Romulans in Argo

This page provides the framework that allows Argo to support Romulan Republic characters. While much of the information here is IC knowledge, this post serves as an OOC guide to roleplaying a Republic Romulan in Argo.

All Republic characters in the fleet will fall somewhere inside this structure. As described below there are two basic categories for Republic characters:

  • 11th Expeditionary Flotilla - The Romulan equivalent of the 38th Fleet.
  • Exchange Officers - These are Republic characters that serve on Starfleet ships/stations.

If you’re interested in playing a Republic character in Argo, please read through this post to be sure you fully understand how things work!

11th Expeditionary Flotilla

A direct successor to the JSI, the 11th represents the Romulan Republic’s interests in this region of space. A full write-up on the origins and composition of the flotilla is posted as a reply. Characters within the flotilla are further subdivided into two groups.

Warbird Crews

The backbone of the flotilla, the majority of Republic player characters will fall into this category. This includes:

  • Warbird CO & XO’s
  • Department Heads
  • Player Crew

The default player group for Republic character’s will be the flotilla’s flagship, the RRW Tebok. The Tebok is commanded by Commander Nathes i-Chaltok t’Velal.

Warbird personnel follow the standard warbird chain of command. Department staff report to department heads, who report to the warbird’s XO and CO, who report to Subadmiral Miral.

Flotilla Staff

Encompassing both the commanding officer’s staff and personnel that would be organic to an operating flotilla, flotilla staff are stationed on the RRW Tebok but remain outside that chain of command. Examples of flotilla staff positions include:

  • Flotilla Intelligence
  • Flotilla Administrative Personnel
  • Flotilla CO’s Security Detail

Flotilla staff personnel report directly to Subadmiral Miral, stationed on the Flotilla Flagship, the RRW Tebok.

Republic Exchange Commission

A specialized branch of the Republic Navy, the Republic Exchange Commission is dedicated to fostering mutual respect and cooperation between the Romulan Republic and its allies. Through the assignment of personnel to foreign commands, and through the incorporation of corresponding foreign personnel into domestic commands, all parties involved gain valuable insights and a deeper understanding of their allies. The awareness gained by the Republic Exchange Commission goes beyond operational matters, extending additionally to the advancement of social and cultural understanding between previously disparate peoples.

All Officer Exchange Program participants report directly to Admiral Tokkra’s office, which delegates authority to the allied unit in which the participant is embedded. Exchange officers are expected to fit seamlessly into their allied command structures and follow all legal and reasonable orders issued by their superiors. In the case of a conflict of interest between the exchange officer’s duty to the Republic and their duties to their allied units, the officer should contact Admiral Tokkra’s office directly for a resolution.


Republic Expeditionary Flotillas


Expeditionary flotillas are a rather recent development within the Romulan Republic Forces (RRF). In the early days of the RRF, fleet power was concentrated into a single, nomadic flotilla with several smaller task forces branching off on an as needed basis. After the founding of New Romulus, RRF was reorganized to resemble a more traditional naval structure with numbered flotillas assigned to different operational areas. The term flotilla has remained, a callback to the original Romulan Flotilla.

Despite the reorganization, the combat power and general effectiveness of these early flotillas often only existed theoretically. Comprised entirely of aging ex-imperial hulls with crews of questionable loyalty, they were limited to mainly defensive operations. Fractured logistical support, a rapidly changing command staff, and unstable politics on the home front ensured the RRF remained mostly paralyzed.

As the Republic found its feet the RRF was slowly reorganized once again into a more effective force. Senior officers of questionable loyalty were slowly replaced by Republic supporters. New warbirds, initially designed and built with extensive support from the Federation and Klingon Empire, began to appear within the flotilla. This allowed the RRF to conduct several offensive operations against the Romulan Star Empire to consolidate territory and liberate additional worlds.

That consolidation allowed the RRF to weather the Iconian onslaught. They emerged from that conflict with a renewed interest in self-sufficiency and a wealth of combat experience. The post-Iconian war RRF was hardly recognizable when compared to it’s predecessor of 2409. Flotilla’s were equipped with state of the art, Republic designed and built warbirds crewed and commanded by a core of combat hardened veterans.

As the Romulan Republic expanded its influence and engaged in diplomatic initiatives, there arose a necessity to project power beyond its immediate borders. This lead to the Joint Squadron Initiative being absorbed by the Republic Exchange Commission.

Following the Terran invasion, RRF Command established a formal board to review existing commitments outside of Republic territory. The board found that in many instances, JSI detachments were being under- or improperly utilized by allied admirals and recommended drastic changes to how the Republic organized expeditionary forces.

RRF Command ultimately elected to scale back the Republic Exchange Commission. Exchange officers would require additional vetting, and their numbers would be limited in nature depending on the specific area of operation. JSI detachments would be consolidated into regional expeditionary flotillas. While still relying on allies for logistical support, these flotillas were to ensure the Republic’s interests in far flung strategic regions were being met.

Purpose and Composition

Expeditionary flotillas enable the Romulan Republic to rapidly deploy and sustain its forces in distant regions, facilitating effective responses to emerging threats or crises. Unlike traditional numbered flotillas, an expeditionary flotilla’s primary purpose is to venture into uncharted regions of space seeking out new territories, resources, and potential allies. These exploration-focused endeavors align with the Romulan Republic’s commitment to rediscovering their heritage, establishing diplomatic ties, and expanding their influence in the galaxy.

Warships within an expeditionary flotilla are not only designed for combat but also equipped with state-of-the-art scientific instruments and long-range sensors. This unique blend of military and exploration capabilities allows the flotilla to conduct scientific research, gather data, and explore the mysteries of the cosmos while maintaining a formidable offensive and defensive posture.

An expeditionary flotilla’s expeditionary nature is further exemplified by its fleet composition. In addition to combat vessels, the flotilla includes dedicated science vessels, survey ships, and exploration cruisers. These specialized vessels are equipped with advanced laboratories, observation decks, and advanced scanning systems, enabling Romulan explorers to study and document the unknown regions they encounter.

11th Expeditionary Flotilla

The 11th Expeditionary Flotilla has been established to replace the Joint Squadron Initiative (JSI) detachments in the Risa, Aldebaran, and Ba’aja sectors. In addition, its area of operations has been expanded to include the Kelterre, Doza, Itrin, and Alpha-7190 sectors. This transition reflects a shift in operational priorities and the Romulan Republic’s evolving approach to expeditionary missions and joint operations.

As the 11th Expeditionary Flotilla takes on the responsibilities of the JSI detachments, the 38th Fleet remains dedicated to offering crucial logistical support to ensure the smooth transition and ongoing operational effectiveness of the new flotilla. The 38th Fleet continues to play a vital role in ensuring that the 11th Expeditionary Flotilla remains well-equipped and supplied during their extended deployments into uncharted regions. They provide essential logistical support such as fuel replenishment, repairs, resupply of provisions, and medical assistance.


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