AAR: Distress Call S.S. Longshot Hypothesis

Stardate 96205.3
Subcommander Tylen tr’Valex
Security Level 2 - Confidential


LOCATION: Echomet System, Kelterre Sector, Alpha Quadrant

MISSION: Respond to distress call from the S.S. Longshot Hypothesis claiming to be under attack.

OUTCOME: Call responded to, Longshot heavily damaged, entire crew either missing or deceased. Responsible party escaped. Bodies were recovered for return to families.


S.S. Longshot Hypothesis

CAPT Hanson, U.S.S. Sunrise
CAPT Nimitz, U.S.S. Pegasus
CAPT Tanaka, U.S.S. Singapore
CAPT Wallunga, U.S.S. Wayfarer

SCDR Tylen, R.R.W. Laehval

On Stardate 96205.2, a distress call was received from a ship approximately one lightyear to the galactic southwest of Echomet. The R.R.W. Laehval was one of five ships to respond to this call. Upon arrival, the ship in question, the S.S. Longshot Hypothesis was already heavily damaged with systems nonfunctioning. No life signs were detected and only 15% of the freighter continued to hold atmosphere. Damage patterns and energy readings were consistent with Rihannsu weapons, specifically disruptors.

Once preliminary scans were taken, the Laehval began patrolling the perimeter under cloak, scanning for trace tachyon particles that would indicate the remaining presence of a potential cloaked Warbird. As the Wayfarer began to prepare a team to search the ship, a tachyon sweep from the Sunrise hit my ship and ensured my position was revealed to any other lurking ships in the area. I returned the Laehval to the main Fleet position.

While the away teams prepared, the Laehval utilized scans of the weapon fire patterns to try and match the tactics used to specific Rihannsu ships or organizations. Once the reconstruction was complete, it was clear the attack pattern was one utilized heavily by the Romulan Star Empire. Being familiar with Imperial tactics of this nature, I joined the away teams on the bridge of the Longshot to confirm my suspicions.

The away team found bodies left behind, marked with disrupter fire or bladed weapons. A medical team from the Laehval was unable to conclusively determine if the bladed weapons were Rihannsu in origin, however the preliminary results were inconclusive. Remaining evidence was not sufficient to confirm or rule out the possibility of Rihannsu blades. At this point, my away team returned to the Laehval.

Shortly after, the Sunrise detected the presence of foreign Rihannsu. The Laehval moved into position and attempted to coordinate with the Sunrise, however the ship must have gone to warp as the Sunrise was no longer able to detect their presence. The Sunrise and the Singapore attempted to pursue the unknown ship’s warp trail while the remaining ships continued to monitor the situation. Once the Wayfarer’s away team completed their assignment, all ships returned to Deep Space 13.

The recovered bodies should undergo further examination to determine if any additional evidence can be recovered. All current evidence points to an assault conducted by remnants of the Empire. Cargo logs of the Longshot were pulled and can be analyzed to determine what the Empire had aimed to recover.

In future operations, Starfleet ships may wish to exercise more caution in their use of tachyon scans and bursts. Simply coordinating with Republic ships will eliminate accidental reveals of our ships and allow us to retain the potential for covert intelligence gathering or surprise ambushes from hostile forces.

OOC: If I missed anything in this report, do feel free to contact me for corrections! Thanks to Aev for running this impromptu event and shoutouts to Turtles, whose accidental typo of my ship’s name made me double check and realize it was I who screwed it up. Don’t name your ships after midnight, kids!

Stardate 96207.1
LT Valore
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Kelterre Sector, Alpha Quadrant

MISSION: Respond to distress call from the S.S. Longshot Hypothesis claiming to be under attack.

OUTCOME: Call responded to. Longshot heavily damaged - entire crew either missing or deceased. Responsible party escaped.

U.S.S. Pegasus
U.S.S. Sunrise
U.S.S. Singapore
U.S.S. Wayfarer
R.R.W. Laehval


This officer was present aboard the Pegasus for the duration of this mission. This officer has focused one's attention on the cargo manifest and the entity in possession to glean the following results:

1) This vessel is owned by an independent merchant entity that seems to operate out of Itrin. Their records were well kept and legitimate - to the point that one could refer to them as 'too legitimate'. Under further suspicion and investigation, this officer has a reason for such a matter. Several of the business partners and suppliers simply do not exist. Others do, but not at the official listed names or locations. In layperson's expression, this is not normal.

2) The cargo bay was found to be completely empty by the responding task force. The cargo manifest lists standard foodstuffs and some rare items that could be cause for piracy, however this officer has noted a portion of the manifest marked as 'miscellaneous goods'. Given the specific descriptions of the rest of the manifest, this officer believes this vaguery to be suspicious. Whatever this item was, it was clearly sought after by whomever attacked this vessel.

RECOMMENDATION: Given the discoveries of this officer, it is the professional logistical opinion of this officer that the following occur:

1) An in-depth investigation of the mercantile association that owns the freighter occur - both of it and its associates. It could have links to subversive activities.

2) Efforts be made to discover why what appears to be a Romulan Star Empire vessel would be interested in the cargo of this vessel.

OOC: This is Valore's research into the freighter.

Stardate 96207.6
CMDR Wallunga
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Kelterre Sector, Alpha Quadrant, approx. 1 light year galactic southwest of Echomet system

MISSION: Response to distress call received from SS Longshot Hypothesis

OUTCOME: Answered response call; ship in question heavily damaged with crew either slain or missing (see details below). Flight logs, crew roster and cargo manifest recovered. Bodies of slain crew members returned to DS13 for further evaluation/investigation.

U.S.S. Pegasus (CAPT Nimitz, A.)
U.S.S. Sunrise (CAPT Rose)
U.S.S. Singapore (CAPT Tanaka)
U.S.S. Wayfarer (CMDR Wallunga)
R.R.W. Laehval (SCDR Tylen tr’Valex)


Along with the above mentioned ships, Wayfarer received a distress call from the SS Longshot Hypothesis, a merchant vessel, an audio only message detailing that they were under attack. Wayfarer arrived first, followed by the rest of the ships noted above. Initial scans indicated that the attackers had already departed the area, and the ship was set to Yellow Alert at this point. As the remainder of the group set up to scan and secure the local vicinity, Wayfarer began recovery operations. Initial readings of the Longshot indicated heavy damage, less than 15% breathable atmosphere available aboard the ship, and zero life signs. Wayfarer dispatched away teams equipped with vac-suits, phasers, tricorders, medkits and other equipment needed for their tasks; those tasks were:

  • Find wounded and treat, prepare them for transport to Wayfarer; tag dead bodies for retrieval (by beaming them to Wayfarer);
  • Recover flight logs, to determine origination of the merchant vessel and it's destination, as well as relevant flight path;
  • Recover crew roster, to identify the dead for repatriation;
  • Recover cargo manifest, to determine what the ship was carrying and to cross reference with cargo found on ship to determine what, if anything, was taking or damaged during the attack.

The away teams were able to complete these assigned tasks. What follows is a summation of their reports:

Regarding Crew Roster:
12 crew, including Captain, First Mate, Chief Engineer and Second Engineer were assigned to this vessel. However, only eight bodies were recovered from the merchant vessel. Full listing is shown below. Those eight bodies that were found were additionally determined to have been killed, more or less in place, by either disruptor fire at close range, or with bladed weapons. Some were found in positions or in situations indicating that they had attempted to fight off their attackers, though ultimately to no avail. The Chief Engineer, Sura, in particular, had marginally better luck prior to his demise, apparently wounding one or more of his attackers. This is indicated, according to the away team members report to me (attached, below), by an "excessive amount of green blood that does not match that of any of the other crew on duty in the Engine Room at the time of the attack". Some of this blood was collected by Crewman First Class Andra Vastii for further study.
Further, the following individuals are presently believed to have been captured by the attackers: Fere, Surrausa, Iju, Ewan. These individuals were named as being part of the active crew roster, but their bodies were not recovered by the away teams. It is therefore assumed that they were taken by attackers, and their present status is unknown.

Regarding Cargo Manifest:
The cargo manifest showed a wide range of foodstuffs, normal trade goods and some luxury items that can normally be found from the nearby systems of Itrin, New Circini, Annatar and Echomet. This includes a few rarer items, as well as some food items that are normally not well produced by replicator technology. While the vast majority of the cargo-related records appear to be meticulously maintained and updated, one section indicated "Miscellaneous Goods" having been picked up in Itrin, with no other data. This is clear contrast to the detail-oriented recording of other cargo data in the manifest, and this officer is found quite curious regarding the secrecy or discrepancy noted here. In either case, all cargo listed is presently unaccounted for, as all of the cargo hold has been taken by the assailing forces.

Regarding Flight Logs:
Review of the flight log data recovered indicates that Longshot made a circuitious route through the Kelterre and Doza sectors, and most often made stops at Echomet, Itrin, New Circini and Annatar. Given the location of the ship when it released its distress call, it can be surmised that it was en route to Itrin, though the data doesn't specifically say that (insofar as what was recovered; it is possible that some data was destroyed or corrupted during the attack). This route appears to be a regularly scheduled route, one that has been flown for some time and with noticeable consistency.


This officer recommends the following, based on the discoveries made:
  • Complete forensic evaluations of the deceased to determine causes of death, with a push towards collecting evidence for or determining who the attacking party or agency was;
  • Upon completion of relevant investigations, released bodies of crewmembers back to member worlds and/or families, possibly through diplomatic channels as needed.
  • Contact should be made between the Fleet, Starfleet, and/or the Federation (whichever is most appropriate) and the agency that owned Longshot in order to salvage the ship, collect necessary insurances for the vessel and the (presently) lost cargo, and other things that may need to be done by the owning agency.
  • Continue investigation into determining who made this attack. Present theories seem to indicate the former Romulan Star Empire, or at the least, those armed with Romulan technology. Whoever staged this attack, however, appears to have known which merchant vessel to strike, and had an organized plan to do so.
  • Attempt to determine the nature of the "miscellaneous goods" Longshot procured in Itrin prior to the attack. It is possible that this is a clue in determining who attacked them and why, and where they are now. Further, there is the sample of the blood that Crewman Vastii collected; it is presently being stored on board Wayfarer at this time.
  • A more generic statement, but lastly, recommend additional and heightened anti-piracy patrols. Given the currently nebulous nature of the status between the Federation and the Azedi, having additional pirate groups in our area of operations is more than we need. Additionally, efforts to neutralize any active pirates in our space will make mercantile enterprises more likely to be successful and, by extension, more supportive of our position in this region of space.


Responding to the distress call via Tarm's perspective. Attached files shows everything that Tarm's people were able to get from the ship, as well as collections of his away team's reports. Lastly, deceased bodies and the blood sample collected from the merchant are being released to DS13, but based on other things I am presently working, both in game and IRL, I'm electing to make all that stuff happen "off-screen". Poof- dead bodies on ice in DS13 Medical; sorry!
OOC: Small note: I forgot to include the names of the merchant crew that were taken by the attackers in my initial post; I've edited it in. Admins, if necessary, this post can be deleted, I just wanted to point out the edit.
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