Back in the Saddle

Back in The Saddle: Prolog

Directed by:
Deep Space 13 Fleet Station; Aldebaran Sector

USS Sun Tzu has returned to DS13 after heavy patrolling through the Federation-Klingon boarder, ensuring that the “aftermath” remains out of Federation Space. With the exception of a few scraps, the ship and crew have all made it out well enough and look forward to getting back to their normal post-war schedules. The Senior Staff had convened in the Briefing Room to review and go over new orders.

[LCDR] V’era::“The Placement of L’Rell as Chancellor, instead of J’Ula, shines hope that we won’t see much of the old hostilities of the Mo’Kai house against the federation. Especially with Former Chancellor Martok as an advisor.”

[CMDR] Roptojmey: Grunts “Even so, Mo’Kai’s malice will focus on the houses and races that opposed them before they turn their attention to the Federation.”

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan:“The Nausicans, Letheans, and Ferasans who remained loyal to J’mpok are going to face the brunt of that wrath…Thankfully the Orion’s flipped sides.”

[CMDR] Roptojmey:“The Empire will deal with them the same as they have delt with others, have the leadership killed and loyalists placed in charge.”

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : “There is still the matter of all the refugees, and the massive humanitarian aid concerns they will have to deal with.”

[CMDR] Jessie Stern:“Thankfully that’s a diplomatic corps nightmare, not ours.”

[CMDR] Maikull Barron: “Right. Look, I know things have been very tense during the Klingon Civil War, especially with us skirting the boarders and patrolling Hot Zones. So, before we go off on a well-deserved shore-leave…”

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: whispers in a hushed voice “Risa here we come!”

[CMDR] Maikull Barron:“…I’ve decided to take us out on a simple survey mission. My hope is that this will help the crew decompress from the Civil War, so the lingering thoughts aren’t bogging them down while on their on the beach trying to relax.”

[LCDR] V’era::“What system are we surveying? I mean depending on where it is, that could take weeks to–”

[CMDR] Maikull Barron:holds up his hand to cut the young science officer off “Not to worry, this is a wrap up survey mission of the Zhen Xiu system. The Dallas was out there last and left a Level 3 Probe, and I think there are some geological samples of the asteroid belt that still need to be taken, we can requisition what we need from Fleet Command before we disembark.

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : “Pardon my bluntness, but that does not sound like something that would fall under our Squadron’s Duties.”

[LCDR] V’era:: “You hush, Buzzkill!” She hissed from across the table

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: “You are correct Pi, which is why on the way there, we will be stopping in and checking on a Federation Relay station in a roughly uncharted sector of the Kelterre Sector.

[CMDR] Maikull Barron: “A little bit before the Civil war tied our hands up, a fleet vessel had been dispatched to make repairs, and were attacked by a hostile Ferengi Vessel. Were just going to stop by and make sure everything’s still running smoothly. And -SINCE- were already going to be on that side of space, we can wrap up the survey of the Zhen Xiu System, give the crew a break from the perpetual red-alert status. I’ve already cleared it with Aries Squadron Lead, just need to reach out to Captain Timoreev of the Libra Squad just to make sure were not stepping on anyone’s toes before we depart.”

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: “After that, Next Stop Risa! I already have my horga’hn polished and ready to go!”
There was a slight chuckle among the other officers at the table\

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Vera, Southerland, and Doc will be assigned to the Survey Mission evaluating the scientific and engineering aspects needed for the mission. Doc, there was talk in the mission brief about possible radiation exposure so we will need a medical team evaluation on that front as well.

[CMDR] Maikull Barron: Pi, Brannigan, and Commander Stern will head the Patrol Mission of the Relay Station in TK-401. Crazy enough it was also the Dallas who was attacked out there, so Ill see if they have any sensor logs that can give us an idea of what to expect. Any questions?
The table fell silent with a few officers shaking their heads

[CMDR] Maikull Barron: “Alright then. Take use of what station time we have, and requisition what we need before we head out. There won’t be a Drazona Stop between here and there.” he snickered, which resulted in a few chuckles. “Dismissed!”

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Back in The Saddle: Best Laid Plans (1)

Directed by:
USS Sun-Tzu Astrometrics Lab; DS13 (Docked)

[LCDR] V’era:: “I still can’t believe it…” she mused as she reviewed the star charts.

[LCDR] Kiff Southerland: “What? That were actually going on a Scientifically Focused Mission, or that said mission is possibly tied to the Iconians?” he asked, kicking his free hanging feet off the ledge he was sitting on.

[CMDR] Roptojmey: “Oh I bet ol skipper is kickin himself for sticking his foot in his mouth on this one.”

[LCDR] V’era:: “Well he cant back out now that Captain Zarath has taken interest.”

[CMDR] Roptojmey: “Anyway, I looked into the reports. The Radiation around the Asteroid Belt has high traces of Berkelium-247, Alpha Particles. Harmless if you all stay in Exo-Suits and resist the urge to lick the rocks. Hope you’re up to date on your Zero-G Training.”

[LCDR] Kiff Southerland: “Wait, Exo-Suits? Were actually going down there?”

[LCDR] V’era:: “Kiff, Three different ships have already surveyed the system and done all they can with sensors and probes. Once we get there and review the data from the Class-3 left by the Dallas, our next step will most likely be a landing party on one of the two interior structures found on the Asteroids.”

[CMDR] Roptojmey: “Aye, I’m going to recommend requisitioning an extra stock of [Radiation Resistance Hypo] to have on hand, just in case.”

[LCDR] Kiff Southerland: “I wouldn’t recommend beaming a team over if the place is saturated with Radiation, too many unknown variables.”

[LCDR] V’era:: “Shuttlecraft then?”

[LCDR] Kiff Southerland: He hops down from his perch and reviews the screen for a moment. “Yea, see here, the last team reported that one section of the forcefield around the asteroid was removed. You should be able to pilot in and out from there safely.”

[LCDR] V’era:: “That will limit personnel and equipment, but its do-able at least for an initial review.”

[LCDR] Kiff Southerland: “Yea, but once you land and clear the location, you should be able to use the Shuttlecraft Transporter for a secure lock.”

[CMDR] Roptojmey: “You know Barron is going to want you to take Security with you. And with the hint of Iconian influence, everyone who goes there will undergo mandatory to a quarantine upon their return.”

[LCDR] V’era:: The Vulcan pondered this for a moment “How many can we fit in our Type-8?” she asked turning to Southerland.

[LCDR] Kiff Southerland: “Two Crew and Six Passengers. Would be a little snug, but that’s about as most as you could comfortably fit.”

[CMDR] Roptojmey: “You and Captain Zarath presumably. Most likely a minimum of 2 Security Officers at Skippers request, and Doctors Orders at least one Medical Officer.”

[LCDR] V’era:: “That leaves me 3 more for my science team.”

[LCDR] Kiff Southerland: “Two, assuming you won’t need an Engineer on hand for repairs or modifications.”

[CMDR] Roptojmey: “Oh lookie there, Ol Kids volunteering himself.” He sneered.

[LCDR] Kiff Southerland: “Oh no! I have more qualified technicians for that!”

[LCDR] V’era:: “More Qualified than the Chief Engineer?!” She teased.

[LCDR] Kiff Southerland: “More Qualified to not vomit on the ride down there…” he stated matter-of-factly.

The trio shared a laugh before refocusing their attention on the system map on display.

[CMDR] Roptojmey: “Well I better get back to Sick-bay and submit my requisition and recommendations. Don’t overwork yourself Hobgoblin.” He said, winking to V’era before leaving the room.

Once again the two officers looked at the screen in silent reverence.

[LCDR] Kiff Southerland: “What do you think your going to find down there?”

[LCDR] V’era:: “I really don’t know. That’s kind of what excites me. I mean Iconian’s? I could think of a hundred things. A Gateway, a derelict Herald Ship? Id go crazy if I let myself get consumed with assumptions. All we can do is get down there and find out for sure…”

[LCDR] Kiff Southerland: “Well ill get a team started on outfitting a [Radiometric Converter] on one of the shuttles. That should help limit any radiation interference.”

[LCDR] V’era:: “Thanks Kiff. I’m going to get my notes together and touch base with Captain Zarath, see if there isn’t anything else we may need to look into.”

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Back in The Saddle: Best Laid Plans (2)

Directed by:
USS Sun-Tzu Computer Core; DS13 (Docked)

Commander Stern, Lt.Cmdr Brannigan, and Lt.Cmdr Pi huddle around a terminal reviewing the visual footage from the Dallas.

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: “Is it racist of me to say all Ferengi Ships look alike?”

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : “I’m pretty sure someone has said that of Andorians at one point in time.”

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: “I mean look at it. Most Ferengi vessels that aren’t cargo ships are D’Kora-Class Marauders. Even the Nagus’ ship is just an upgraded D’Kora covered in Gold-Pressed Latinum.”

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: “So you think this is a new Marauder Class ship?”

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: “Probably, I mean look here…” he says pointing at the screen to which Pi enhances, “This looks like it has more fore facing weaponry than the D’Kora Class.”

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: “Didn’t the Ferengi develop a specialized Warship?”

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : “Nandi Class, developed for the Federation Alliance during the Iconian War, but that has a completely different profile. This seems to be following ‘traditional’ standards.”

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: “So what do we know of Ferengi tactics?”

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: “They will try anything and everything they can get their hands on. Phaser, Disruptor, Plasma…Hell Anti-Proton if they could swing it. They’re not above using experimental weapons and systems if they think it can give them an edge.”

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : “Records indicate a large number of reported encounters involving EMP bursts, a likely tactic to disable enemy ships.”

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: “I also remember reading they like to use diversionary tactics, like Projectile Swarm Missiles to overload targeting sensors and get a heavy hit in.”

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: “Recommendations?”

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : “Southerland can remodulate the shields to a ResB frequency, which would give us a slight increase to some of the more exotic energy weapons we may encounter. And our Quantum Phase Capacitor should help us rapidly recover systems if they try to use an EMP against us.”

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: “Id also suggest requisitioning a Turret Point Defense System. That will allow a redundant computer system to target smaller threats, and free up the targeting computer to focus on primary targets. We had one back on the USS Okita where I first met Barron.”

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: “All right, Ill add it to the shopping list. Anything else?”

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : “I have some concerns.”

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: She perked up a bit at this, “Oh?”

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : “I researched Reports on the Endeavor’s activities in the system and found that on Stardate 98063.2 they had encountered a Temporal Anomaly which resulted in the ion storm that caused damage to the station.”

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: “And three weeks later, the Dallas is ambushed by an advanced Ferengi vessel they are unable to get readings on.”

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: “You think this might be Temporal-Linked?”

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : “Its not something I would want to rule out. Though the lack of Temporal-Agent intervention might negate that theory”

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: “Time cops only show up when WE fuck up the timeline, when someone else comes along and does it to us, were always left to sort it out ourselves.”

The three officers share a laugh, though Zach wasn’t entirely incorrect in his statement.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: “Its defiantly something we may want to look into, ill pass it on to Maikull and see what he thinks. OH, Zach, did you see the communique from Command that came out this morning?”

Jessie tried to keep a straight face, but Pi turned to snicker as Zach’s face scrunched into a grimace.

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: “You know, I can appreciate that our command has a sense of humor, but I about had a heart attack when I read that.” He said, making a dramatic gesture in grabbing his chest.

The three chuckled amongst themselves before Commander Stern excused herself, leaving the other two officers to continue their review.


Back in The Saddle: Endeavors Awaits

Directed by:
USS Sun-Tzu Bridge

Barron sat in his office reviewing departmental status reports. Medical reported not only did the shipment of Radiation Resistance hypos come aboard, but radiation and quarantine drills had been run on all medical shifts. Engineering also reported that installation of the Point Defense System was complete, and passed all diagnostic reviews. With all personnel onboard and accounted for, Barron shut off his terminal and stepped out of his office onto the bridge.

[CMDR] Maikull Barron:
“Alright people, quicker we get this done, quicker were off sipping on a Risa Sunrise.” He said, making his way to the center of the bridge, looking around for a moment. “Give me station sound-offs.”

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan:
“Tactical armed and ready.”

[LCDR] Kiff Southerland:
“Engineering, all systems green.”

[LCDR] V’era::
“Sensors calibrated and standing by.”

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) :
“Coordinates to TK-401 System engaged. ”

[CMDR] Jessie Stern:
“Departure Clearance acknowledged by Deep Space 13. ”

[CMDR] Maikull Barron:
With a nod to each of his department heads on the bridge, Barron prepared to take his seat “Set Course and engage at warp 7…” there was a slight trill coming from the ops/helm station where Pi was stationed, which cut off Commander Barron momentarily. Pi reviewed his screen and turned to the commanding officer.

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) :
“Sorry sir, we are receiving a message from Deep Space 13.”

[CMDR] Maikull Barron:
turns to Commander Stern “I thought you said we had clearance to depart?”

[CMDR] Jessie Stern:
looking a bit perplexed, and verified on her command console “We do.”

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) :
“No sir, this is from Fleet command, specifically for you.” Pi further explained

There was a moment of confusion about the room, and Commander Barron just surged his shoulders

[CMDR] Maikull Barron:
“Well no need keeping the brass waiting, On screen.”

The screen flipped on, and Rear-Admiral Bishop could be seen on viewer from his desk. There was a momentary shuffle as everyone attempted to ever-so-slightly adjust their posture before the fleets executive commander

[CMDR] Maikull Barron:
He turns his head slightly to stern for a moment, as the two share a brief worried glance before he put on a warm smile and adjusted his uniform shirt (Picard Maneuver) “Admiral Bishop! We were just about to depart to TK-401, how can we help you?”

[RDML] Samual Bishop:
“Good morning Captain Barron. I trust all is well?”

[CMDR] Maikull Barron:
“Yes sir, ship is well stocked, and crew is eager to get there and back to start shore-leave. I thought it prudent to hold off turning in our vacation request until we returned.”

[RDML] Samual Bishop:
“Yes,” he nods. “I have called to tell you that you will have some assistance in the form of the U.S.S. Endeavour, who have been rerouted to the vicinity. As they were there originally, they would be well placed to give you some help,”

[CMDR] Maikull Barron:
“Oh!” he exclaimed “Well, given the warm welcome the Dallas had last time, two ships are better than one. The Endeavour, that’s captain…” he began to say as he racked his brain, with the Klingon war kicking off, left the crew of the Sun-Tzu little time to socialize and get to know the rest of the fleet.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern:
“Captain Mirazuni” she stated, already pulling up the fleet roster at her chair station

[CMDR] Maikull Barron:
“Right, We will contact Captain Mirazuni and the Endeavour and rendezvous at the relay station’s coordinates. We appreciate any assistance you can give us sir.”

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan:
Transfers the tactical specs of the Endeavour Class Tactical Star Cruiser to Commander Barron’s chair for him to review.

[RDML] Samual Bishop:
“Very good, please keep me updated with timely AARs,” he says. “Before you do go on leave, Captain, I still need to discuss that matter with you,” he adds. “When you are ready, please book an appointment with my office,”

[CMDR] Jessie Stern:
glances over between the Admiral to Maikull for a moment, a gaze that does not go unnoticed by the crew

[CMDR] Maikull Barron:
“Aye aye sir. I look forward to it. Thank you again, Sun-Tzu out.” as the screen cuts off he stands there processing for a moment before lightly shaking his head and taking a seat. His gaze turns to Stern for a moment who he shakes his head at, and then turns to his in-chair console. ”Ok, let’s see who we’re working with.”

The View Screen changed to an image of the ship diagnostic of the USS Endeavor, as well as a Dossier on Captain Mirazuni. The crew reviewed the information for a moment in silence.

[CMDR] Maikull Barron:
“Gemini Squadron, well that explains why I don’t remember seeing her in the meet and greet.” he chuckled some. “Though she is damn familiar.”

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) :
“We served together with the Endeavour on Stardate 97794, near the start of the Klingon Civil War.”

[CMDR] Jessie Stern:
“Right, that Klingon Fleet in the Bonav System.”

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan:
“Yea, she took a beating, but she held her own two on one with that Battle and Heavy Cruiser. Damn shame, she would be a nice fit for Aires Squadron.”

[LCDR] V’era::
“Post-Battle ops arn’t really the right setting to get to know someone!”

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan:
“Speak for yourself!” he teased

[LCDR] Kiff Southerland:
“I’m sorry, is it me, or is anyone else bothered by the fact that we keep getting paired with ships that make ours look like a midget?”

[CMDR] Roptojmey:
roars with laughter at Kiff’s protest “Please, we are sitting in a condensed can of pure speed, firepower and spite! We don’t need an oversized hull to run with the big dogs! ”

[CMDR] Maikull Barron:
“Toughest, Fastest, most powerful ship Starfleet has put into service.” *he mused aloud, mimicking the mantra on the Starships Dedication Plaque.

[CMDR] Roptojmey:
“ Qochbe’!” ((Translation: Agreed))

[LCDR] Kiff Southerland:
gives a sigh of exasperation, while muttering to himself “That was like, 20 years ago”

[CMDR] Jessie Stern:
“And all the hard work we have put into our ship has kept that promise.”

[CMDR] Maikull Barron:
“Alright, lets show this system what were made of. Helm, Lock course and engage at Warp 7.” he turned in his chair to face Stern “l want you to lead the away team to the station for review. There is not a lot of room inside, so you will need to pick a small team.”

[CMDR] Jessie Stern:
“Southerland, Can you get me a Systems Engineer and Technician ready? Make sure their familiar with the stations blueprints.”

[LCDR] Kiff Southerland:
“Eye Commander.” he acknowledged before securing his station and heading for the turbolift.

[CMDR] Roptojmey:
“Just remember, anyone going out there needs to swing by medical for a pre-mission medical eval.” he announced, getting up from the seat next to Barron, like an old man fighting arthritis.

[CMDR] Maikull Barron:
Maikull turned his focus to the view screen ahead, which displayed the various stars zooming by in warp. “Pi, Send a message to the Endeavor, letting them know we will be expecting them per Admiral Bishop, and share our drop-out coordinates. If their captain wishes to review the mission before hand, ill be in my ready room.”

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) :
“Aye Sir.”

As the officers continue on with their duties, the USS Sun-Tzu heads off into the stars, to the Kelterre Sector

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Back in The Saddle: Pre-Game

Directed by:
USS Sun-Tzu Sick-Bay

The USS Sun-Tzu drops out of Warp in the TK-401 System. After performing initial scans showing the system empty, the ships Navigational Officer plots a course to the Federation Listening Post at ¼ Impulse Power.

[CMDR] Maikull Barron: “Bridge to Stern, we have arrived on location and awaiting our escort, go ahead and gather your Away Team.”

Stern sat on the Bio-Bed, as Roptojmey scanned her with his Tricorder. Hearing the Ships Captain over the communicator the Klingon Laughed.

[CMDR] Roptojmey: lowering his tricorder to respond “That’s clear Sir, just wrapping up her pre-Eval now.”

[CMDR] Maikull Barron: “Understood, Barron Out.”

[CMDR] Roptojmey: “Cutting it a little clos—” he started to say, but as he raised his Tricorder up once more to resume his scan, he realized that while lowered it was still running and had picked up an unusual reading. As he read the data on his screen his face scrunched between confusion to shock as he looked up towards the commander.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Picking up on the Doctors emotions, Stern crossed her left hand over her lap and met his gaze, her eyes semi-glaring at the Klingon. “Is there a problem, DOCTOR?”

[CMDR] Roptojmey: He caught the daggers in her eyes as she asked the question, and once more he looked down to his Tricorder, down to her hand, and then back to her, before snapping his tricorder shut. He cleared his throat some before answering “No Ma’am…uhm, everything looks all in order. You are clear for duty.” He said with a forced smile.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Hopps down from the table, and places her hand over the Tricorder, “I’m going to assume this is going to stay between US for now?” she said coolly

[CMDR] Roptojmey: He chuckles nervously as he flimsy holds up the tricorder in his hand. “These damn things break all the time, ill uhm, Ill get Kid to toss it in the warp core when ya’ll get back.”

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Furrows her brow for a moment before patting Roptojmey on the shoulder, “Good. I’d hate to have to contact your mother and tell her something bad happened to her son.” She remarked with a venomous smile.

[CMDR] Roptojmey: “If you think for a moment that I, a 62-year-old fully grown Klingon Male, would be terrified of a century old Tellarite Woman…” he began with a bit of bluster to his voice. “…you are damn right, that woman is the bane of Fek’lhr personified.” He finished, changing his tone completely. He motioned towards Stern and the Tricorder, “You, Cleared. This, Trash. Good Day!” he said, motioning for her to leave sickbay.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Weary eyed watched the Klingon slink off to his office as if nothing had happened. Once he was out of site, the commander left Sickbay and headed down to the Cargo bay.

OOC Pre-plot post leading into the Joint Ventures of The USS Sun-Tzu and USS Endeavour. Stay tuned!


Back in The Saddle: Subspace Race (Part 1)

Directed by:
TK 401 Sector

The doors to the Turbolift slid open to the sound of Commander Barron. “Maintain Speed and Course. Keep scanning the system, I want to know the second the Endeavour arrives.” “Aye Sir” The Helmsman acknowledged. Roptojmey exited the turbolift and took a seat at the Captains Right. “Away team clear for departure Doctor?” Barron inquired, giving the Klingon a nod hello as he took his seat. “Oh yes sir. Everyone’s fit for duty” The doctor spoke in an unusually higher tone of voice. Barron turned to meet the Doctors Gaze with a puzzled look, who in-turn looked down at the commander’s left hand for a moment, before meeting his eye once more. Barron’s facial expression changed from confusion to astonishment as the Klingon continued to smile and turn his attention to the viewscreen. Roptojmey could see Barron glare at him momentarily before he too diverted his attention. “Sir, sensors are showing the USS Endeavour on long range sensors. She should be dropping out of warp any minute now.” The Helmsman announced. Glad to have a change in topic before things between him and his Chief Medical Officer got…complicated, Barron stood from his seat taking the center of the bridge. “Good. When they drop out of warp, modify our course and speed for parallel index. Zach, go ahead and roll out the red carpet.”

Lt.Cmdr Pi nodded, “Well at least they’re not waiting for us, that would not have made a good first impression." Zach chuckled at the Borg officer, “Yea, still think having both of us out here is a little overkill, unless were under some kind of evaluation?” There was a pause, as if the bridge officers were looking for input from their Commanding Officer, who made no move or sound of acknowledgement to the question. “Channel open sir.” Zach continued, exchanging inquisitive looks with the Operations Chief. Barron adjusted his uniform for a moment before addressing the comms, “Sun-Tzu to Endeavour, This is Commander Barron; we see you on approach and are standing by. Welcome to TK-401, we appreciate the extra set of eyes on this one.” Barron stated in a very formal address.

“Commander Barron,” comes Ayesha’s voice. “We will follow your lead,”

The two starships fly side by side as they reach the Relay Station and attain a close orbit around it. As the Sun-Tzu Away Team prepares to send aboard personnel and supplies, Commander Barron addresses them on an open coms channel (Keeping the Endeavour in the loop)

“The Dallas did most of the hard work for us, we just need to get down there and touch her up. While supplies and provisions are being unloaded, I want Level 3 Diagnostics performed on all systems. Any signs of tampering or unauthorized access report immediately. In the meantime, the Sun-Tzu and Endeavour will keep our eyes out to make sure our ‘friend’ doesn’t show back up to cause more trouble.”

“Shuttlecraft will come to and from the station as needed, other than that I suggest we maintain Yellow Alert Status, and keep shields up. I don’t want to get caught off guard like the last visitors did.”

“Captain, I recommend that one of us takes point in providing defensive cover. That way, the other can use transporters freely,” Ayesha suggests over the comms

“Agreed. If you can take point, that would help. We have a small crew heading over for review and repair, but a moderate amount of cargo to transport over once logistics are confirmed.” Barron expressed.

“Do you require assistance?” Ayesha inquired.

“No Ma’am, we stocked up on all supplies needed back at DS13. Just need to make sure no one gets a cheap shot in on us while we work.” Barron said, thanking the Captain for her offer.

“Captain, we have a very large engineering department. It would be a waste of personnel if you did not take at least one or two,” comes the response.

Lt.Cmdr Southerland jumped onto the comms from Sun-Tzu’s Engineering Room, “Sir, as where the control module of the station is very…compact, we could use the extra hands to help organize all the Cargo. Their storage unit is twice if not three times the size of the habitat node.”

Maikull exhaled and nodded, “Well I guess we could use the extra personnel after all.” He said with affirmation. “Anyone in particular Kiff?”

There was a moment of pause before the Chief Engineer responded “Maybe a few well rounded technicians? If nothing else we could just use the hands.”

“I will send one of our Research and Development officers over,” Ayesha says, and moments later, the transporter room would read an officer had beamed over.

“We will begin defensive procedures,” she says and cuts the comms.

[6 Hours Later]

Hours rolled by as the Away Teams from both ships begin work on restoring the Relay Station. During this time, both the Endeavour and Sun Tzu take turns; one making the rounds patrolling the system, while the other stands by with the station aiding the away teams as needed. Nearing the 6th hour, both ships have only registered slight minor anomalies in their runs, but otherwise have had quiet patrols. As the diagnostic scans of the stations systems come to a close, the two ships return to close orbit around the station to review the work done.

Both Captain Mirazuni and Commander Barron were requested to beam over to the station due to concerns raised by one of the Endeavour’s Researchers, LCDR Charles Van Eyll.

Barron materialized onto the transport pad and stepped off, seeing both Stern and Van Eyll by the transport controls waiting.

“One moment, Captain Mirazuni is coming in” the LtCmdr stated taking up the controls again.

Barron quickly moved to make room, giving a glance to Stern to understand what was going on. She had a very cross expression and shook her head. With this, he knew what was coming was not going to be pleasant.

Ayesha looks impassive as ever when she arrives. She has her hair tied up in a bun. “I trust there was a reason for my coming here?”

“Yes Ma’am” the Lt. Commander stated, turning from the Transport Controls to the Screen behind him and wasting no time getting his report ready. “We have reason to believe that there is a cloaked ship out their monitoring communications, possibly the same target that attacked the Dallas. We have been communicating over open comms this whole time, and if the Lieutenant Commander is right and they are out there listening, trying to send a coded message now might have shown our hand early.” Stern responded, turning to Charles.

“While running diagnostic on the stations systems, I pulled the data access logs. Every automated or manual data transfer logs the receiving parties’ transponder code. Posts like DS13, K7, Talos Junction are common points that data is routed too, and appear on the logs regularly. However, on Stardate 98135 two starships were registered by the station, NCC-2019-C, the Dallas, and NCC-91846 the Warwick.”

“I see,” Ayesha says, thinking deeply.

“I don’t remember any reports of a second ship being out here with the Dallas that day…” Barron affirmed.

“That’s because The Warwick was decommissioned in 2410 after it was found adrift in the Great Bloom, all hands lost due to a stray patch of Thalaron Radiation; remnants of the Reman Warbird Scimitar that was destroyed in the region.” Lt.Cmdr Van Eyll explained somberly. “From what I gather, it was parted out to repair other damaged ships of its class during the Federation-Klingon War.”

Seeing slight confusion on the Commanders face, Charles turned to explain, “Anyone can fake a transponder code, however Federation Transponders have built in decryption algorithms that allow them to take data from these relay stations and properly read them. I think, whoever we are dealing with, whoever attacked the Dallas, managed to get ahold of the Warwick’s transponder and is using it to access secure data from these listening posts.”

Barron processed this for a moment before retorting, “What does this have to do with a Cloaked ship? I mean both ships have been out there scanning the system we found nothing”. “That’s why we think our communications are being monitored. We discussed that over open frequencies…and if they heard that, they could actively work against detection.” Stern replied.

“Also…this.” The Engineer added, tapping the screen again. The display changed from Stardate 98135 to 98533 (Current Time)

“It’s more than a hunch at this point, but if this is right, we have one shot to catch them off guard.” Stern remarked. “The station is in maintenance mode right now, so it’s not transmitting. But once we take it out of that, we think the ship will start a data transfer. Logs indicate it has been here regularly to download new data.” The Lt. Commander added, nodding to his Captain.

“And when the ship begins transmitting, how will we catch it?”

Barron thought for a moment and smirked to himself. Stern, sensing his thoughts looked at him with a tinge of shock, “That’s crazy…This is a Relay Station for Rix sake!” Barron shrugged, “It would work though…” Charles looked between the two, concerned that he did not hear Commander Barron’s proposal. “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that, what was the suggestion?”

Stern shook her head and folded her arms as Barron explained, out loud. “We could upload a Viral Matrix into the Stations data-feed. Disable Long Range communications so outlying outposts don’t accidently get infected, and sever our connections with our ships. If they try to pull data as soon as you reactivate the station, the virus will play hell with their systems, knocking out their cloak at least and revealing themselves.”

Taking note of Stern’s mental protest, “A failsafe will be installed into the Matrix in case we do somehow get in contact with it preventing us from falling to catastrophic failures. Were out here specifically to fix this station, for arguments sake, who’s to say this wasn’t one of the things we’re trying to fix? They fall victim after unauthorized access of sensitive Starfleet data, they will have a hell of a lot more to answer too. They get their hands caught in the cookie jar, and we are left in a far better stance in both negotiations and moral high-ground.”

“This seems like a very extreme form of action for someone who we know nothing about,” Ayesha says.

Maikull turned to Ayesha, not sure if she was legitimately disagreeing with him or just testing the Commanders resolve. “I don’t see how that’s the case.” He started. “What we have is circumstantial. A strong argument, but nothing definitive. We know The Dallas was the only Federation ship out here last time, and it was attacked; and this station recorded a ghost registry out here with them. We’ve spent the last 6 hours running every diagnostic on this station, and confirmed all systems are working and operational. And now that same system is telling us that the same ship registered out here with the Dallas is here with us now”

“That gives us reason enough to believe it’s the same ship, probably hiding now because it doesn’t like its chances against two battlecruisers. But let’s play out other options. We go to our ships and adjust our sensors, flooding this system with Tachyon particles, and forcing them out of cloak. Worse case they flee before we detect them and lose the lead, best case we find them, they take offence to our ‘aggressive’ actions and now all talks are done behind powered weapons.”

“Or, we open a coms channel. Tell them we know they’re out there and to show themselves. Worse case they flee, best case they show themselves and we spend lord knows how long dancing around the subject because we have nothing but a ‘transponder’ signal that they would just deny and we would have no authority to prove otherwise.”

“This way, we set the trap, if they get caught with their pants down, it’s completely on them, and removes any doubt of intent or purpose, and leaves them little to no choice but to cooperate. Also, with them in possession of classified federation intelligence, we have full authorization to proceed with confiscation if need be.”

Realizing he was going on a slight tirade, Barron re-adjusted himself, in both posture and tone before finalizing, “Unless, of course, Captain, you or your crew have an alternative course of action to propose that could change these parameters?”

“You are assuming they are hostile. Have you considered that they may be unable to respond? Or unable to trust us? They could be thinking the same as you are,”

“Well, I won’t deny this method isn’t a bit deceptive, but we would be absolved of any wrongdoing. They connect to a ‘faulty relay’, lucky enough we are here to lend assistance. ‘Sorry, were trying to fix this, had we known you were here we could have warned you’ scenario.” Barron explained. “Assuming hostility is within reason given the data from the last ship that was out here. Look, I don’t suggest we force them out of cloak and point a gun to their head; but I’m not about to hold out a hand of diplomacy without sweeping the room and keeping my free hand on a phaser… just in case.”

“Are you sure you want to approach the situation with this mentality?” Ayesha asks, though it seems more like a statement.

“Yes Ma’am.” The Commanding Officer responded without hesitation. “I feel this is the best course of action, not only to achieve mission goals, but also to ensure the safety of yours and my crew.”

“Very well. I disagree, but you are in charge of this mission,” The captain finalizes.

OOC Part 1: Discord RP between me and @Sam


Back in The Saddle: Subspace Race (Part 2)

Directed by:
TK 401 Sector

A half hour passes as the crews wrap up their business on the station, and beam back to their respective vessels. Commander Barron stands on the bridge, looking out into the view screen, while his crew hold fast at their stations eagerly awaiting the order. Lt.Cmdr Vera emerges from one of the rear terminals on the bridge, “Sir, the program is ready for upload.” Stern turned from her seat to face the Science Officer, “And the Failsafe Code?”

“Also loaded, I’ll send a coded message to the Endeavour the same time we kick start the Satellite, hopefully whoever or whatever is out their wont notice. But I still have to remind you this is based off the Iconian Virus, even with the failsafe we could suffer temporary system malfunction if its transmitted back to us over a hail.” She stated, giving Stern a nod. “Understood, please take your station.” Barron ordered, not looking away from the screen.

The air on the bridge was tense, not only was this a potential engagement; of which they usually took seriously, but now the pride of the ship was on the line. Though they did not explain why, Barron and Stern shared their opinions that the Endeavour was probably there to evaluate the Commander, on behest of Admiral Bishop.

“Alright everyone, poker faces on. Pi, open channel, unrestricted.” He stated, changing his posture to be a more relaxed and welcoming. As the comms hummed on, half the view screen showed the Bridge of the Endeavour Crew, while the other showed the station before them.

“On behalf of the Crew of the Sun-Tzu, I would like to thank everyone aboard the Endeavour for your assistance in getting this relay station back up and running. Without the extra help, we would still be out here tinkering away for lord knows how long. Now that all systems are fully operational and it is well stocked, I am told we will be sending a service-crew to help maintain it on a more permanent basis. But until then, it is time to see the fruits of our labor.” Barron paused a moment, nodding to Captain Mirazuni before turning to Vera. “Lt. Commander, if you would do the honors and re-activate the listening post? I want to make sure this thing is still capable of sending and receiving before we head back.”

Vera began to key in at her terminal. “Taking stations systems out of Maintenance Mode…transmitting restart code in three…two…one…”

Ayesha did not respond, her face unreadable as always. However, mustered up as much mental power as she could and tried to find what she could with her telepathy as soon as the code was transmitted.

Ayesha hmms slightly. There’s nothing they can do but wait. Still, she doesn’t like where this was heading. Her right hand moves to cover the alert buttons on her hand rest, a move that is inconspicuous and unnoticeable.

The few moments that pass in silence feel almost like an eternity. Then the trill at the Ops station rings for a moment across the bridge. “Sir…as you predicted. The ‘station’ is transmitting.” Lt.Cmdr Pi stated. “Let’s pop out the Champaign then for a job well done!” Barron said with a smile, motioning for his Ops Officer to cut transmission. “Heads on a swivel, folks.” He directed, adjusting his uniform and taking his seat. He turned to Cmdr. Stern, “Anything?” She returned his look and shook her head.

“Sir, we have something on sensors.” V’era stated, as the screen changed views. Opposite the Federation Ships on the other side of the station an electrical distortion was forming, as the hull of a ship flickered in and out of view before fully appearing. “Yellow Alert!” Stern ordered as the bridge’s lights changed automatically. “Shields?” Brannigan asked. “Not yet. Give me details, I want something I can identify this thing with.” Barron explained.

“Quark Class Heavy Marauder, Weapons, Shields…a lot of her subsystems are offline or haywire.” Brannigan stated, performing a quick scan of the vessel. In truth the ship itself did seem to somewhat be drifting a little, losing navigational support. “Ahh…poor thing. Must have caught a bug from somewhere.” Barron smirked, causing the general consensus of the ship to chuckle under the breath. “Welp, time to play humanitarian. Pi, Open a channel, let’s see if they need help out of their predicament.”

Ayesha merely watched, her hand moving away from the yellow alert button.

The chime of the open comms rings through the bridge once more. “Unidentified Vessel, this is the USS Sun Tzu. Your sudden appearance, though somewhat alarming, indicates that you may be experiencing some…technical issues? Though we have some questions as to the nature of your purpose here, we would like to offer our assistance on getting you back on your feet. Just blink your headlights if you can understand this message.” Barron declared.

“Are we even sure there are life signs aboard?” Stern asked, looking to the science station. “Sensors indicate…20 life signs, all Ferengi Ma’am.” The half-vulcan explained. “That’s some skeleton crew for a ship that size” Pi pointed out. “Probably all scrambling for repairs. Most of the ships systems are probably automated.” Brannigan added. “Well let me know if they try to hail us, or send Morris code—”

“Sir, there is a power build up in the ships forward deflector.” V’era reported. “Hostile?” Barron inquired, ready to call for shields to be raised. “No sir, but I’m having trouble discerning what it is their trying to do, the sensors are all over the place. Let me try to —”

There was an explosion at the mid-point of space between the two Federation Ships as a shockwave enveloped the two vessels momentarily. Rocking the crewmen inside, catching them off-guard.

On the Endeavour, the bridge crew began to report data as soon as they arrived it, with the Intelligence Officer, CMDR Dedoz, who was acting as the XO, tried to organize the data. Ayesha however, had other orders. “Commander Dix, simulate a blackout,” she said to her chief of operations. “If they want to ambush us, let them believe they’ve done it,” she states. “Mister Grumblinbag, go to the Bark, and commence pattern…” she paused for a heartbeat and sighed. “Pattern sneaky ship make boom,” she finished, quietly.

The Pakled grinned. “Yes ma’am,” he said and marched over to the turbolift.

“Commander Dedoz, I will require you on tactical,” she finished. “Get ready to push the shields up as soon as the first shots come our way,”

Ayesha sat back in her seat as the dark and now useless viewscreen slid downwards to the floor, giving her and the rest of the bridge crew a visual view from the large glass windows at the front. “He wanted a fight, I hope he was prepared for one,” she mutters quietly to herself.

The klaxon alarms were ringing on the Sun Tzu bridge. “Visual shows the Endeavour has not powered back up from the EMP Blast sir.” V’era called out over the alarm. “Get those sensors back online and tell me why.” “MAIKULL!” Stern shouted from her seat, pointing at the view screen ahead. There was a silent pause on the bridge as the crew processed not one or two, but Four Ferengi Marauder Class Vessels sitting before them.

“Helm, Heading 1-4-0, Mark 23, put us between the Endeavour and the Ferengi! Engineering, Divert all power to Starboard Shield! Zach, Power all Broadside —” Barron began fire off before Pi called out for his attention.

“Sir, their breaking off!” The Operations Officer noted, seeing on the view screen the four Marauder Battlecruisers turn to veer off in opposite directions. The two end ships fired twice on the Sun Tzu doing minimal damage to the shields before engaging their impulse drives and speeding off in four separate directions.

Seeing the changing variables, Barron took a second before altering his previous orders. “Engineering, belay that order, give me all you got on Impulse.” He commanded, “V’era?” “Working on it sir, it’s like scrubbing slime off the pattern buffer.” She replied to his inquiry. Barron nodded, knowing he didn’t have to drive in the point any further. He turned to Stern at his left, “The Endeavour?” Stern shook her head, “I think their ok.” ‘Good send a message, if they need help tell us, otherwise pick a target and run it down. I want answers.” He stated firmly taking his seat. “Zach, once were in weapons range, Fire manually if you have too, I want one of those ships disabled.”

“Aye Sir!” the bridge echoed.

Ayesha didn’t even need telling. As soon as the ships began to withdraw, the Endeavour lit up like a tree on Christmas. Like a ball out of a cannon, the Bark shot out and began to open fire, laying down a unending barrage of phaser fire at the second Ferengi ship.

The Endeavour was a bit slower to get moving, but Kannys wasn’t. A slew of phaser fire came from the Endeavour’s phaser banks, aimed to cripple the third Ferengi ship.

Data came streaming towards the Sun Tzu; almost real time targeting data and precise ship movements, all courtesy of the Endeavour state of the art computer systems. Maikull now had access to all the information he needed to issue directives to all three ships and coordinate a strike.

The three Federation vessels tore after their respective targets, as the Ferengi Marauders all bolted to opposite ends of the system, almost in a scrambled dash to escape the fire from the two Battleships. Both the Endeavour and Bark began closing the gap on their respective targets, while their sensors began to slowly come back online. The Sun Tzu however, between its speed and its targets ‘lack-there-of’ managed to close the gap, and under manual targeting controls fired her forward phaser arrays, missing the enemy ship as it bobbed and weaved in a defensive pattern.

The Endeavour was hot on the heels of her target.

“The Sun Tzu is closing on target alpha,” Kuris read from her console. “The Bark is also closing down on target beta,”

“Fire to disable,” Ayesha says. “Get those sensors up quickly,”

The three federation vessels keep up the pressure, with Endeavour entering in weapons range and firing at her target, just missing the port side nacelle of the designated Delta Marauder. Determined to redeem himself, Lt.Cmdr Brannigan on the Sun Tzu fired once more at the Alpha Marauder, which just managed to pitch up on the Z-Axis in time to dodge the hit. The Bark however overtook her opponent, but did not compensate in her targeting, giving the Beta Target a warning shot in the form of stream of Phaser Fire just ahead of it.

“Grumblinbag make Bark go faster than β,” comes the Pakeld’s voice over the comms. “β given phaser warning,”

“Okay Miss Bonzi, follow the Bark’s lead and reign the target in,” Ayesha says. “I think that should give you a broadside?” she asks Kannys.

“I will try, ma’am,” comes the response of the Bajoran.

The combined focus and determination of all three starships were radiating. Sun Tzu’s speed would not relent on its target, as the Endeavour receded only to reposition itself to the side of its opponent. The Bark matched the enemy ships speed and position point for point as the three ships readied their weapons. Discarding phase banks, the Sun Tzu instead focused on positioning itself directly behind its target and powering her forward cannons. Both the Endeavour and Bark lined up broadside emitters to strike at their own opponents. Almost in unison, the three officers called out their orders at the same time.

Commander Barron on the Sun Tzu: “FIRE!”
Captain Mirazuni on the Endeavour: “FIRE!”
Grumblinbag on the Bark: “Grumblingbag FIRE!”


As the Cannon Fire from the Sun Tzu ripped through the rear of the Marauder, the crew began to cheer but immediately stopped when they witnessed the fire go –through- the vessel. The Exterior of the Marauder shimmered, revealing a small Na’Far Shuttlecraft before the visage reformed. Simultaneously, the Endeavors Starboard arrays struck true to her target, cutting through the decoy and striking the shuttlecraft within, disabling it immediately. The Bark on the other hand, being a smaller vessel against a much larger one, did not skimp on the weapons power, and with a full force broadside strike hit and destroyed the shuttlecraft projecting the image of a Marauder it was chasing.

“Sensors back online.” V’era reported from the Sun Tzu, “No life signs aboard sir, its running on automation.”

“Where is the last one!?” Barron barked as the view screen data came through. Piggybacking off the Tactical Data from the Endeavour, Pi was able to throw up a Sector Diagram on both view-screens. Both the Sun Tzu and Endeavour were close to equal in distance from the final, the REAL Enemy. “Sir, scans indicating the Enemy Vessel has restored 62% Warp Capability!”

All three ships came about, disregarding the decoys they had been perusing and focusing all their power to catch up to the true Ferengi Marauder that had used the ploy to get a head start. Sun-Tzu and The Endeavour poured all their extra power into the Engines to cut the distance.


The two Federation Battlecruisers were near side by side at this point, with Sun Tzu pulling head by 12km closer to their target.

“Weapons Range in 25km Sir!” Brannigan reported, but just as soon as he said it, the crews of both vessels could see the charging lights coming from the Marauder. It had finally restored its warp power, and as a going away present, left behind an Isolytic Tricobalt Torpedo before warping away. “All stop, Full power to shields!” Barron ordered as the Torpedo exploded, still a safe distance away, but just enough to stop them from perusing as a localized subspace tear began to form where the Ferengi Vessel once was.

“Damn it…” Barron muttered under his breath.

“Scan that warp trail, if their torpedoes haven’t erased it all,” Ayesha says, with a hint of annoyance

OOC Part 2: The Exciting Conclusion to the Discord RP between me and @Sam


Back in The Saddle: Wrap Things Up

Directed by:
TK 401 Sector

Captains Log, Supplemental.
We have finished clean up in the sector. Between the two ships we were able to seal the subspace tear left behind by the fleeing Ferengi vessel. The remaining shuttles we had been chasing self-destructed leaving little behind to reference. Whoever this is, is cleaver. They knew better to engage us head on, and bided their time. I wish we had more to go on to figure out what it is they were after, but they seem to be fairly open ended with the data they take. We have taken precautions to block their access from this station again, blacklisting the transponder for the Warwick; but there is no telling if they have done this to other relay stations or not. I’m relaying the data to command to see if Intelligence and pull anything together. Until then we are setting up defenses here before heading off on our next mission.

As Barron sat back in his chair looking over the finalized reports to Command, there was a beep at his door. “Come” he called out. Cmdr Stern entered just into the doorway, peeking her head through. “Heads up, you have a private message from the Endeavour, its Captain Mirazuni.” Maikull took a deep breath, closing his eyes for a moment and tilting his head to the ceiling. Stern giggled some, “Good Luck!” Barron nodded, he knew she was getting a kick out of this and waved her away. As the door shut again he turned his computer screen towards him and hit ‘accept’ on the viewer. “Captain!” he greeted with a smile, “About ready to depart?”

“What is the next stage of the plan?” Ayesha asks. She is not smiling.

“Well I will be submitting my recommendations to command. Given the obvious threat that Marauder poses to the station, to put live crewmen aboard would be foolhardy. We will be leaving various probes around the station to help increase the detection network for cloaked vessels, and we have already locked out access for the Warwick’s transponder. Our primary mission to fully restore the station is complete, so once we tie up the loose ends, we have to rendezvous with The Cassini to pick up Captain Zarath for an astrological survey. Nothing more I can see for us to do about our departed friend.” Barron explained.

“You should see what data he was interrupting and see if we can extrapolate something from that,”

“That’s the problem, they weren’t rooting for anything in particular. Station records indicated they would come by on a near weekly basis and perform a full copy of everything the station had collected. Possibly sorting through what they wanted or needed offsite at a later time. I’m including the station files in my report, see if Fleet Intelligence can make anything out of it. ” he continued.

“They were here for a reason,” Ayesha states

“I am aware of that, Captain…” he began, “But this is an intelligence issue now. Is there something going on in this sector that would cause for concern? I don’t know. Is this the only relay station they have visited, or done this too? I don’t know. So I’ll be referring it to the people who do, let them sift through the data to find a lead and if necessary, we will come back to follow up on that. I don’t know the standing orders surrounding you and your squadron, but I have other duties to perform, and since there is no longer an imminent risk to life, safety or security; I’m going to continue on with those duties. You are more than welcome to pursue whatever leads you like, I’ll make sure to CC you on my reports.”

“You have all the leads that could be pursued,” comes the response. “We will be running a few tests to check all our systems. If you require any assistance, let us know,” she says, and then cuts the comms.

Maikull sat there staring at his now blank screen for a moment before muttering to himself “What a Bit—”

“Captain to the Bridge” he heard over the coms. Shaking himself away from his terminal, he quickly got up and head out of the office.

Stern stood up from the captain’s chair as Maikull entered the bridge, “We just received word from the Cassini, Captain Zarath will not be able to join us to the Zhen Xiu System.” She explained. He sighed deeply at this. “Well, that’s disappointing. But the mission remains. That puts you back in charge V’era” he stated calmly. “As soon as we are done here, set course to the Zhen Xiu system…Give Captain Mirazuni my regards…” he said, leaving the bridge once more.

The End!