AAR: Where did you see it last?

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CPT Valencia, G

After Action Report

LOCATION Potter’s Field, Kelterre Sector.

MISSION Investigate non-apperence of a civilian ship S.S. Disconsolate Nostalgia.

OUTCOME S.S. Disconsolate Nostalgia found destroyed. Sole survivor rescued.


  • CAPT A. Nimitz (U.S.S. Pegasus)
  • CMDR E. Callahan-Kermit (U.S.S. Valkyrie)
  • CMDR G. Dunoon
  • LCDR Klaarna
  • LT O. Mercer
  • LT S. Valore

  • CPT G. Valencia

BACKGROUND Rimward Logistics are a small trading enterprise that operates within the Kelterre, Doza, and Itrin Sectors. We have previously had contact with them when we responded to a distress call from the Longshot Hypothesis, and when discovering a potential slaver ring on the Tenacious Rhetoric.

NARRATIVE Upon arrival at the scene, we found the S.S. Disconsolate Nostalgia in two parts, split in half by a combination of plasma and disruptor fire. There was only one lifesign aboard. As the ship was drifting into the Potter’s Field Anomaly, it was decided that the U.S.S Valkyrie should tow the ship parts out for docking. Whilst this was happening, this officer led a team from the U.S.S Valkyrie to set up transporter enhancers on the ship since we could not beam the sole individual out directly. Once onboard the S.S. Disconsolate Nostalgia, this officer was joined by members of the U.S.S. Pegasus.

They quickly discovered the sole survivor onboard, hidden and unconscious. Meanwhile, this officer was able to access the computer data for information about what happened. The cargo manifest checked out, with no illegal substances listed (though the cargo had long gone at this point). The ship’s flight plan also checked out. Finally, sensor data revealed what had transpired.

Whilst at warp, the ship sustained a kinetic impact which initiated the computer’s emergency transition to real space. However, before the crew could raise shields, they were boarded by what looked like Romulan forces. The boarding party was quick and efficient, quickly dispatching the crew and beaming all cargo and surrendered crew onboard the ship. An unmarked Mogai class ship was seen attacking the outside of the vessel, rendering it in two and then using a tractor beam, pushed the two parts towards the field.

Analysis of the data by this officer after the fact showed that these were trained and competent guards, however, they should not pose much of a threat to a trained Starfleet crew. The tactics and movements of the invaders seem to indicate Imperial or Republic armed forces, however, there are differences that indicate that these boarders cannot be Imperial Military nor Republic Special forces. The team does not look old enough to be ex-members of either the Empire or the Republic militaries.

RECOMMENDATION Further investigation into the attack is warranted. The sole survivor, once they have regained consciousness, may be able to add more detail.

RECOGNITION All personnel performed as expected.

OOC This is the AAR for the event Where did you see it last? Event logs available upon request.