Pariah Brainstorm Meeting

TO: Alcon
CC: U.S.S. Providence Senior Staff
FROM: Lt. Commander Everhart
SUBJECT: Pariah Meeting

For those concerned,

A meeting was held among senior science and engineering staff today about possible solutions to the Pariah incident. Namely reducing the six month one way distance down to something more manageable. I will briefly outline each one.

Proposal One: Mineral X
Building off the information from this report by one Subcommander Mandukar mineral X may increase our upper level impulse speed. Two main methods are being worked on. One, spearheaded by Elizabeth Callahan plans to modify our existing impulse engine set-up to utilize the mineral as an added means of power. Her work shows a 5% increase in impulse speed at this point.

The second mineral X proposal, put forth by Chief Engineer Brot'la, aims to create a brand new prototype impulse engine utilizing just mineral X. This ship would utilize warp drive to reach the omega zone then switch to the new engine to decrease travel time. A second set of conventional impulse engines would also available should the prototype drive fail. The Commander stated his department is putting priority on this project.

Proposal Two: Solar Sail
Put forth by Lt. Commander Osiangli this plan hopes to recreate a Bajoran solar sailor. Utilizing self-generating tetryon particles as a means of propulsion the sailor would achieve much faster speeds without relying on subspace. A time-dilation issue was brought up at the meeting which would need additional lab time to determine the full effects.

Proposal Three: Quantum Slipstream Drive
Put forth by myself, I think that the QSD may be utilized to increase our upper impulse speed. I don't have much to say regarding this method at this point in time. I'll be able to give more accurate information after numerous tests are completed.

The general consensus was that each of these theories needs work before we attempt anything close to a real world test. Any member of the starbase staff with ideas are encouraged to pass those up you chain of command. Likewise I'm sure you folks aboard the Providence are working just as hard as we are back here. Any ideas you want us to test or bounce off us are encouraged.

Lieutenant Commander Reese Everhart
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Deep Space 13
To: LT. Commander Everhart
From: Captain Kero Elan


I wasn't on the Starbase when the meeting happened but due to my scientific background I have taken an interest in all progress made regarding the resolution of the situation with our stranded fleet members.

I see some very good ideas from your report and, as always, our science and engineers give the best they can.

I am very much not the person who will make the final decision, so I would just like to offer some counsel, which you are free to take on board or not as you see fit. I am writing this to you, rather than the Fleet Captain or the Admiralty because you have all the data, and ultimately you are more than capable to recommend the best course of action without me trying to bypass you. So just take this as you would with any of your science staff.

Nothing stops us from creating a smaller solar sail craft which could be carried by a ship up to the point where warp is still available. If we decide to go down that route, it would be more viable than just doing the whole trip with the solar sail.

Regarding slipstream I'm somewhat conscious of the fact that you still need a subspace field to create one. It also still requires a warp field. I am aware that you said you are still working on this solution and I am intrigued by this idea so I will be spending some time to see if I can come up with ideas that might help you achieve your goal.

The problem with what we know about slipstream is that you will probably be able to initiate slipstream, as what you are doing is essentially creating a needle in subspace to split it, and you may even be able to get to an area where subspace has been compromised. The exit from slipstream might however be problematic, as if subspace is disrupted you might not be able to smoothly ease out from the slipstream. Getting back, due to the requirement of a warp field, will be even more problematic.

But I think it would be too early to give up this idea. We could fit the ship with the special impulse engines to get out of the area once we arrive.

Ultimately I just hope we will be able to get our fellow comrades back home soon.

Captain Kero Elan
USS Troi

((OOC reference: - also I seem to vaguely recall that Paris had to reach a certain warp speed before he could initiate slipstream)
To: LT. Commander Everhart
From: Captain Kero Elan


I didn't even make it to my replicator to get a Raktajino and something else came to mind.

Bajoran solar sails were capable of small warp jumps, and that might be enough to jump-start a slipstream. We'd have to work out a way to keep the ship into a warp bubble during the stream, but maybe we can redirect the tetryon particles to create such a bubble.

I will work on this idea, rather than sending you messages I will come up with a plan. If you have another meeting I would love to be present.

Captain Kero Elan
USS Troi
TO: All prior recipients
CC: U.S.S. Providence Senior Staff
FROM: Commander Rix Brot'la
SUBJECT: RE: Pariah Meeting

Ladies and Gentleman,

It has come to my intention that some things are not quite clear on certain subjects. We will have to sit down again together to productively look into these three plans and share our current findings. I suggest doing that a week from now. Next to that. I have a new idea, that might work, but had no time to be discussed.

Graviton Catapult

Working on something other than purely Subspace, I would say this plan has its merits. A graviton subspace requires a pocket of null space and a catapult on either side. This basically creates a transwarp situation, where in a vessel enters this null space and travels through it to the end of the pocket.

To further Elaborate, Null space is a layer of space that. The pocket of space is filled with the bright light of condensed turbulent magnetic and gravitational fields absorbing all electromagnetic energy from anything that enters the phenomenon. Not only can we enter this subspace through a Catapult, also photon pulses can be used when the pocket of nullspace has been set up. In this case, it was hypothesized in the past that Null space is created when clouds of interstellar dust and gas coalesce. If we could create this, it would be a lovely feat in Scientific and engineering progress. Then we come to the issue of the Catapult, yet that is rather a concern of reading some schematics.

In the past we have seen this successfully work in the Delta quadrant and so I will start working on this as well as the engine in the future. Now in case of this plan, we have two problems two solve. We have to create a pocket of null space and we have to make a large enough catapult for a reasonably sized Starfleet vessel.

Anyone that is interested contact me.

With regards,

Commaner Rix Brot'la
Chier Engineer
Deepspace 13

((I think we all deemed it a good option, because we used Memory Alpha as a source, which gives no reference to that fact, but I agree it is janky.))
TO: Commander Brot'la, Rix
ATTN: FCAPT Perim, Neema
From: CAPT Altais, Eli
Subject: Null

Commander Brot'la, well done.

Your brain allowed me to delay contacting Captain Perim for atleast another day.

As soon as we entered this situation I knew of only one mostly quick simple and sure fire way to get us the distance required quickly. I've already begun my final draft plans.

Speak with Perim and Celes, but I would advise focusing on the catapult.

CAPT Altais, Eli
Executive Officer
Deep Space Thirteen
TO: Captain E. Altais
CC: FCAPT N. Perim
FROM: Commander Rix Brot'la

Captain Altais,

Great minds think alike, I suppose. My only problem with the current plan is that we are not sure there is still null space in the vicinity of both the station and the Pariah Colony. We have to run some tests on both sides to see. This will have to be done extremely thoroughly, this is a plan that knows no equal. I suggest you work together to check if there is Null space through the usage of Modifying a phaser bank into a photon pulse, this might open a rift into null space, yet I can not guarantee anything.

I also suggest you focus on working on solutions to survive in the colony and make yourself able to care for everyone and feed them. We have enough resources to work through the planning. Your resources, however, will run low if they are not filled. Replicators might run low as well as solid foods. I suggest you focus on finding a way to extend that, while we work on the solution of getting you out.

With regards and care,

Commaner Rix Brot'la
Chier Engineer
Deep Space 13
TO CMDR Brot'la; LCDR Everhart;
CC CAPT Altais; CAPT Elan;
SUBJ Pariah Colony Proposed Solutions

Thank you all for your hard work coming up with possible solutions to this unfortunate situation.

Since any actual implementation will take a significant amount of time and resources, Command will be reviewing simulation results and theoretical data before choosing a course of action to endorse and allocate resources towards.

Please continue your work in the theoretical. As you begin to test your theories, be sure to forward your simulation results to Command for consideration. I appreciate being kept advised of any new developments.

As an additional note, from this point forward, any on-station simulations or efforts are to be coordinated by both the science and engineering departments. Please be sure to include each other when testing your theories, as I want to see each proposed method from both perspectives.

Keep up the good work, and let's bring our people home.

Fleet Captain Neema Perim
Commanding, Deep Space 13

((OOC: Please remember to speak with the GM, Katriel, regarding your proposed solutions, especially when it comes time to begin running simulations. Positive results without the GM's approval are not really results at all! Thanks for keeping this going, everyone!))
TO CMDR Brot'la; LCDR Everhart; CAPT Elan
CC CAPT Altais;
FROM Fleet Operations Control
SUBJ Pariah Colony Proposed Solutions

This evening the USS Providence, with Captain Altais at comms, made an off cycle transmission to the starbase. He requested that the science and engineering team look into somehow using probes to relay communications to eliminate the current time delay that we are experiencing between the starbase and the team on the colony.

Captain Altais made a special point to say that this was an order.

<Fleet Operations Control Desk>

((OOC: A point for the discussion on Tuesday might be various means to brainstorm how to bridge the comms gap.))