USS Reyga

U.S.S. Reyga

USS Reyga
Titan Class
United Federation of Planets
Starfleet 38th Fleet

The USS Reyga (NCC-98122) is a Federation Titan Class starship operated by Starfleet. This Reconnaissance Science Vessel is optimized for mid-range exploration and science missions, and is capable of filling the role of destroyer in general fleet operations. Reyga is named for a Ferengi scientist who was killed shortly after inventing the first generation of metaphasic shielding - a technology which has been integrated into this class starship.


Part of the second flight of Titan-class vessels, Reyga was launched from the New Aberdeen Fleet Yards and commissioned in 2422. The vessel spent eight weeks post-commissioning being fitted with its mission pod and undergoing systems integration testing before being delivered to the 38th Fleet for its first tour of duty.

Technical Data

Physical Arrangement & Crew Support

Like the rest of the Titan-class, Reyga was designed as a streamlined modern improvement over the successful Luna-class of the late 24th Century and therefore boasts most technology and systems common to vessels built after the Iconian War.

450 m
200 m
59.5 m
1,135,000 mt
Habitable Decks:
Crew Complement:
Emergency Cap.:
Average Cruise:
Maximum Cruise:
Maximum Speed:

Warp 8
Warp 9.985
Warp 9.992 (for 12 hours)
Quantum Slipstream Drive
11x Type-XIV Phaser Arrays
4x Dual‑Mode Torp. Launchers
2x Photon Torpedo Launchers
Multilayer Regen. Shields
Metaphasic Shielding
Electronic Warfare Package
Auxiliary Craft:
2x Type 11 Shuttlecraft
6x Type 9 Shuttlecraft
4x Type 8 Shuttlecraft
1x Delta-class Runabout
8x CMU Workbees

Though the ship’s full length is 450 meters, some 125 meters of that are occupied solely by the aft portion of the warp nacelles. The Titan-class design consists of a saucer-shaped primary hull, a secondary hull which mounts two warp nacelles, and a modular mission pod mounted at the dorsal connecting point between the primary and secondary hulls.

Though the class as a whole is rated as a long-rage explorer, Reyga is configured for mid-range mission profiles. Shipboard stores and provisions are carried sufficient for 3-month voyages, while systems and equipment are generally due for starbase maintenance at 6-month intervals. Longer duration missions are possible following minor reconfiguration at a starbase.

Accommodations are standard fare for mid-size cruisers without civilian/family capabilities. Junior enlisted personnel are housed two to a room, while senior crew and all officers are afforded single rooms. Amenities include four holodecks, a gymnasium with swimming pool, a recreation room, two mess halls, two observation lounges, and a number of multipurpose crew lounges.

Both primary and emergency medical care are offered in Reyga’s sickbay on Deck 5, which includes the standard range of biobeds and equipment, as well as a surgical suite and two medical isolation rooms. In the event of patient overflow, Cargo Bay 2 in the secondary hull can be rapidly converted to a triage and treatment station.

In keeping with its scientific and exploratory mission profile, Reyga possesses a wide range of each multipurpose, configurable, and dedicated science labs and workstations. Approximately one third of these facilities are contained within the mission pod.

Titan Class Master Systems Display (giant version)

Deck Directory
Deck 1 / ABridge, Mission Pod Maintenance
Deck 2 / BOfficer's Mess, XO's Office, Chief of Security's Office, Science Labs
Deck 3 / CSenior Officer's Quarters, Sec. Computer Core (upper level), Science Labs
Deck 4 / DSenior Officer's Quarters, Crew Quarters, Sec. Computer Core (lower level), Transporter Rooms, Science Labs
Deck 5Sickbay, Crew Quarters
Deck 6Forward Observation Lounge, Junior Officer's Quarters, Cargo Bay 1 (upper level), Airlock, Holodecks 1-4, Impulse Engines, Crew Mess
Deck 7Astrometrics, Crew Quarters, Cargo Bay 1, Arboretum, Gymnasium, Life Support Substation, Aft Torpedo Launcher
Deck 8Life Support Substation, Brig, Crew Quarters, Crew Lounges, Briefing Room
Deck 9Armory, Probe Storage, Primary Shield Generator, Deuterium Storage (upper level), Fusion Reactor (upper level), Shuttle Bay 1 & 2 (upper level)
Deck 10Forward Torpedo Launcher, Damage Control Central, Life Support Substation, Deuterium Storage (lower level), Fusion Reactor (lower level), Shuttle Bay 1 & 2 (main level)
Deck 11Deflector Control (upper level), Primary Computer Core & Library (upper level), Damage Control Substation, Maintenance Hangar (upper level), Shuttlecraft Storage, EVA Maintenance Bays, Aft Photon Launchers
Deck 12Deflector Control, Primary Computer Core & Library (main level), Main Engineering (upper level), Maintenance Hangar, Shuttlecraft Storage, Aft Observation Lounge
Deck 13Deflector Control (lowerlevel), Primary Computer Core & Library (lower level), Main Engineering, Life Support Substation, Cargo Bay 2 & 3 (upper level) , Aft Observation Lounge
Deck 14QSD Systems, Metaphasic Shield Generator, Antimatter Pods, Antimatter Generator (upper level), Cargo Bay 2 & 3
Deck 15Industrial Replicator, Antimatter Pods, Antimatter Generator (lower level)
Deck 16Engineering Labs

Command & Control Systems

Bridge Module Layout

The Titan-class utilizes a hybrid isolinear/bio-neural computer system, designed to provide redundancy and reliability while maximizing computational speed for high-priority processes. The ship employs two computer cores, one each in the primary and secondary hulls. Operational control of the ship is provided by the modular main bridge, located on Deck 1. Reyga’s bridge module layout is optimized to support its standard mission profile. In the event of catastrophic damage to the bridge, Command and control functions can be transferred to either Main Engineering or Astrometrics.

Propulsion & Power Generation

Main Engineering Layout

Reyga possesses a standard Class 12 matter/antimatter warp drive, with an average output of 6,500 teradynes per second, powering a standard cruising velocity of Warp 8, up to a maximum cruise of Warp 9.985. Reyga is rated for a conventional top speed of Warp 9.992 for a period of up to 12 hours. The Titan-class warp core serves as the primary source of power for all ship systems, supplanted by the vessel’s conventional deuterium fusion and impulse reactors. Sublight propulsion is achieved primarily through the use of the vessel’s large twin impulse engines, located on the trailing edge of the primary hull. Fine maneuvering control is provided by RCS Thrusters.

In addition to traditional warp drive, Reyga is equipped with a Quantum Slipstream Drive, allowing limited-duration, unidirectional bursts of transwarp velocity.

Tactical & Defensive Systems

The primary defensive measure for the Titan-class is an advanced multilayer regenerative shield system, capable of operating in either standard or bubble-mode. A secondary metaphasic shield generator provides increased protection against thermal, radiation, and subspace distortion effects, allowing Reyga to navigate nearer to a variety of hazards than other contemporary designs.

In keeping with the ship’s designation as a destroyer, the Titan-class carries a respectable array of offensive weaponry. The oval borders of the primary hull hold four phaser arrays, two dorsal, two ventral. Two smaller arrays are present on the dorsal side of the secondary hull, on either side of the shuttle bay. A single phaser array runs perpendicularly along the ventral section of the secondary hull. The final four arrays are located on the trailing edges of the warp nacelle pylons (one dorsal and one ventral for each pylon), bringing the total phaser array count to eleven.

Reyga sports two twin-tube dual-mode torpedo launcher emplacements, each attached to a magazine of photon and quantum torpedoes. The forward launcher is located on the connecting segment below the saucer and above the main deflector, and the aft launcher is located above the shuttle bay. An additional two single-tube photon-only launchers are located at the extreme aft of the ship in protruding sections port and starboard of the maintenance hatches.

In addition to conventional weaponry, Reyga’s mission pod affords a unique tactical option. The pod’s oversized subspace sensor array and particle generators can be utilized as an electronic warfare package, increasing the likelihood of being able to disrupt enemy targeting or communications.

Auxiliary Spacecraft

The Titan-class possesses a single large shuttle bay structure, situated in a cutout of the aft dorsal secondary hull. Two flight bays, termed Shuttle Bays 1 and 2, are located in line with the space door, with storage and maintenance hangars occupying the space beneath. In addition, eight maintenance bays are located aft of the shuttle bay door, with their top hatches creating a “runway” platform. In addition to housing the ship’s “Workbees”, this recessed area can be enclosed in a forcefield to allow personnel access to larger craft landed externally or any number of other ad hoc projects.

In addition to the 8 CMU “Workbees”, Reyga carries a Delta-class runabout, two large Type 11 Shuttles, six Type 9’s, and four Type 8’s.


Titan-class starships are designed to carry a standard complement of 350 officers and crew, but are capable of being operated at minimum acceptable functionality by as few as 50. Not counting guests or temporary attachments, Reyga does not have accommodations for civilian personnel or families. In an emergency situation, the Titan-class is rated to carry up to 1,250 passengers for a limited duration.

Reyga's typical departmental personnel breakdown is as follows:
Command: 56 (20 Officers/36 Enlisted)
 1 Captain 9 Pilot
 1 Executive Officer45 Tactical
Security: 43 (11/32)Medical: 28 (16/12)
 1 Chief of Security 1 Chief Medical Officer
42 Security 3 Physician
12 Nurse
12 Medical Technician
Engineering/Operations: 134 (22/112)Science: 88 (30/58)
 1 Chief Engineer 0 Chief Science Officer
 7 Operations Officer 8 Section Head
66 Maintenance Engineer20 Science Officer
45 Systems Engineer20 Research Scientist
15 Shuttle Bay Deck Crew40 Lab Technician

Senior Staff



James Kermit


Katriel Sedai


Sola Sono

Victor Castillo



Reyga in planetary orbit during her shakedown cruise.

Reyga at warp.

Reyga in drydock at Deep Space 13.