Parallax (April 1st - 7th)

On another dimensional plane there exists a parallel universe often described as being a mirror of our own. In this Mirror Universe, alternate versions of many of us may exist, leading radically different lives. When every choice is a potential fork in the road, there’s no telling how each of our lives could have turned out under different circumstances. A harsh dictator might exist as a freedom fighter. A vocal pacifist might exist as a sociopathic murderer. It’s also possible that some of us were never even born.

In the Mirror Universe, Earth is the center of the Terran Empire. The Imperial Starfleet is a ruthless organization which condones brutal tactics, torture, and murder. It rules over a large portion of the galaxy with an iron fist. Non-Terrans are generally considered second-class citizens, at best. While some may be allowed to join Starfleet, very few ever manage any significant advancement.

The Terran Empire remains in a persistent state of war with the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Despite offering far more opportunities and freedoms to its alien member races, the Alliance’s treatment of Terrans (and those loyal to them) is little better than the Terrans themselves would show any other ‘aliens’. While still a major power in the galaxy, the Alliance has lost a significant portion of its territory to the resurgence of the Terran Empire in recent years.

Little is known about the status of the Romulans, except that they control a sizable portion of space, and remain fairly isolated from the rest of the galaxy. Their technology is rumored to be at least on par with the Terrans and the Alliance, but direct confrontations have been few and far between. Some believe the Romulans are a myth, long since died out. On the other hand, the more informed (and possibly, the more paranoid), seem convinced that the Romulans are still out there… just waiting for the right time to strike.

Shift Time: April 1st - April 7th

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: A short vacation from reality.

Starting Point: The Mirror Universe, of course!

Beginning at the start of alpha shift on Friday, April 1st, the fleet holdings will be reserved for Mirror Universe RP. The event is not limited to the Terran Empire. Everyone is free to determine which faction, if any, their character is affiliated with (and it doesn’t have to be the same as the prime universe!). The overall event will wrap up at the start of delta shift on Thursday, April 7th.

The fleet starbase will be Battle Station Argo, headquarters of the Imperial 38th Battle Fleet. The embassy will be reserved for use by members of the Mirror Romulan faction. The ZP/KDF starbase will be available to Alliance characters, though members should feel free to set up Alliance-based RP in any other location accessible by their OOC faction (KDF starship bridge, anyone?!).

Please note: This entire event takes place in the Mirror Universe and is entirely separate from Argo’s normal RP. There will be no crossovers, and our regular prime universe characters will remain completely unaware of anything that happens during this event. If you have any questions about this, please contact staff for clarification.

FYI – There is now a parallax tag on the forums that you can add to any MU-related posts. You can also use the tag to view MU posts from years past.

Mirror Universe Characters

To help make the most of this event, this thread is being left open for anyone who wants to make a brief post of who their characters are in the mirror universe! Ideally, this’ll be info that we can all use ICly, so we can dive right into the event with shortened introductions. If you’re interested, you’re more than welcome to post about your characters, even if you/they won’t be able to make the event!

For those of you who participated last year, this is the perfect opportunity to tell us what your character’s been up to since then.

A new canned reply is available if you’d like to use it.

Additional Info:

I’ll post my own characters below as an example to help get things started.

For those of you who are new to MU Weekend and as a reminder for everyone else, Argo's usual Character and Story Policy is suspended for the duration of this event. The only restrictions are as follows:
  • You may not RP as your prime universe character in our mirror universe setting.

  • Be considerate of others. (ie. if more than one person wants the same position, talk it out and find a compromise).

  • Resolve conflicts OOCly; avoid godmoding. (In a setting where things like assassinations and torture are commonplace, it’s doubly important to make sure you’re not forcing someone else’s character in a direction that player doesn’t want to go.)

  • Don’t be a jerk!


Name: Neema Perim
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Admiral, Commander of the 38th Battle Fleet

Additional Info: Despite her Trill heritage, Perim rose through the Terran ranks very quickly. By all accounts, her attitudes and mannerisms are as close to Terran as an alien can hope for, and she’s reported to be incredibly effective and utterly ruthless in the execution of her missions. Rumors about her meteoric rise to the admiralty range from the very common, “She’s sleeping her way to the top”, to the more outlandish, “She employs a secret order of telepathic aliens to stay one step ahead of her Terran competitors”. Evidently most Terrans are unwilling to consider the possibility that an alien could simply be an exceptional officer.

Admiral Perim dutifully stepped into her current role at the head of the 38th Battle Fleet following the apparent unexplained disappearance of Admiral Altais in 2417. A number of high-ranking officers initially objected to a Trill being allowed to keep such an important posting, but such dissent tended to mysteriously cease after only a short period.

The years since have been simultaneously wildly successful and dangerously contentious. Despite greatly increasing the Battle Fleet’s capabilities and resources, and expanding the borders of the Empire to new frontiers, the Admiral’s tenure has also been marked by a number of narrowly failed assassination plots, and the elimination of several of her subordinate Flag Officers.

For the past year, Perim has been somewhat reclusive. Rather than keep an office at fleet headquarters, she spends most of her time aboard her flagship, the ISS Betazed. Rumor has it that she is under constant guard and never travels alone anymore.

Name: James Kermit
Affiliation: None
Rank/Position: Civilian

Additional Info: Not every Terran was liberated when O’Brien began his revolution on Terok Nor. Kermit grew up in an Alliance labor camp on Qo’nos, and records of his life and activities until very recently are spotty at best.

Kermit’s periodic visits to Battlestation Argo, trading interesting and valuable goods and services for Latinum, have even become something to look forward to, for many of those stationed aboard. At the very least, most seem to tolerate the distraction of his presence.

Name: Seres Avlin
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Prisoner
Additional Info: Formerly a Lieutenant on the security staff of Battle Station Argo, Seres was arrested two years ago for the attempted assassination of Admiral Perim. In a rare consideration of mitigating circumstances, the Bajoran’s life was spared. At present she spends her days involuntarily working as part of a labor crew, and only four nights a week in the agony booth.

Name: Kirina t’Nalah
Affiliation: Tal Shiar
Rank/Position: Major
Additional Info: A vocal proponent of Romulan isolationism, this Tal Shiar Major specializes in ensuring public loyalty. In addition to her ‘hands-on’ work, she often serves in advisory roles to politicians and high-ranking Naval Officers.


Name: Aev i’Rhynne
Affiliation: Tal’Shiar
Rank/Position: Operative

Additional Info: Aev’s parents and several of his older siblings were highly active in the underground Artaleirhin Independence Movement. In 2406 elements of the Imperial Garrison on Artaleirh attempted a coup. The attempt was nearly successful, but was ultimately defeated when Imperial reinforcements arrived before the orbital facilities could be secured. Aev’s father and older brother, mid level officers, were arrested and executed by the Tal’Shiar in the aftermath. Aev, then 10, was taken into Tal’Shiar custody.

Further records are not widely available, but what little there is suggests Aev underwent training at an unspecified Tal’Shiar facility. Those with proper access would be aware the boy was trained to infiltrate similar movements on other Romulan colonies. His efforts have led to the arrest of several high level traitors over the past decade. Rumors within the Tal’Shiar says he’s fiercely loyal to the Tal’Shiar officer that trained him.

Aev was on assignment when he was alerted to Captain Konieczko’s upcoming purge in 2417. After a period of hasty preparation with several other assets and his own command a plan to rescue as many of the purge victims as possible was implemented, and his original mission was delayed. After a successful extraction Aev moved onto an assignment deep in Imperial Space while the status of his cover identity was assessed. A second chance at his original mission is forthcoming.

The young operative is currently posing as a member of a privateer crew that frequents Battle Station Argo, having proven himself several times over the last year. It is unclear if his original mission is still underway, or if new objectives have been passed down from command.


Name: Alistair Nimitz
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Praetor (Military Governor) of Tzenketh
Additional Info: The Governor Nimitz is a long time loyalist to the Terran Empire, joining the fledging rebellion shortly after the taking of Terok Nor. He initially rose in fame in service of Smiley with the Terran Resistance Forces. Following the reestablishment of the Terran Empire, Nimitz quickly fell out of favor among the Terran High Command following the death of Emperor Miles O’Brien at the hands of his son, Emperor James O’Brien.

Nimitz slunk away from the spotlight and joined a group of shipbuilders to constuct a prototype vessel under the supervision of the Vulcan Admiral Sakkhet, a formerly well known resistance leader ageist the Alliance Occupation of Vulcan who was rewarded with exile to the wrong side of Cardassian space. After years of research and construction, the first superdreadnought was nearly ready for commissioning, Captain Nimitz then relocated to Battlestation Argo in 2416.

Unfortunately for Captain Nimitz, the political atmosphere was on the verge of an upheaval upon his arrival, Nimitz was imprisoned on false charges of treason and removed from command soon after his arrival. In order to secure his continued survival, Nimitz lied regarding the progress of the prototype vessel to buy time for him to plan his escape.

After making his escape, Nimitz ambushed and killed the entire crew of the Akagi, including her captain, one Saul Williams. After altering himself into Saul William’s life by changing his DNA and his body, Nimitz reached out to the Terran Inquisitors and arranged a bargain, in exchange for his return as Williams at the helm of the newly renamed ISS Akagi, he would not be investigated as long as he remained loyal to the Emperor.

Nimitz remained as Williams for two years until Admiral Quint’s successful take over of the Alliance planet Tzenketh, Quint placed Nimitz in command of the occupation forces. Following the successful repealing of the Alliance forces attempting to retake Tzenketh, Nimitz was granted a full pardon for all of his crimes, both real and false. He was promoted to Preator, or Military Governor, overseeing the largest frontline fleet yard in Terran history, as well as granted legal status as a Terran.

Nimitz now rules from his Imperial Palace on Tzenketh, which has been slowly terraformed and repaired following the devastation caused by the bombings. He has also made use of Synthetic slave labor forces to help build up the Tzenketh yards as the Empire’s leading source of new warships. In private however, the Praetor rarely ventures outside the system unless called upon by the Emperor themselves.


Name: Sera Valore
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Lieutenant Commander
Additional Info:
Lieutenant Commander Valore, one of the Empire’s devoted political commissars. Hailing from the colonial fringe, the Lieutenant spent much of her career assisting in the prevention of slave revolts.

Dubbing her strategy ‘Divide and Conquer’, Valore’s strategies involve eliminating slave cohesion and unity. Dividing the slave population into subgroups or ‘tribes’, the Lieutenant would subtly encourage them to fight amongst each other in an effort to force the different slave populations to be too weak to challenge the Terran Empire. In some cases, the divided populations would even warm up to their overlord in return for any advantage over their artificially created rivals.

Valore’s career itself is one show of loyalty after another. During her tenure as an Ensign, Valore received a promotion after discovering and turning over the names and corresponding evidence of fellow Vulcan officers who were in possession of banned books.

At the awards ceremony in which she and other fellow officers were promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Valore removed the tips of her ears with a pair of scissors - taking on a Terran personal name in the process. To this day, she can be physically identified as a Vulcan with a lack of points to her ears.

In the last few year, Valore has found herself suddenly assigned to Governor Nimitz’s staff. Whatever the reasons behind it may be, Valore has just finished drafting her proposal for the colony. Recently, she has earned the good graces of several prominent people onboard BS13 due to having an active role in preventing a suicide bomber targeting VIPs. She is returning after being sent to neutralize an entire colony of rebellious Vulcans, infiltrating the society as though she were one of them.

Name: Operative 723 ‘The Specter of Trebinzan’
Affiliation: Tal’Shiar, Romulan Star Empire
Rank/Position: Field Agent, Rank Unknown
Additional Info:
A deadly assassin of the Star Empire’s secret police, 723’s efficacy is matched only by their anonymity. Their true identity unknown to anyone outside the inner echelons of the security service, 723 has been tied in the Tal’Shiar’s files to a series of frame jobs, intelligence acquisitions, espionage operations, and yes - assassinations.

A near-perfect record, 723 has a reputation for coming in, achieving the objective, and departing. Whether with nobody noticing anything amiss, or any chaos caused never tying back to their goal, Tal’Shiar involvement arises only later from suspicions and rumors.

Their meticulous nature and extreme dedication to the mission objective augments their training and specialized skills. From proficiency with a sniper rifle to close quarters combat to an affinity with disguises and playing different roles, nobody is untouchable to 723. Whether from a shot from a different building or a stab in the back from a seemingly inconspicuous aide, anyone can be gotten to.

Rumor has it, Operative 723 has been assigned to a new and highly sensitive operation. More details are sparse, but it is unlikely that they are the only one involved.


Name: Shinwa Rumiho
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Lieutenant Commander
Additional Info: The daughter of noted battle master Admiral Kawamori and a rather cunning young woman. Her age is normally one for new ensigns of the Imperial Starfleet but she has used every resource, whether it is her father’s success, her mother’s notorious weapon designs, or her own insatiable knowledge to skip levels and commission faster than usual. Though some of her rank and position is classically derived by removing weaker officers formally holding those roles, advancing her own position, she also come by a lot of it naturally due to intelligence, skill, and cunning. In fact she has a rather atypically small amount of blood lust and is more well known for gaining favor without directly killing people (though some have certainly died by consequence of her actions later). Though it can be hard to determine at times which are the things to be more wary about. She constantly analyzes a situation and is a favorite of her superiors whom often expect ideas from her. She is a highly sought after officer for Captains to have on their crews as a Captain that can utilize such a rising star well could get good recognition themselves… maybe even advantage over her own father…

Rumiho in the past years teamed up with an Imperial soldier who commanded a group of Terran Marines (equiv. to Prime MACOs) to gain the advantages of someone commanding highly trained soldiers. The two were married and serve together now. As much as Rumiho plays games with her influence, it seems the two of them really do act as a team in their machinations.

She managed to add a new rank to her shoulders a year ago, and continues her work slowly rising as an operative for Admiral Quint.

Name: Shinwa Tsurugi
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Major
Additional Info: Terran marine unit commander. He leads of team of roughly 10 soldiers in a strike unit that has had a good record against Alliance held targets… in space or on the ground. Encountered then Lt. Kawamori Rumiho after a recent command transfer and the two realized how beneficial a mutual relationship would go and teamed up to help steadily advance each other’s goals. Ultimately they became more than just partners and were married. This also serves as an excuse to keep them in the same assignments. While officially Rumiho has no power of Tsurugi’s soldiers… many aware of her assume she has significant pull with her husband’s troops. He likewise benefits from her prestige and her connections to her family even though his wife uses his family name now.

His accomplishments in combat are owed more for his rank than removing weaker leaders… but unlike his wife who prefers a subtler touch, Tsurugi won’t hesitate to find new sheathes for his knife if the situation calls for it. There is a reason his family holds a significant domain on Mars.

Name: Tala Akaela
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Commodore
Additional Info: Originally operating from the sectors near DS9, this at first unassuming human woman started getting the attention of high admirals near her when her strategic and tactical acumen allowed her to succeed on one mission after another. This made leaders nervous and half her assignments were suicide missions, which she kept defeating with the help of a xeno servant assumed by many to be a confidant as well as her personal guard. Some think she is privileged because family of hers is a concubine in the imperial court and she is being granted favors. She tends to ignore rumors and prove her abilities in the field.

The siege of Sauria, the fourth battle of Minos Korva, the counter attack after a revolt in the recently conquered Tzenkethi system. Time and again her penchant for war and conquest has earned her the name Tala the Magnificent. After her triumph against the cyber drones controlled by Lothos and the machine’s defeat she was given the rank of Commodore. She was sent off with a small taskforce to create a beachhead against the Alliance Hero General Karig in a new front against the venerable foe. This was another attempt to see her defeated. She came back to BS13 after 2 years with the Klingon a broken prisoner and an information source the Alliance believes is dead.

((and Yes, she is a human. Does this confuse you? I don’t see how… She couldn’t be as powerful if she wasn’t. There is no way she’d be anything else.))


Name: Elizabeth Callahan
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Inquisitor
Additional Info: The life of an Inquisitor is as much myth as hard fact. Some say that Inquisitor Callahan is an advanced synthetic built to be the perfect loyalty officer. Some say she was salvaged from the Borg Collective after single handedly neutralizing the crew of the I.S.S. Massena. While any Inquisitor tends to invite their share of hushed speculation, Callahan’s disconnected affect and pointed ears tend to draw more attention than others.

What is certain is that Inquisitor Callahan serves the Empire with an unbending will, ensuring that loyalty is maintained through any division to which she is assigned. While rumors of a disloyal incident some years ago persist, a flawless marksmanship record with her signature TR-116b “Borgslayer” rifle guarantees that only the boldest officers would dare speculate aloud.

Name: Sii’Yasha Yira
Affiliation: Sh’Varan Slavers Guild
Rank/Position: Apex
Additional Info: Life is cheap in the Terran Empire, but there is money to be made selling lives. The slavers of Sh’Vara have made their fortunes trading slaves for as long as anyone can remember, for the Terran Empire, the Klingon Cardassian Alliance, and to anyone else with the latinum to pay. While some may find their indiscriminate trade distasteful, those who oppose Sh’Vara have a strange habit of disappearing.

Sii’Yasha Yira more than lives up to the legacy of Sh’Vara, reveling in her trade and the hunt for worthy prey. Her stock ranges from humbled Klingon warriors to failed Terran dissidents, once powerful Vulcan rebels to the finest Kelpian livestock. Leading her crew of cutthroats as the Apex of her vessel, the Pakhet, there are few who are beyond her reach.

Name: “Daegnus”
Affiliation: Tal’Shiar
Rank/Position: Commander
Additional Info: A captain with no name. A ship with no crew. Even among the ranks of the Tal’Shiar the man known as Daegnus is an enigma. Rarely seen amongst the ranks of the Star Empires officers, the service record of the Riov and his strange destroyer is classified to all but the Tal’Shiar’s highest eschelons. Even then, official records on the vessel and its sole reported crew member are remarkably sparse even by Romulan standards.

Name: Cheddar
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Housepet
Additional Info: Since Lieutenant Evan Maxwell was killed in the Talaxian Uprisings his pet cat has been left to wander the station. Reactions to the roaming animal have been mixed, but he seems to have found some measure of popularity among certain circles of the station. While some claim to have tried to capture the animal, none have yet succeeded.

Name: D’Kera Mandukar
Affiliation: Romulan Empire
Rank/Position: Civilian
Additional Info: D’Kera Mandukar, once the proprietor of a popular flower shop on the Romulan Brea III colony, has settled into a quiet retirement with her husband Siras tr’Varros.


Name: Miriam Reyes
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Lieutenant
Additional Info: Miriam was destined to a life as a world famous singer. That is, until her abusive parents ripped out her vocal cords because her “warbling was annoying”, and because she would not serve the empire in a more productive manner.

A now mute Miriam now devoted her time to serving the empire in a more productive manner. She joined the academy, and during that time, created a device that would allow her to talk mechanically. Graduating as a zoologist, she spent her first moments as a newly minted Ensign watching her final graduation project, a trained and tamed animal, rip her parents in shreds in front of her.

She is known to be a brutal animal whisperer, though she is not much of a talker. Who needs agonisers when using animals is a much better sport?


Name: Liasvarnu the Fourth
Affiliation: The Union
Rank/Position: Field Explorer
Additional Info: Liasvarnu is a proud agent of the Union, which has long made a vast section of the gamma quadrant naught but a haven of camaraderie and cooperation, bringing its ideals of a joint future to countless systems. Though guided by the wise Founders, who are known to elevate all the species they encounter to positions of respect and equality, any and all can rise through the ranks of this interstellar faction so long they embrace its purpose: to free all sentient beings from the chain of tyranny so that they might add and enrich the future alongside all others.

Because of so noble goals, however, recent first contact overtures with the Terran Empire have been all but pleasant, tense relations keeping the two on the verge of a terrible war that the latter may not be entirely prepared for. Indeed, though both remained oblivious to the existence of the other until recently, the whims of fate and technology have brought the two giants dangerously close to the other’s doorstep and it may be a matter of time before hostilities ensue.

In an attempt to find common ground and either delay or prevent the inevitable, Liasvarnu and the Ometra-48, a Liberator-class battleship freedom fighter vessel, have been sent to BS13 alongside a humble retinue of escorts, if only time will tell whether her assignment is doomed to end in bloodshed – and the eventual liberation and enlightenment of all the species subjugated by terrans.


Name: “Savant”
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Savant Adjunct
Additional Info:
This particular servant of the emperor carries the mysterious rank of Savant Adjunct, so that is what people call her. A member of the Imperial School of Psychics, she was ordered a year ago to assist Rear Admiral Quint, and by extension the 38th battlefleet, in any way she was required.

Over the course of the past year, she has used her abilities to discover spies, interrogate prisoners, and enforce the will of the emperor… for failure would only mean death.


Name: Dmitri Konieczko
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Captain, Commanding Officer of Battlestation Argo
Additional Info: Captain of Battlestation Argo. Having assumed control on the orders of the late Commodore Desimone following Captain Nimitz’ removal from post, Captain Konieczko has been ruling commanding with an iron-fist. Literally so. Following an incident on the front-lines while he was in command of the I.S.S. Bloodletting the Captain was unfortunate enough to lose an arm and had a metallic prosthetic grafted on. It has since been up(?)graded to include an array of explosives and a deadman’s switch to ward off any would be assassins.

While Captain Konieczko’s methods are quite over the top and aggressive they do prove to be incredibly motivating.


Name: Shysaa th’Vylrik
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Major/Imperial Inquisitors
Additional Info: Not much is known about Major Shyssa. A member of the Empire’s Inquisitors, the Major is in command of a small group of Elite Imperial Guards, that operate from the Imperial Warship Vol’Rala, one of the new Adamant class Heavy Raiders, under command of Captain James Pryce.


Name: Lady Lauren Varley
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Captain of the I.S.S. Saratoga
Additional Info: The spoiled heir to the noble House Varley, Lady Lauren Varley, Duchess of Montreal, has reigned captain of the I.S.S. Saratoga for several years. Having been born into the upper echelons of Terran society, she was fast tracked through the academy and into a command position to plunder wealth for her family and secure relations with the Imperial Starfleet as her mother before her. Nonetheless she has a mostly poor reputation among the admiralty, often wielding her influence to weasel her way out of cumbersome orders and inconvenient assignments.

The popular saying “You don’t need friends if you’re friends with a Varley” rings true for most who serve on her crew; they tend to find themselves well paid, well fed, and well protected. She has a reputation for unorthodox flexibility in how she solves her problems- breaches of ethics such as a willingness to work with non-Terrans means she often achieves what she sets out to do, but rarely fits the archetype the Empire prefers of its Captains. Particularly for one of her standing this is unseemly, and some wonder just how far the Duchess can press her influence before it snaps.


Name: Jodi Izly
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Lieutenant Handmaiden

Additional Info: Like many Non-Terrans; Jodi was part of a life of poverty and shame for most of her existence until she decided she’d had enough and would prove to her Terran Rulers that she would be worth their time as more than just another statistic of failure. Taking to her closest ‘Terran Embassy’ and attempting to give them what for…only to be turned away repeatedly and basically at the door; leaving her annoyed, and desperate. But with not much else to do she occasionally continued to try to get in with no luck as expected.

However, after enough persistence and beatdowns; Izly’s efforts managed to have her catch the eye of one Lauren Varley. The Terran Elite saw promise in such a headstrong yet ignored individual and recruited the Trill into service on-board the I.S.S. Saratoga; running Izly through the required steps to be technically ranked as a Lieutenant; while moreso essentially being Lauren’s Handmaiden and Attendant. Izly herself wasting no time in taking that fire and willingness to support her higher-ups and transferring it towards proving her loyalty to Lauren, the Varley Family, and the Terran Empire overall.

Over the past year, Izly has been in continued service under the Lady Varley- though not commonly found in direct service typically; instead having been sent on multitudes of missions and exercises by Varley’s command, the actual nature of these unknown as always, but Izly was not one to question- or fail.


Name: Kudak’Zuma
Affiliation: The Union
Rank/Position: First Liberator
Additional Info:
Assigned as First on board the Ometra-48. Kudak’Zuma volunteered and was assigned to Liasvarnu’s retinue as a bodyguard. Though the Union wasn’t as hostile or aggressive as the Terrans, it wasn’t naive. It certainly had its own share of hostile encounters. And its own show of force. The Jem’Haddar, while on an equal footing as all other species in the Union, were the most seen specie in the armed forces of the Union.


Name: “V”
Affiliation: Tal’Shiar/Romulan Star Empire
Rank/Position: Agent/Rank Unknown
Additional Info: Not much is known about V other than her credentials of being
an operative aboard legitimate Gunrunning and smuggling ship all checks out. Her Motives for doing business with the Terrans are unclear and although cordial and in some cases, nice, lies a coldness in her eyes


Name: “Sierra Takamori” ( Icai Sierra Ithiliel )
Affiliation: Klingon-Cardassian Alliance
Rank/Position: Sleeper Agent ( Terran Commander )
Additional Info: DECEASED
An Alliance Deep Covert Sleeper Agent, the woman self identified as Icai Sierra Ithiliel served in the Imperial Starfleet 5 years moving steadily through the ranks as a competent helm officer. After a series of high profile deceptions, she was found responsible for delivering the I.S.S. Albion into Alliance hands before returning to Battle Station 13 in its Aquarius Class Escort. After being named Commander and Commanding officer of that vessel, she initiated a heavy sabotage of the stations weapons research facility and a new form of Transphasic Torpedoes. She was killed during her escape by Beylara Ailes, apparently while resisting arrest in the middle of self righteous monologue.

Analysis of her body after autopsy revealed that she was not Terran but a heavily genetically engineered being; presumably her ancestors once hailed from earth. Most of the results of her autopsy remain classified, as do a series of Japanese Inspired Poetry found in public access aboard the Battle Station at the time of her death.

Name: Johnathon G. Traise
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Commander
Additional Info: Johnathon G. Traise is a worm. He is the kind of man who actively subverts to gain an edge. It is perhaps the only thing of his personality that is reliable; aside from extreme anger issues, a short temper, and a predisposition to jump first/figure out a solution later.

His previous record indicate a sudden rise to command after a largely classified incident involving the I.S.S. Khitomer, a trans-dimensional device, and a significant amount of Borg Tech from an alternate universe. However, despite his demands for a ship of his own, he has instead been constantly regulated as Chief Science Officer without a posting in active command. This was further compounded after rescuing the I.S.S. Albion after it had been captured by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. His reward for the ship’s rescue was 3 months worth of interrogation and incarceration after it had been found he had been sleeping with Sierra Takamori, who was revealed to be a deep cover agent of the Alliance.

He was transferred to Battle Station Argo as a simple weapons research scientist, a post he disdains marginally less than his last one and regularly complains about lacking a command of his own. His last two years have been spent with him working on a very secretive project, rumored to be an anti-ESPer weapon. But what it exactly is and who it is for is a mystery, as is which “promising” scientist’s deaths he has been responsible for on the way to making it happen.

Name: James Remoi
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Captain / I.S.S. Albion
Additional Info: James Remoi is your standard swashbuckling, relaxed, Terran Psychopath. Captain of the I.S.S. Albion for the last 5 years, he specifically sought to claim the title to keep it out of the hands of his father Garret’s usurper, Johnathon Traise, who was presumed to have murdered his former mentor aboard the I.S.S. Khitomer. This was not done out of any sense of revenge or duty, as James could have cared less about his father, but was more out of obligation to the principle of the thing. One needs to maintain a legacy, after all.

While his stint as captain has been off and on, including some time presumed dead in Alliance space, he has returned to his ship, the Albion, time and time again. While originally a test bed for his father’s starship designs, the current “Big Al” has found itself refit in the vein of the current Terran Trend of Lexington Class Dreadnought. James, a talented pilot and shrewd Captain, has used her to significant effect. He has maintained his stranglehold of the vessel in no small part to his substantial close quarters fighting experience and technique; in which he is a known dirty fighter.

Johnathon Traise views him as his personal nemesis; James, largely doesn’t seem notice, which is a lie. He is well aware of Traise’s personal vendetta, he just doesn’t care, and uses that fact to bully him relentlessly. Once again, not because he is his father’s killer, but because it is hugely just entertaining.

Name: Tulon AKA: “Tulon Murdergalley”
Affiliation: Slave / Formerly Independent Pirate
Rank/Position: Slave ( Former Captain )
Additional Info: The thoroughly brainwashed slave, answering to Tulon, is a bit of a mystery. The Tellarite appeared aboard Battle Station 13 roughly a three and half years ago with a regular shipment of slaves and a constant capacity to mumble. The mumbling stopped after an… encounter… and deep brain dive from Inquisitor Ailes, and he has been nothing more than an obedient and down right empty headed slave since.

Genetic testing revealed a hit from a criminal database that Tulon was at some point known as “Tulon Murdergalley”, a deep space pirate captain of some renown for his giant beard, theatrics, and colorful language. The name Murdergalley coming from his rumored eating of those who refused to join his crew. Such events were never proven, or dis-proven. The strange part is there was no report of his defeat or capture by a member of the Empire.

How Tulon Murdergalley ended up in servitude, let alone Battle Station 13, or became a perfect slave is utterly unknown. But he is quiet now and does his job.

Name: Kul of House Krag’gor
Affiliation: Klingon-Cardassian Alliance
Rank/Position: Dahar Master
Additional Info: Kul was born into a well established and strong House on Qo’noS, he was given the finest tutelage in both academia and war available. True to form he was not meeked, despite such privilege, and proved to be a model Klingon Noble Heir.

He volunteered for war service as soon as he could, and worked for years through the ranks to prove his worth before relying on his name and house like many others. Eventually he rose to position captaining the Kristak against not just the Terran Empire, but any enemies of the Alliance. He gained particular notoriety for consistently extending principles of honorable combat and chivalry to his foes. In fact, the title of Dahar Master was first bestowed upon him for that fact, and largely because many viewed his strict reliance to those ways would result in an early death.

But, he is not dead, yet, and perhaps the closest thing to a Paladin of the Alliance as you could get. He still keeps up with his academic studies, particularly Maths and Painting, and considers himself a Polymath.

Name: Sogun “The Smith”
Affiliation: Independent
Rank/Position: Shipwright
Additional Info: Sogun is an Orion independent ship collector and master shipwright of her own private shipyards. She has largely been able to maintain her independent status via secrecy and being good at what she does; starship repair, retrofit, refit, and design. Her station, an old Orion facility, is surrounded by her collection of starships, and an active queue of vessels waiting for repairs or upgrades. She has been known to affiliate with Kul of House Krag’gor in the past, and has worked enough for the Alliance that her independence has been questioned.

Name: Pecius Ir-Romulus
Affiliation: Tal’Shiar
Rank/Position: Unknown
Additional Info: Not to be confused with the mild mannered, dark haired romulan slave seen aboard Battle Station 13, nicknamed “peace” in a mockery of his countenance (Pecius Ir-Romulus is, after all, blond).

A few small details have leaked about “Pecius Ir-Romulus” aside from the place of his birth, the homeworld. Pecius (Meaning “Peace” in Latin) is rumored to be the codename assigned by the Empire to a particularly calm Tal’Shiar agent, from some kind of deep family based network serving in that branch the Romulan Empire. While not notorious enough to warrant much attention, what reports of him indicate a very interesting and select group of known associates within the espionage agency.


Name: Serah Grant
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Commander/Imperial Corps of Engineers
Additional Info: After joining the empire Serah perused a career of engineering, serving on several ships but never feeling quite satisfied with life on a warship, this would lead Serah to apply for the Imperial Corps of Engineers a position she would find not only far more fulfilling but also gain far more success in.

Serah is considered an unusual example of the typical Terran she seems to have little interest in raising her rank or gaining political power in the empire rather merely remaining loyal to anyone willing to fund her research and development only removing threats to her position when it gets in the way of work. While some believe her apparent lack of ambition is nothing but a cover for her true goals few can argue the results of her work and most in positions of power are willing to overlook the quirks of her personality if they gain first access to the next generation of weapons and ships.

Serah is credited with the development of several modern incarnations of offensive and defensive systems as well as assisting in refit and development of many of the current imperial warship designs. She is currently working on a modern variant of the Spinal Phaser Lancer for use on modern dreadnaughts and was invited to the fleet being given essentially unlimited resource and budget as long as the fruits of her research and development go to the fleet first.


Name: Countess Alexandria Elizabeth Holmes
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Deputy Earl Marshal
Additional Info: With notable extensive service throughout the Imperial Starfleet formative years, including events such as the Earth-Romulan Conflicts, the Ba’ul Famines, the Andorian Uprisings and the Domination of Qo’noS, the Holmes family was elevated to nobility with a fair deal of prestige.

Alexandria herself, however, never considered a career in the Imperial Starfleet, opting instead to devote her pursuits to academia, studying at the historical Paul Stamets University in 2382, studying fields of Subspace and Temporal Mechanics. She had flawless grades, spending all of her free time in study, never seeking to spend time with her intellectual subordinates in frivolous pursuits, much to the ire of other students and the staff.

In the final year of her studies, what was ruled as an accident occurred in a Subspace Dynamics lab, resulting in Alexandria losing her right arm. A cybernetic replacement arm was grafted to her shoulder, and after two months of rehabilitation she returned to the University, attracting the attention of a number of faculty.

Over the course of the next few months, her class size had been reduced by 80% following accidents in experiments with subspace interactions with dark matter. This had the perhaps good fortune of attracting the attention of then Vice Marshal Janeway during an inspection of the universities facilities.

The Vice Marshal acted as somewhat a mentor for the applied practices of Alexandria’s studies and offered a position as a researcher, with the Vice Marshal’s support at Jupiter Station, following a large ceremony for the remaining 26 graduates of her class.

Starting in 2386, Alexandria spent the next five years developing enhanced quantum field emitters, leading a research team tasked with expanding knowledge and applications of both Transwarp and Slipstream engine technologies liberated by the I.S.S. Voyager’s journey through the Delta Quadrant. While this project did not bear any direct fruit for Transwarp engines, it did enable a prototype replicated slipstream drive to be deployed based on the liberated drive from the species designated 116 by the Borg.

In 2391, Alexandria was summoned to the Emperor’s Palace in congratulations for expanding the range of conquest available to the Terran Empire. While she did not meet the Emperor directly, she was granted the title of Baroness, bequeathed to the office of the Earl Marshal, along with an estate in the Casperia system.

Over the next eight years, Alexandria expanded on her political capital, climbing to an administrative position within the Casperian governance, allocating funding to scientific pursuits thus driving research and innovation, culminating in almost a decade of work alongside other teams from across the Empire to establish the first links of the Imperial Transwarp Network based on liberated Borg technology from the I.S.S. Voyager.

In 2400, she was granted the title of Viscountess for her further contributions, and maintained an office in the Imperial Senate advising Senators on matters of science and technology. The next few decades of Alexandria’s life were fairly uneventful, with only the usual number of assassination attempts and typical attempts to curry favour. All that changed when the Iconian War began.

In 2414 Casperia was uniquely placed to reverse engineer a large portion of future technologies captured during the Iconian War. For her vision, Alexandria was awarded her new title of Countess, and placed directly beneath the Emperor’s inner circle as Deputy Earl Marshal. It is from there she has since been working on new technologies to explore new opportunities for conquest.

Since departing Casperia in the early 2420s, Alexandria has been seldom seen in person, surrounded by a small cohort of scientists and engineers, it is rumoured she is head hunting promising upcoming scientists and engineers to breach dimensional barriers allowing practically infinite worlds open for conquest.