SUBJ: Project Teleraptor Enhancements Retired? | TO: CMDR Austin, M. | CC: CAPT Sel, Z.

Security Level 2 - Confidential

TO CMDR Austin, M.
FROM CMDR Zarath, T.
SUBJ Project Teleraptor Enhancements Retired?


Please see attached. After a single experiment, which I might add produced some interesting pathways forward, this project is apparently being retired by the Admiral without even telling us that himself through proper communication channels? I'm livid, Commander, surely you must feel the same as this is directly impacting your staff and projects, skipping multiple links in the chain of command.

The discussion surrounding and results of this experiment would be vital to complete the open aspects of Project Teleraptor, namely to "Automate rapid deployment for area denial" as you can see in my second attachment. I do not understand why the project would be cancelled, especially as in the message, they cite the "effectiveness of Project Teleraptor". If the project as is was so effective there wouldn't be an open objective to further improve it.

I feel as though the Admiral and his advisors do not understand the importance of the work that was being carried out here, and if they do, that only raises implications I don't particularly want to think about.

Obviously as this was ultimately a Starbase led and based project, I feel it would be more appropriate for yourself and your staff to take this forward. Should you require anything from me, I shall make myself as available as feasible over the next few days.

Commander Tellara Zarath
Executive Officer, U.S.S. Brahe
AAR: Teleraptor Enhancements Experiment 1.rpt
Anti-Azedi Project Overview.sfml