8 Jul to 22 Jul: DS9 Defense Campaign

A volunteer task force is being assembled to reinforce DS9 and the alpha quadrant. Argo officers embark on a temporary reassignment based around DS9 to help with the hur'q conflict.


When: Long term event. Starts 8 Jul @ alpha (with task force departure), lasts until 22 Jul @ gamma.

Audience:  OPEN 

Event Type: Social & Gameplay

OOC point of contact: @evenrue (but not really because this is self-directed)


This is basically an excuse to get the fleet out to DS9 and hanging out in a new setting. Base personnel who are interested in going will be assigned to the USS Atlantis for the duration.

In addition to the obvious available social RP in Quark's, the following is a 'questline' chain of missions that players are invited to undertake and complete as a fleet. None of the staff are going to GM these for you, you are welcome to pick up each mission, self-select the logical mission lead, and just go.

The catch is that the missions must be done IN SEQUENCE and you must produce a short AAR for each mission to be considered 'complete', before the next one can commence.

If the fleet as a whole completes the entire chain, as a 'prize', Argo and its officers will receive special recognition for their efforts during this campaign ICly. You (collective fleet 'you') may start the first mission no earlier than 8 Jul @ gamma.


Argo's DS9 Defense Campaign

1. FOR SHIP CAPTAINS: Defend Defera from Hur'q assault. DS9 forces receive a distress call from Defera, Argo ships are sent out in defense. Use the gamma quadrant battlezone mission "Planetary Assault" to simulate the combat.
2. FOR ENGINEERING OFFICERS: Construction of enhanced hur'q swarm detection for DS9 sensors. Considering Defera's close call, Starfleet is prioritizing methods of finding hur'q faster before they get to where they want to go. Get the aging spaceframe some upgrades so that we can do this.
3. FOR SHIP CAPTAINS: Eliminate hur'q forces on their way to Betazed and recover a hur'q cocoon husk. The new DS9 sensors are working and have tracked a swarm of hur'q on their frenzied way to Betazed. Catch up with them and neutralize the threat. Use the gamma quadrant battlezone mission "Sinister Gathering" to simulate the combat. You will need to do the meteor thing just to complete the mission, but please RP as if there is no specialized weapon yet.
MISSION COMPLETED - aar 1, aar 2

4. FOR SCIENCE OFFICERS: The previous mission resulted in the recovery of a hur'q cocoon husk. Starfleet is hoping that science can develop weaponry modifications to be more effective against the husk's material.
5. FOR SHIP CAPTAINS: Eliminate hur'q forces on their way to Trill. The new weapon modifications have been installed and just in time for another swarm tracking its way to Trill. Neutralize the threat. Use the gamma quadrant battlezone mission "Sinister Gathering" to simulate the combat.
This could be fun for Tadashi, though my available times with decrease rapidly in the second week of this.
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I have a few questions about how this works... like for starters, how do we get a team together for events 1,3,5? Like do we just team up based on who is online? Or do we set up a team before hand and then agree on a time?
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The answer is: whichever gets it going.

It's worth knowing that 1, 3 and 5 don't actually need a full team and I'm not requiring that you have 5 for any given mini event. (That said, I would strongly STRONGLY prefer at least 3 unique players for any given quest step, engineering/science aspects included.)

If you're online and you're noticing you have 3-5 captains online and you're all bored / not doing anything, then just go. Take the role of DS9 ops, interrupt the social with a fleet call, and make it happen. If it's been a couple days since the last mission went and you're noticing people aren't getting on often enough to trigger the next step, then post here on the forums and find out who can be available to get it done.

While I'm at it, none of these missions preclude the possibility of other events happening. Engineers want to help with DS9 reconstruction? By all means. Medical officers want to do some triage assistance on station or on Bajor? Do it! (And I know there is an event going on the 14th -- that should still happen.) Please consider the whole prompt a jumpstarter and not a limitation!

A last word: obviously, DS9 is a public space with RPers who may or may not be in the same canon space as we are. (in fact, they probably aren't.) Please be kind and flexible where you're able, but if it's really not working, consider moving to ship bridges or private instances (or swap Quark instances).

That said, if you find yourself working especially well with a random RPer and they seem interested in what you're doing and working with our canon, though, feel free to bring them along!
The Calendar time has confused me but from what I interpret from the first post. The event will start with the Task force Departing for DS9 at Alpha shift today which is roughly - 9 hours away from now?
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That's correct, yes. It is GM-less, so if people are around at that time and want to RP it out -- great! Go for it!

But regardless of if there are people available to do the on-screen bit, all vessels will arrive in a timely manner at DS9 within the same day.
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Cool. That's just what I was checking. Awesome looking forward to this, its always nice to RP somewhere different and DS9 is a lovely map to do so
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Tarvala would happily volenteer to go on one of the ships leaving to defend DS9 on what ever ship would take her. Her home world is not all that far away.
Departure in approximately 20 minutes.
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I assume Gemini Squadron would be being assigned to DS9
It's primarily a volunteer basis, however some people are being conscripted as well. If you would like your character to go of your own will then feel free to have had your character contact the Rear Admiral's office. If you would like to go but don't have a reason to / want your character to have been ordered to go then feel free to say you've been conscripted and assigned.
Im sure Timo intends to volunteer us lol :d
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Ship captains, you're up again.
Science officers, you're up! (Two missions left, one week to go. Looking good, guys.)
I might be able to make the 20th, with my ship, but not any of my characters
I am free to do the science one so feel free to grab me!
I am free to do the science one so feel free to grab me!

I think the science episode was finished last night, unless they missed something
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Oh! Well if they haven't I can make it! If they have then no problem!
Science mission checked off. All good to go on the last.