To: CAPT Bishop | Asaid Nuzoth incident

To: CAPT Bishop
CC: CAPT Nimitz, CAPT Mirazuni, RADM QUINT
From: CAPT Hanson
Subj: Asaid Nuzoth incident

Captain Bishop,

At the latest talks there was an incident. A Nuzoth delegate denoated a bomb on himself, killing 18 people and injuring many more. Predominantly Asaid.

Luckily for us the ambassadors are fine. As they are the only two on the same page while the people around them seem to be against the peace.

It is of my opinion that war could be imminent. Thus I ask for some assistance to watch over the borders.

I should also note captain my suspicions of Klingon involvement have been confirmed even more after a Nuzoth delegate suggested the Klingons should help to delegate in a joint council.

Captain Rose Hanson
Commanding Officer,
USS Sunrise

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To: CAPT Foraker, M (@Nimitz)
CC: CAPT Hanson, R (@Eunha)
BCC: RADM Quint, E (@Quint)
From: CAPT Bishop, S
Subj: RE: Asaid Nuzoth Incident

Captain Foraker,

Effective immediately, you are to warp to the Krekt System in the Ba’aja Sector and render assistance to Captain Hanson. Your mission will consist solely of keeping the peace, dissuading any hostile movements. You are not to engage and should fighting break out, you are to withdraw immediately and await further orders.

Captain Hanson, your focus now should once again be de-escalation and try to get both sides to the table again. If you need more assistance, I can provide it.

Good luck.


Captain Samuel Bishop, PhD
Executive Officer, 38th Fleet ‘Argo’

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To: CAPT Hanson, R (@Eunha); CAPT Tungsten, D (@DrakeTungsten)
CC: RADM Quint, E
From: RDML Bishop, S
Subj: Continuing Diplomacy

Captain Hanson,

Thanks to your efforts, the situation has once again reached a level where we can restart negotiations. However, given reports from the Klingon Empire, I require you to move to border patrols for now.

Captain Tungsten, upon receipt of this message you will be taking command of the diplomatic negotiations regarding the Nuzoth and the Asaid. Please familiarise yourself with the following reports and then schedule a meeting with me. I would like a proposal on how you will approach these negotiations.

This is of utmost importance; tensions within the Klingon Empire will no doubt spill into border areas and I want our assets protected in the area should things go badly. Achieving lasting peace here will go a long way toward achieving that goal.


Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Samuel Bishop, PhD
Executive Officer, 38th Fleet ‘Argo’



To: RDML Bishop, S (@Sam )
CC: RADM Quint, E, CAPT Hanson, R
From: CAPT Tungsten, D
Subj: RE: Continuing Diplomacy

Admiral Bishop,

I would like to schedule a meeting between us at the start of Gamma Shift this Thursday, if you are available to discuss this.

That said, I have reviewed the reports, and am considering our options and approach for negotiations, but I have a few questions that might best be answered, or at least posed, now before we meet so we may have a more productive meeting.

Firstly, I’d like some guidance on The Federation and Starfleet’s position on offering more peacekeeping patrols, or counter insurgency forces. I feel it may be necessary to speak with the ambassadors before knowing if this would even be well-received by either side or not, but it could be a useful arrow in the quiver, so to speak, if all parties are agreed. I do not want to make promises we cannot, or will not keep, however.

Second, I’d like confirmation of my understanding while reading this that the Federation recognizes the Nuzoth government as the legitimate governing body in the Krekt system, or at least the planets they currently hold, and that we also want good relations with both parties to keep the Klingon border secure. I am certain that cessation of violence is our primary concern, but I’d like to make sure I am keeping the Federation’s interests in mind here as well.

Thirdly, should I be making any follow-ups regarding the outside technology to the Nuzoth, particularly in regards to Federation technology? I anticipate accusations from the Asaid toward us on that, if they have not already been made in earlier contacts. Captain Hanson’s report on stardate 97024.7 seemed more a beginning than a conclusion, to me. If I am perhaps just missing the results on that, I’d appreciate being filled in so I may answer intelligently in talks.

Please let me know if Thursday at Gamma will work for you to meet, and if you wish to answer my questions there rather than in communications, that is fine with me, but I thought it would be a better use of our time either way if you are prepared for them.

Captain Drake Tungsten
Commanding Officer,
USS Dragon


To:CAPT Tungsten, D
CC: ~~
From: RDML Bishop, S
Subj: RE: Continuing Diplomacy

Captain Tungsten,

Thursday Gamma is fine. Conference Room opposite Event Horizon.

Whilst we can offer patrols for peacekeeping, and for limited counter-insurgency, if said insurgency is a direct threat to the Federation, I would very much like to avoid this if possible, especially for long term purposes. I do not want to have our ships forced to patrol a corridor of space that could have been avoided by careful negotiations.

You are correct in your second point. The Federation respects the right of self-governance for all states, and we do recognise the claims made by the Nuzoth on the whole system. However, the Federation also recognises the Asaid’s claims to the system, and any negotiations must be impartial and fair. Federation interests directly correlate to a peaceful settlement, as long as both parties are happy with said settlement.

Due to the increased volatility of the situation after the terrorist bombings, Captain Hanson diverted most her attention into lowering tensions and so was not able to follow up on these claims. However, now that we are able to breathe a little, if you think following up on this technology can help your negotiations, you are free to pursue this lead. At present, what has been written in the reports are the extent of our knowledge.

Do let me know if you have any further questions or queries.


Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Samuel Bishop, PhD
Executive Officer, 38th Fleet ‘Argo’

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