctor Nep Cel

Greetings Captains and Commanders of Task Force Argo,

In the days since your discovery of solar system October-1a, the Deep Space Science Center on Dollan Prime has been observing the system. We believe that we have identified nine distinct planetary bodies in orbit around the main star. This roughly matches the data from our preliminary measurements aboard your space station and the USS October.

Starfleet has now approved ship expeditions to these planetary bodies for official classification and data collection. And, because of Deep Space Thirteen's location in the alpha quadrant and its role in October-1a's discovery, I'm happy to say that your Task Force has been chosen to conduct this expedition.

There are some restrictions, however. Because of the unique location and potential Klingon concerns with us staging a tactical task force above the galactic plane, Starfleet is limiting this expedition to only leaving behind satellites, and no ships are to stay more than 24 hours in the system before heading back. Now, you can send multiple ships, and you can send several expeditions, day after day, but no ships can stay for long durations. At least, not yet.
I congratulate you on being selected, and look forward to reading your reports on what planets lie within October-1a.

((So, this "event" is not scheduled to happen ONLY during this Gamma event, but rather, each planet will be surveyed over the course of the coming days/weeks.

Also, what is to be found hasn't been pre-determined. We have created 9 foundry missions in order to give a canvas for the RP to occur on, however, there are no text-based information available in these missions. What is on these planets and their atmosphere, geology, animals, plants, and anything else is open to the explorers to determine. We've only set the class of the planets, everything beyond that is up to you. Our only stipulation is that there cannot be current cultures with space-faring capabilities in this solar system. And, if you have an idea that you think would be cool, but not sure how it fits, contact Katriel or I and we can talk it over. We want to hear your ideas. As for everything else... well... I can't wait to see what your imagination comes up with!))
((So, I recognize that most folks are not much interested in the very science-y part of these missions, and are likely aiming for more exotic discoveries. However, I thought, that if someone does want to perhaps do -SOME- of that along the way I might share some things that would be good to know about these planets and perhaps some resources for reference.

Some data that might be worth collecting:

Mass of the planet:
Distance from the sun:
inclination (is the planet's orbit tilted, like Plutos):
Temperature min/max (how hot and cold it gets):
Time of revolution (how long is a year):
Time of rotation (how long is a day):
Chemical composition:
Age (most likely really close to the age of the star, but not always):
Moons or Rings:
Does it have an atmosphere, and composition:
Does it have a magnetosphere? (Y/N):
Is it volcanically active? (Y/N):

Some references for ST and other sources on these matters:

Star Trek Planet Classes: http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Planetary_classification
NASA Exoplanet Catalog: http://exoplanetarchive.ipac.caltech.edu/docs/documentation.html
Planetary Geology: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planetary_geology
General Data for Sol Planets: https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/charchart.cfm

Totally not requirements, but just some things for you to consider if you get stuck. ))

TO: CAPT Meashka
DS13 Colonial Command

SIGNED: ENS Nella Percie
Sol Colonial Offices

:: Standard Level 2 Encryption ::

::the video message is from a young Bolian Ensign, wide-eyed with excitement and urgency::

MISSIS MEA! I don't... I mean, I'm sure you don't remember me, but I just came from an emergency assembly of colonial command officials! I mean, I was just taking notes cause that's all I'm qualified to do still, but I knew you would want to know first and -- oh! it's just so exciting! They were formally reviewing some of the system survey reports that came out of DS13 and now they want to put a colony in the October-1a system! A COLONY.

::a "ssshhhh!" imperative comes from off-screen, as someone takes issue with the Ensign's volume::she ducks her head and continues in a more hushed tone::

Anyway. Um. Right. A colony, so they can ... you know, stage science operations more easily and ... stuff like that. But there was some controversy -- did you know we have Romulan ambassadors on the board here, now? -- when the Romulan liaison demanded that the Republic get some representation in this new colony and they went back and forth for a while on it, but I think the Federation conceded in the end that it'd be a good idea and would really be a show of solidarity if this effort was a joint one and I agree that it totally makes sense, you know??

::she takes a breath and pauses, a clear 'where was I?' expression on her face::

Oh! So, A COLONY! Isn't it exciting?? I think they are going to wait for all the results of the surveys to come in before making a final decision, but I knew you'd want to know first, even if it's just speculation!

::off-screen, someone mutters, "this is totally not a priority one communication..." and the Ensign looks away, scandalized, protesting, "what are you talking about, of course it is!" before the screen goes blank::
Special incentive!

If you do one of these missions and post an AAR for a planet that has yet to be surveyed.... you have naming rights (subject to approval by the Federation Naming Convention Board). Go ahead and post your proposed name in your AAR. If you have already done one of these, then feel free to go back and name the planet. Except Razor. He's exempt. I don't want a "R'zo-vek-is-awesome-t'ek" planet. Just saying.
((With the last survey mission done, this thread will be unstickied and should no longer be considered 'ongoing' RP. Hope you guys had fun with it. If anyone wants to name the remaining planets that didn't get any, please feel free to suggest some and I'll append them into the summary report above.))