TO: CAPT Levesley | SUBJ: Requested Department Support

Stardate 94053.7
Security Level 3 - Restricted

TO CAPT W. Levesley; USS Camelot
FROM CMDR M. Leveson-Scott

SUBJ Requested Department Support

Captain Levesley,

In response to your previous request [94037.7_lev.cmm] submitted to this department for support with you ongoing investigation of the rogue 'Branded Lady' group; I am formally reporting my appointment as your allocated asset within the Office of Intelligence.

Since it my understanding that archive files on this subject have already been shared with you - it is no doubt understandable that I have little extra to offer you at this time. That said I am aware of new developing leads from your squadron already - a commendable execution of a solid plan Captain, for which you have my congratulations - in the capture of your two prisoners and recovery of their vessel. It is of course the prerogative of your squadron - as those currently in custody - to conduct the interviews and ship analysis, though should you desire a direct presence from this department during these tasks, I will of course be happy to oblige. I would also suggest that whoever conducts the prisoner interviews starts with one whom we have already identified as 'Hans Mengs'; his past activities have left known warrants with a multitude of organizations - both friend and foe - which leads one to surmise that is an independent operator [dossier attached].

Now Captain, I would not want disappoint by establishing our departments support to your investigation without having a more tangible lead to present. To this end please refer to the attached document [94023.9_sel.cmm] which is a correspondence received from your colleague - Captain Se'Lai - regarding this matter; with particular reference to her enclosed communique received from a senior leader within the OSN [orion space navy], one Tabadi Mysti. The Tabadi speaks of an independent information broker with direct ties to the Branded Lady group - which could also prove to be an association to some degree of your above mentioned prisoner. Therefore I recommend that you consider establishing contact with this Tabadi; that we may further investigate any potential connection.

I should also inform you that the OSN holds custody of at least one group of Branded Lady operatives whom were previously transferred from our own forces due to outstanding warrants held by the OSN [see 93885.3_lov.cmm], which presents further interest for establishing an amenable relationship. On said note, I should inform you that whilst they are still a relatively young organization; the OSN is considered a rising power within the sector with a rapidly growing power base and political standing. Intelligence also suggests that they are actively pursuing diplomatic relations with the Federation; so I advise that this is held in consideration during any talks with the organization, should they be pursued at all.

One final note of interest that I feel worthy of your attention Captain; is the mention made by Tabadi Mysti of one Lieutenant Lendaria. The Lieutenant was reportedly the one whom first established contact with the information broker the Tabadi spoke of, but furthermore; she is a serving officer on board DS13 [science dept.] and the Tabadi's biological daughter. My initial inquiries into the Lieutenant's connection here also suggest prior contact with agents of the Branded Lady group who reportedly made an attempt on the Lieutenants life. This also brings to light what is perhaps the most troubling of all revelations here in the implication of this rogue group having it's clone operatives active within Starfleet. Though I stress that there is no actual evidence to support this claim at present; I know that as a seasoned commanding officer - not least a former officer of this department - that you do not need an analyst sat behind a desk somewhere to tell you how important our maintained vigilance is with this potential threat.

Please also see attached dossiers on all of the above mentioned entities, provided for your convenience. My own investigations will continue and I will keep you apprised of any pertinent developments. For now Captain, simply allow me to wish you the greatest of success in your ongoing endeavors and reiterate that I am here to provide all available support to you that is within my realm of influence.

Sincerest Regards,


Commander Leveson-Scott, M.E. II
Starfleet Office of Intelligence, DS13

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//ATTACHMENT// 93885.3_Lov.cmm
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